Snooze Button Princess & Gold Medal Champion!

ShellieMay, that’s my girlfriend, likes the snooze button on my iPhone Clock App! As soon as the alarm goes off, I hear her sweet little voice say,

“Hit the snooze button again Duffy, please…”

… and off she goes back into her land of slumber for some, eh hem… extra “beauty rest”.

ShellieMay the Disney Bear practicing for Olympic Sleeping Competition

“Hit the snooze button again Duffy!
” That’s our Girl!!! ShellieMay doesn’t care much for alarm clocks. Even when they are on iPhones.

I don’t know what it is about ShellieMay and sleeping, but she sure likes it!

Little did I realize, and I don’t think ShellieMay knew it either, that asking me to hit the snooze button every morning would win her an Olympic Gold Medal!

Yep, I know….. I can hardly believe it either!

Duffy the Disney Bear learned about Olympic Sleeping Competition from @JappTheBear on Twitter

I learned about the 2012 Olympic Sleeping Competition from my twitter furiend @jappthebear

I learned about the Olympic Sleeping Competition from one of my Twitter friends, @JappTheBear. @JappTheBear tweeted that he was in the #olympicsleeping #semifinal.

Even Duffy the Disney Bears need to keep their girlfriends happy. You see, I can’t always take ShellieMay to Walt Disney World with me, so I try hard to do nice things in other ways. (That’s Girlfriend 101…..) So when I saw that there was an Olympic Sleeping Competition, I had to find out more about it.

Duffy the Disney Bear asks if ShellieMay can still enter the Olympic Competition

As soon as I learned about the competition I had to know if ShellieMay could enter.

and @JappThe Bear said…

ShellieMay got permission to enter!

I was super excited to learn that it wasn’t too late for ShellieMay to enter. After all, she’s super qualified.


ShellieMay qualified from the picture that I posted on my Facebook account. She didn’t talk to me for awhile after I posted that picture, but now, she’s giving me lots of huggies and kisses!

My twitter conversation with Japp continued….

ShellieMay is in Snooze Button heaven!

Score points for ME! ShellieMay is fired up to begin the Olympic Sleeping Competition!


I was so excited I could hardly wait to tell ShellieMay that I forgot to see if @JapptheBear answered another one of my Twitter friends Pink Bunny, @pinbunnyr.

Hummm... how will they judge a sleeping competition?

Hummm… how will they judge a sleeping competition?


Well, I learned lots and lots about the Olympic Sleeping Competition. Olympic Sleeping is both a timed sport and a judged one too!

There were two main groups of judges. The first group of judges watched the clock to make sure the timing was counted right. The second group of judges was much larger. They had a really tough job. They had to judge lots of stuff in five (5) subjective categories. These categories were….

  • Snoring,
  • Drooling,
  • Sleeping Style,
  • Sleepwear Style…
  • …and would you believe it… Snooze Button technique!!!

Snoring and Drooling are pretty complex categories. There’s all kids of snores. ShellieMay has developed quite a few of specialty snores, but she doesn’t really drool all that much. She’ll have to work on that for next time.

Sleeping Style is really interesting….  You know like –  rolling over, hogging/not hogging the bed covers, looking dead to the world, sleeping with your eyes open and interesting movement during dream sequences. There are also You Can Sleep Anywhere or in Any Position and Sleep Walking judging categories. ShellieMay is pretty hardcore with this portion of the Sleeping Style judging. Some competitors brought soft beds or lounge chairs with TV sets. All ShellieMay brought was a pillow and blanket. I lent her my special blue binkie for luck. Pretty neat category ‘eh?

ShellieMay has great Sleepwear Style! Normally, ShellieMay would have been really excited about a Sleepwear Style portion of a sleeping competition. But, since we found out about the competition the last minute, she didn’t get to shop for any new sleepwear outfits. Yet, like I said,  ShellieMay has great sleepwear style, so she enjoyed earning points for her pretty pajamas. Actually, she got lots of points because her pajamas reflected comfort, practically and… tada……. great style!


Duffy the Disney Bear's girlfriend ShellieMay summer pajamas

This is the very first pair of pajamas mommy made ShellieMay. I know, ’cause I helped!


I think what really clinched the gold medal for ShellieMay was her snooze button reactions and response time. The snooze button judges said they can tell if the competitors were super genuine in their snooze button technique. I don’t think ShellieMay gave this part of the competition a second thought. After all, she uses the snooze button every day.

Duffy the Disney Bear's girlfriend, ShellieMay demonstrates Snooze Button Technique

ShellieMay demonstrates her Gold Medal winning Snooze Button Technique!


