Vinylmation…….Coming out Summer 2012!!!

Oh boy!

I’m going to be a Vinylmation figure!

Summer 2012….!!!

That’s all I know right now as far as the timing of my inaugural Vinylmation release. 🙂

I’m gonna be two, count ’em two Vinylmation figures!

The first one, I’ll be dress in my awesome pawesome Sailor Duffy Outfit.

I’m a very beary good sailor. I learned everything from my daddy Mickey Mouse.

Sailor Duffy

Vinylmation Duffy the Disney Bear dressed in Sailor Suit

Photo from Attractions Magazine


Mommy said they did a good job of capturing my big feet in these Vinylmation figures.

…….Hey, ……. wait a minute!

Big FEET! …..

Yet she also said that they showed my big kind heart through the laughing eyes and big smile.

I think I can forgive her for the big feet comment……..

After all, Duffy the Disney Bear, (that’s me :)) according to Grandpa Walt Disney, “Brings Love”.

The second mini me is…. well….


… I guess you would say a ‘fur breathing’ Duffy the Disney Bear!

Yup, that’s me!

It’s true that every beary now and then, I do enjoy a good ‘fur breathing’ day!

Officially, the humans say I’m a ‘flocked Vinylmation.

I had to look that up….

It’s something about putting the fuzzy stuff over the Vinylmation stuff. But who needs to get technical?


Flocked Duffy – This is me in my fuzzy fur.

Vinylmation Duffy the Disney Bear - Fuzzy Flocked Version... SO CUTE!

Photo from Attractions Magazine


I wonder if there have every been any other fuzzy Vinylmation figures???


Whoooo Hooooo! Me <—–, little ‘ole Duffy the Disney Bear, is joining the ranks of the Vinylmation Nation in just a few short weeks!

Could I be the very first fuzzy Vinylmation? Does anyone know?

Beariliously Yours!

MyDuffyBear_transparent #f0f4ff 67 x 50 salutation
Duffy Bear
A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear




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48 Responses to Vinylmation…….Coming out Summer 2012!!!

  1. Messica says:

    Yes, Duffy would be the first fuzzy Vinlymation. Very excited for this little guy and his big feet 🙂

  2. Duffy Bear says:

    Whooo Hoooo!!! I’m gonna be the first fuzzy! Thanks Messica!

  3. Duffy Bear says:

    Hey! Wait…..Big FEET??? Everyone thinks I have Big FEET??? Oh, well….. they just help me to travel around better! 🙂

  4. messica says:

    I agree Duffy. You are the ultimate adventurer!

  5. Duffy Bear says:

    Awe… Shucks…….

  6. SaraPoohBeara says:

    cute 🙂

  7. Danielle says:

    I soooooo want one! I am sort of… starting a Duffy Bear collection. All I need it that Vinylmation and then a Shellie May for my Duffy.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      It took my mommy over a year to start adopting more Duffy Bears into the family. ShellieMay came to our family by complete surprise! It’s super fun having lots and lots of Duffy’s to play with every day. Now mommy wants to get everything I model for! Are you planning on getting both Vinymations?

  8. Danielle says:

    No, just the fuzzy one. Do you own any?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Yes, mommy bought me both of them. I got them signed by Monty Maldovan. He’s the artist that designed me as a Vinylmation. He came to the Contemporary Resort near the Magic Kingdom.

  9. Danielle says:

    That’s so cool!

  10. Danielle says:

    Only time will tell! I don’t think I can make it, but I hope you have a good time.

  11. DuffyBringsLove says:

    I got my Duffy vinylmation in August this year. I bought the sailor Duffy <3 He sits proudly next to my Duffy ear hat and my lanyard with my two, so far, Duffy pins! I got a mystery one of you and so did my brother. Miniature magnet magno Duffy it clipped to my alarm clock! 😀

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Your so lucky. I don’t have a Duffy ear hat yet. I had to get my Duffy mystery pin off of ebay. I tired and tried to get it at the parks by buying the mystery box, but I didn’t have any luck.

      You’ve got a magnet Duffy? Hummmm…..

  12. DuffyBringsLove says:

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear! Which mystery pins have you got? I’d love a brer rabbit one! The magnetic Duffy’s are very cute and photogenic. He could be a sidekick to my sidekick (My Duffy bear)! 😀

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Oh! Magnetic Duffy.. you mean the 5″ Duffy bear? We adopted him into our family too! Mommy said she wants to make some clothes for him.

