10 Responses to Woman’s Olympic Figure Skating Dreams

  1. Richard Pilbury says:

    Fantastic I enjoyed reading that Mr Richard

  2. Fluffy Duffy says:

    make sure shelley mae doesnt find out about tanya harding and nancy kerrigan

  3. Jonathan A. Pulley says:

    What is Teddy Olympics?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      The Teddy Olympics are sponsored by the TeddyOlympics.com.

      Any stuffie or animal pal can enter. They have them once a year. I learned about them on Twitter. You send in your pictures for the events & then the judges decide the winners! (Everyone’s a winner!)

  4. TourGuideTed says:

    I’m sure Shellie May will be a fabulous figure skater in Teddy Olympics 2014! I look forward to seeing the photos!

  5. Miss Owner says:

    I went ice skating last month and I fell over a LOT and hit my butt real hard 🙁
    Watch out, Shellie May! Practice makes perfect.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Oh! So that explains things! ShellieMay has been using ice packs on her bottom!

      I thought she had gotten some strange addiction to ice!

      She’s just been falling down lots and lots! D’oh!

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