Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick!

Duffy the Disney Bear performs the Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick with his pretty assistant, ShellieMay

“Duffy NOOOOOOOO!”   I heard mommy shout from across the patio. ……I was like ‘What?’ Cause all I was thinking before I heard mommy shout was that ‘this has gotta work!’ I was thinking that my Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick would be lots of fun and work really good … click for more!

Labor Day Surprise! I Get to Do What?

Clean Behind Fridge_DSC03975 featured image

Oh Boy! did I get a Labor Day Surprise……… I was like……. Yeah! Good news!! We’re getting a new refrigerator! Bad news… I had to opened up my big stitched mouth and ask mommy if there was anything that I could do to help. Mommy said “Yes…muhahahaha…..” rubbing her hands … click for more!

A Build-A-Bear Birthday Surprise for ShellieMay

ShellieMay Birthday BaB_IMG_0987 featured image

“It worked Little Joe!!!” Me and Little Joe ordered something special for ShellieMay’s birthday from Build-A-Bear Workshop. The only problem, ……. is…….. that,…….. well…. we messed up and ordered it too late — (Like too many days late after her birthday….Shsssssh) But it’s here now! The very beary special ShellieMay Birthday surprise … click for more!

It’s a Gelatoni Badge!

Thank YOU Mommy for our Gelatoni Badge!

Duffy the Disney Bear new friend Gelatoni

Look who arrived from Japan!

Duffy the Disney Bear new friend Gelatoni

Hey Little Joe! We all have to share Gelatoni!

This size Gelatoni is called a ‘Badge’ in Tokyo DisneySea. That’s because he also has a pin behind his head and you can clip him to your clothes or backpack like a badge!

Happy Independence Day!

July 4th IMG_0568 focus featured image

Hello Furiends! Happy 4th of July to ev’bearyone! Even though my ethic background is Italweeian,………. I’m super proud to be an Americanized Duffy the Disney Bear! My family taught me that although celebearating a Happy Independence Day with parades & fireworks,…….. ………and one more happy holiday to give me an … click for more!

ShellieMay Celebrates National Pink Day!!!

…. and here is our lovely ShellieMay showing off

her perfectly pretty pink

Build-A-Bear Workshop outfit for



ShellieMay the Disney Bear celebrates National Pink Day

Here’s our lovely Princess ShellieMay celebearating National Pink Day!

Thank you ShellieMay!

You looks beary beautiful!