Thunder Boomer Storms, I Love ’em!

Boom!!! Crackle-Crackle!!! Boom!!!

Call me crazy!

……But I likes me a good thunder boomer rain storm!!!

I guess I take after my mommy….

She likes thunder boomer rain storms too.

Sometimes the thunder boomers are really loud and scary. So loud and scary they shake the whole house! I guess I don’t always like the shaking the whole house part… Once ShellieMay screamed so loud I was even scared! She’s not scared anymore now that she knows it was just a thunder boomer that shook the house.

Duffy the Disney Bear jumped out of his fur when ShellieMay screamed at the thunder boomer

ShellieMay screamed so super loud when the thunder boomer shook the house, I jumped up too!

… At least that thunder boomer shaking the house part doesn’t happen very often.

This time, I did my very beary bestest to catch the biggest, loudest thunder boomer I could today.

I caught pretty good thunder boomer on my video….

Not the very beary bearestest goodest thunder boomer ever, yet still a pretty good thunder boomer.

Little Joe doesn’t like thunder boomer rain storms like I likes ’em.

I run as super dufferduper fastest I can to the window to watch the rain fall. The heavier the rain the better!

Mommy tells me to not to get to close to the window. At first I was very beary confused…???

I know mommy’s worried about me getting wet. But I can’t get wet if I’m inside…….

But then I learned mommy doesn’t like me getting too close to the window because of the lightning. Mommy said that lightening can hit inside. I guess it’s pretty rare for that to happen, yet, I humor her and do by bestest to say away from the windows.

Now…… Little Joe…..

That’s a whole different story…..

Little Joe runs…..

…………faster than lightning….. right under the …….


Little Joe hides under the dress in a Thunder Boomer Storm

Poor Little Joe, he thought the Thunder Gods were bowling and one of the bowling balls might fall down and hurt him.

I know… you thought I was gonna say bed.

That’s the logical place… at least I think so….

But nopers… Little Joe’s hiding place is under the dresser.

I think that’s a malfunction in Little Joe’s Adoption Activation Device. (AAD)

Annnnnybear….Little Joe makes a bear-line dash under the dresser, curls up in a little ball, cover his little ears and shakes and shakes.

No matter what I try to get him not to be scared of thunder boomer storms, he stills runs and hides under the dresser…… curls  up in a little ball,….. cover his little ears and shakes and shakes.

So I made a special surprise for Little Joe.

When we’re about to get a thunder boomer rain storm, I fix up one of my old iPods with special Little Joe music, the official Duffy the Disney Bear pillow featuring our favorite Seagull, Tippy Blue, a snuggly soft boy-blue blanky, (never pink, Little Joe is afraid of girl-color pink blankies) some comfort food snacks….. and sometimes if it’s a long thunder boomer storm, I put some toys in his surprise box.

Now when we get a thunder boomer storm and Little Joe gets scared and runs under the dresser, he’s doesn’t have to curl up into a little ball and shake and shake.

I had to go under the dresser a few times to teach Little Joe what he needs to do. But now, I got him good and trained…..

First – Put on the headphones….. and turn on the iPod. Then he won’t hear the rain or the thunder boomers.

Second – open the snack box.

Third – get comfy with his Duffy the Disney Bear Official Tippy Blue pillow and snuggly soft boy-blue blanky.

…. and Fourth and finally, if the storm is really long and he gets bored he can play with some of his toys.

[click on the pictures….]

What a difference!

Now that Little Joe heads right for the head phones and other special treats, I can enjoy my thunder boomer rain storms.

Well… that is until…..


[click on the pictures….]

Afterward the thunder boomer storm is passed, I go and finish up the treats with Little Joe. ……That’s if there’s any left!

Actually Little Joe told me he likes thunder boomer rain storms now!

…..but not the same way I likes my thunder boomer storms. Little Joe likes that his big brother, me, fixes up his special music and treats that make him feel all betters and safe during the thunder boomer storms.

Little Joe is still afraid of the storm monsters and Thunder Gods. Yet, he hardly even notices them very beary much anymore because he has his special space that makes him feel safe and snuggly and lots of special surprises that are especially just for him!

Oh… hehehe….

My granddaddy renamed the rain….

He called it ‘pool filler!’

Sometimes, storms like this…., I think it should be called ‘over pool filler thunder boomer pool filler storms’!

Huggies and Don’t get wet!



Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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10 Responses to Thunder Boomer Storms, I Love ’em!

  1. Julie Bihn says:

    Oh, Little Joe is so darling, and Duffy, that was so sweet of you to help him!

  2. Icypinklemonade says:

    Poor little joe!!! Tulip doesn’t like Thunder Boomers either (or fireworks). It was real good of you to make him a nice safe space.

  3. jezzerbear says:

    Yummy treats in the snack box

  4. Aww. That’s so sweet and a super cool idea! Beary creative.

  5. Dutchie-Duffy says:

    He he he Great thinking Cousin..(I’m Jimmy’s thunderbuddy when he’s scared we watch a Cars Moobie).. Showed Nana what you did… she is soooo beary proud of ya….. Extra treat next time you come over… (huggies) my BDFF…. oh and Nana blows you a kiss…….

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Cars Moobie! You know I love Cars moobies!

      I wish I could get Little Joe out from under the dresser to watch a moobie with me. He says he needs to be under the dresser…..

      Nana is proud of me! *chest expands* Nana has the best treats! Huggies to you Nana! and you too Dutchie my BDFF!