Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick!

Duffy the Disney Bear performs the Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick with his pretty assistant, ShellieMay

“Duffy NOOOOOOOO!”   I heard mommy shout from across the patio. ……I was like ‘What?’ Cause all I was thinking before I heard mommy shout was that ‘this has gotta … click for more!

Labor Day Surprise! I Get to Do What?

Oh Boy! did I get a Labor Day Surprise……… I was like……. Yeah! Good news!! We’re getting a new refrigerator! Bad news… I had to opened up my big stitched … click for more!

Home Depot… It’s Pickup Day!

Duffy the Disney Bear Home Depot Apron

“I’m all ready to go mommy!” I got super excited about the bathroom project. The dufferfabearlosoest part? ……Going to Home Depot !   Mommy wasn’t all that happy about it all. … click for more!