      Mystery pins – from that boxed set, I got Donald, Pluto, Wall-E, Lighten McQueen, Haunted Mansion, & Toy Story.

      I really wanted Mickey Mouse & Duffy. 5 boxes and no luck! So I got my Duffy pin on ebay.

  13. DuffyBringsLove says:

    Yes! That’s the one! The stitching must be really hard to make him clothes!
    Wowwiee! I’d love the Donald and Pluto and Lightning Mcqueen ones! I hope they still sell them now, I’m not giving up yet! I never ever thought I’d get a Duffy or Mickey, and to my surprise I got them first and only try! My brother got the Toy Story Aliens too, he wants my Mickey one but I said no. Ebay is always a great place for everything, except when they sell fake Shellie Mays! Luckily, mine was fur reals.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Mommy said she would have to stitch magnet Duffy’s clothes by hand.

      You can still get all those pins! You are so lucky to get Duffy & Mickey on the first try! I gave up after 5 boxes! I still would like to try again because I like to have the Mickey pin. Mommy said if we ever start to sell on ebay, we can try again. We just don’t have the time to start doing that right now.

  14. Your Mommy must be very skilled.

    I hope they still have them! I’m all set on getting some more. I bought some different mystery pins, and I got a cinderella and Fantasmic Mickey.

    The Mickey pin is awesome! But the Duffy one is adorable <3

    I'm meant to start selling my Calico Critters (sylvanian families to me) on ebay, because I have been collecting since I was three and won't be getting any more, so they'll be up for sale by this summer. I'm keeping some too!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Mommy is good at sewing. I guess because she likes it a whole lot.

      I just googled Calico Critters. They have a really nice house up for sale on ebay now! Actually, there’s a bunch of houses with fancy names.

  15. I used to go to a textiles club. We didn’t do much, but we did make a cover for the piano at school. And we made big pillows!

    I have lots in my attic! We call them Sylvanian families in the UK. They have a huge shop for them in London!

    They have the prettiest sets and houses, but I don’t collect any more. Daddy said if I sell enough, I can get an actual Shellie May outfit!

  16. Duffy Bear says:

    A piano cover is BIG too! You’re teacher likes big stuff I guess.

    I like helping my mommy when she sews. But then when ShellieMay came, she kinda took over. I got jealous at first, but then I found other stuff to do. Well actually somtimes I still gets jealous.

    Wow! Yous gonna sell on ebay! That’s cool! I wanna sell some stuff to get money to get stuff too. But I don’t wanna sell any of my stuff. I’m trying to get mommy to let me sell some of her stuff. I told her I’d do all the work all by myself. She hasn’t said yes yet. But I’ve been keeping my eyes on the stuff she don’ts use any more. I usually get mommy to do what I want, it just takes a while sometimes. Humans do too much stuff sometimes & can’t focus. It’s hard to mind influence humans when they don’t focus.

  17. Sapphire says:

    That’s so awesome Duffy! I am very glad for you! I will totally get your figure when I go to Walt Disney World!

  18. Sapphire says:

    You are so cute Duffy!

  19. Sapphire says:

    My Duffy is so happy that he has another friend now and that is you!

  20. Sapphire says:

    Yeah my Duffy is social too!

  21. Sapphire says:

    In fact he has become even more social after he saw your blog!

  22. Sapphire says:

    Oh, he likes to talk about what he plans to do and where he will go.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hey! ME TOO! I likes making plans. Yet, it’s still more funner going and then writing about its. We’ll be here for 2 weeks before another trip, so I’m going to work on getting a new blog post up & lots more pictures!

  23. Sapphire says:

    Good! I can’t wait to see it! I am on here a lot and checking to see if you post 😉

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Thanks! I gets to go to Disney again next week, but only 1 day this time. Then I have weeks & weeks before I go backs to works on my blog again. I gots so muchs started – I gots ATBD (Attention Teddy Bear Disorder) with my AAD (Adoption Activation Device) too!. Buts, then if I cans gets over this stuff, I can helps more bears too.

  24. Sapphire says:

    Oh, well your new post about pizza is really cool!