Super Bowl Day Priorities!

Duffy the Disney Bear watches the Super Bowl

My Granddaddy’s seen every Super Bowl Game EVER!

A yep!

Gotta have priorities!


Super Bowl Day Priorities!


Lots and lots of people watch the Super Bowl for their super commercials…..

Lots and lots of people watch the Super Bowl for the super game…….

I watch the Super Bowl for the Dufferbestest reason of all…….

…….for the  Super Bowl’s Super FOOD!……..

Well, I like the game too,…… Especially watching it with my Granddaddy.

But I can enjoy it lots and lots more when my tummy isn’t grumbling!

…. and there’s just about no other tummy duffersatifying treat than a very special Super Bowl Chocolate Icing Vanilla Cake!

Duffy the Disney Bear cuts a Super Bowl football cake

Gang’s all here for our Super Bowl Football Cake treat!

Little Joe, ShellieMay and Fred ran into the living room to watch the kickoff with Granddaddy, mommy and auntie Maria. I couldn’t wait to dig into my chocolatey, dufferlishouly, mouth wateringly, Super Bowl 2014 cake!

Duffy the Disney Bear eats his Super Bowl Football cake

The other guys took their cake and went to watch the Super Bowl kick off.

After I took my first bite, I kinda wanted to run into the living room to catch the first play of the game.

…… but then I realized that there was a huge advantage to staying in the kitchen to eat my cake……

I was right there in the kitchen to get seconds!

Beary Dufferlishioulsy yours,

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear



I was rooting for Payton Manning to take a Super Bowl ring home. It’s just kinda not right for his little brother to have two of them and Payton to only have one super bowl championship ring!

The game was more like a #LoserBowl instead of a #SuperBowl for Payton Manning and his Denver Broncos.

This just validates that the number one important thing on Super Bowl Sunday is the Super Food!


Duffy the Disney Bear eat Fritos at Super Bowl Party

UGH! Thanks ShellieMay, but the only thing to cheer me up right now is some more snacks!



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8 Responses to Super Bowl Day Priorities!

  1. Miss Owner says:

    I wish the UK was cool enough to be so pumped about the Super Bowl, cause then we’d eat a delicious cake like yours!
    We don’t even have Cherry or diet Dr. Pepper here. Or Reese’s.
    We got ripped off by Cheetos. We bought some thinking they were like the US ones, but no! They were just like the crisps we have here!
    But that was because they were Polish! whoopsydaisy!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      That would be cool for the UK to get giggly with the Super Bowl! I heard that the NFL is trying to make regular games over there, even have some teams from there! – that should get yous guys fired up!

      OMG! No Cherry or diet Dr. Pepper??? Mommy just got some more Dr. Pepper in Walmart last night on sale! Mommy likes sales.

      Ripped off by Cheetos! You need to write a letter to Cheetos about those cheaters! Maybe Cheetos will send you some real Cheetos. I like the skinny crunchy ones & the big fluffy ones too. I like the skinny crunchy ones with my subs & sammiches and the big fluffy ones are good snacks with movies.

      Whoopsydaisy! LOL! Grandmommy use to say that all the time. I would fall down lots & lots when I was first learning to walk and she would say ‘whoopsydaisy’! I don’t fall when I walk anymore, but I get so excited when I’m running I still trip over myself.

  2. Miss Owner says:

    Yeah, it would! I’d definitely join a basketball team, even though I’m super small!

    Yup. They sell them occasionally at a supermarket called ‘Tescos’ but it’s £15 for a pack of 8. That’s more of a rip off than the cheetos.

    I do! Thoses cheetos. I mean Cheaters!

    I love subs. Especially meatball subs. They’re like spaghetti and meatballs in a sandwich!

    This annoying boy in my class made fun of me when I said it, but whoopsydaisy is just a super fun word! I trip over my own feet a lot.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      You just need a whole bunch of other super small people. You can make a super small only basketball league! And Duffy Bears will be your referees! But yous guys gots to promise not to step on us!

      Sheesh! That’s a rip off! Mommy wouldn’t buy it for that much… I think she’s kinda cheep…

      Guess what!!! Mommy bought Cheetos today! She got us both kinds! They were buy one get one free at the grocery store today! I like them because ether are orange too! I like eating orange food.

      Boys are stupid…. Where is he? I’ll punch him for you! He’ll never suspect a little bear would attack him! 🙂

      I agree whoopsydaisy is a super fun word. Do you think that boy has a little crush on you?

      I’ve never had a meatball sub? I needs to try one of those. But I don’t think I want to put any spaghetti on it.

      Silly you! I don’t think they’ll let you play basketball if you trip over your feet. I bet you can get your whole class to say whoopsydaisy when you trip! That would be super cool! HUGS!

  3. Fluffy Duffy says:

    I love football! and your posts!

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