World Elephant Day

It’s World Elephant Day!


Ellie and Edmond spread the message about World Elephant Day

Ellie and Edmond are super animal experts. They told me all about World Elephant Day and what I could do to help!

I learned about World Elephant Day from my twitter friends Ellie and Edmond.

You can learn lots of stuff about elephants from Ellie and Edmond.

You can also discover 96 different fun facts about elephants on  

Learning 96 fun facts about elephants was…. well… fun!

Yet, what wasn’t fun to learn about elephants is that 96 elephants are killed every day in Africa.

That’s a lot…. A super lots a lots, ’cause 96 elephants everyday is 35,000 elephants a year!

…..and in two years that 70,000 elephants…..

……… and in three year it will be 105,000 elephants!

…………..and if it doesn’t stop elephants will become extinct!

Extinct means we won’t have anymore elephants in the whole world!

I know all about this extinct stuff….

Since mommy went on a diet, chocolate has become extinct in our home.

Stuff going extinct is bad… very beary bad!!!

To show my support for World Elephant Day, Dumbo and I joined the stampede! #JoinTheSTAMPede


#JointheSTAMPede The elephants need to #BeHerd on World Elephant Day!  

For all my elephant friends,

Duffy Bear 12 Safari_1024_03 Salutation Color Sized

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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4 Responses to World Elephant Day

  1. IcyPinkLemonade says:

    (Lol about chocolate going extinct!) that is so many elephants and such a cute video! *stomps with him*

  2. yippeee join the stampede…. hurray fur the Elephants and Dumbo…..

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