I was really happy ShellieMay got an Olympic Gold Medal. She hopes to compete again, but she has to wait 4 more years for this Olympic Competition to come around. I know– I know– what about the Olympics in 2 years? – well…. bears aren’t allowed to compete in the sleeping competition in the winter Olympics. Sleeping comes very natural to bears in the winter months, humans call it hibernation. The Summer Olympic Sleeping Competition is for bears that excel in their sleeping capabilities. Just about every bear could a win medal in a winter Olympics.

Duffy the Disney Bear's girlfriend ShellieMay accepts her Olympic Gold Medal

ShellieMay is a Snooze Button Success Story! She stands proudly on the Olympic podium representing the USA singing the Star Spangled Banner!


Some take this Olympic Achievement very lightly, after all, who doesn’t like to sleep. But since bears don’t normally sleep so much in the summer, this is a HUGE accomplishment for ShellieMay!

I was so proud of my ShellieMay that I had to put it out there on the TwitterVerse!

ShellieMay wins GOLD!

ShellieMay wins an Olympic GOLD Medal!


Now every morning when ShellieMay tells me to hit the snooze button, I do so with Gold Medal Olympic Pride!


Huggies to All!


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear



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22 Responses to Snooze Button Princess & Gold Medal Champion!

  1. Auntie Sandra says:

    Duffy …… how brilliant, clever & adorable!
    This is SENSATIONAL!

  2. Eeeeva says:

    Way to go, Shellie May! Adorable!

    My Smiling Shellie May says she wants to be just like you when she gets better! But what’s a snooze? And does she have to drool?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Helllloooooo Miss Eeeeva!

      A snooze, is about a 10 minute, catch a zzzZZZzzz nappette that one will usually enjoy after their alarm clock first rings in the morning. You know, like the alarm clock rings and you don’t wanna get up yet, so you make your alarm clock be quiet for a few more minutes before it tells you it’s time to get up again!

      Well…. no…. ShellieMay doesn’t have to drool, but you know how Olympic competition is – every year the competition gets more fierce. So if ShellieMay can learn to drool she’ll get more points and she can be the Gold Medal Champion again!

  3. Auntie Sandra says:

    Duffy, this is the 4th time, I’ve viewed your blog, you and ShellieMay did a fantabulousa job on this brilliant blog post…..the pics are incredible…..

  4. Auntie Sandra says:

    I love the gold medal ShellieMay is wearing!

  5. messica says:

    Way to go ShellieMay!!! My kids are so happy for you!!!

  6. Duffy Bear says:

    Thank you so much Miss Messica & family!

  7. Awesome story, Duffy! 🙂

  8. Auntie Sandra says:

    ShellieMay……….you’re now a Hollywood star and actress……you’re most GORGEOUS!

  9. Danielle says:

    That’s so cute! I watched the Olympics and I must of missed the sleeping catergory. Oh well! Maybe in 2016 I’ll see it. Keep training Shellie May!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Miss Danielle! ShellieMay says thanks and she’s training every night AND day! Drooling is still a challenge for her. I tell her not to get frustrated – 4 years is plenty of time to improve.

  10. Auntie Sandra says:

    I’m loving and enjoying the ‘continuation’ of your ‘snoozing’ story……please keep up the great writing journalism project.

  11. DuffyBringsLove says:

    This blog kept me persuading my parents to get me Shellie May for seven months. Yupp, that’s how long I spent persuading my parents last year! I find this so adorable, I read this all the time. You must be really proud of Shellie May fur being an Olympic Gold Medalist! Shellie May’s PJ’s are adorable! Mine has two pairs: The purple butterfly ones with an eye mask from Build a bear, and the new Harajuku hugs ones from Build a bear. Duffy has some stripy pyjamas (you guessed it, also from Build a bear), which he looks so cute in!

  12. miss owner says:

    Way to sleep in style, Shellie May! c:

    My Shellie May is jealous of your beautiful pyjamas ^u^

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Miss Owner! It’s me ShellieMay!

      Thank you so much. Mommy made them for me. Duffy actually helped. Duffy was still helping mommy with the sewing because I had just arrived and I still didn’t even speak any English.

      Awe…. I think you’ll be able to sew pajamas like mine. The top is called a pillow top. It’s a beary simple pattern. Humans will ‘repurpose’ pillow cases to make them into dresses and tops!

      Duffy was so silly – he got all tangled up in mommy’s ribbons that day!

  13. miss owner says:

    Hi Shellie May!
    Wow, Duffy helped? Did he model the clothes? He he!

    Oh, I have some spare pillow cases: they’re pink! When I get a new sewing kit, I want to make some new things.

    He he! So he looked Like a Christmas gift?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Miss Owner!

      YES!!! Mommy made Duffy model the clothes! She’s even made him try on clothes for me when they were out shopping! He hated it so much! Just wait until you see the pictures!

      Mommy said she has a picture of Duffy in his blue stripped onesie sitting in the middle of all the ribbons – he made such a mess!

      ShellieMay ❤