Publix Grand Opening fun on St. Patrick’s Day!

Wishing you all a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from the Grand Opening of the new Publix here in Viera, Florida!

Duffy the Disney Bear meet the Publix Mascot

I didn’t know Dinosaurs were so snuggly wuggly

Last year mommy took me and grandmommy to Epcot on St. Patrick’s Day. I had just as much fun this year right here in town.

I was really excited to met Plato the Publixaurus. This Publix Store is just as fun as going to Disney. I bet Plato lives in this Publix Store, because I’ve never seen him at the other Publix Stores that mommy took me to. I want to go to this Publix all the time now to visit with Plato.


I have my mommy trained well………

Duffy the Disney Bear Celebrates St. Patrick's Day at Publix

Oh Boy! Free #TummyYummy Sugar Cookies at Publix for kids!

First I get mommy to take me to the Publix Bakery for my cookie. Then it’s okay for mommy to do the rest of the shopping.

Duffy the Disney Bear likes the St. Patrick's Day Balloon

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you too!

Nope, I didn’t go home with the balloon, but I did go home with a very full tummy from sampling lots and lots of food and treats!

Some of the humans at Publix thought I was a Leprechaun, so I let them pat my wee little head for some luck!

Who knew that going to the Grand Opening of Publix’s new grocery store would be so much fun! –


Bear-A-Tastically Yours,


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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17 Responses to Publix Grand Opening fun on St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Duffy Bear says:

    Thank YOU! MrJ – (can I call you that MrJapulleyable?) I had lots more fun. I’m just learning how to put up a picture gallery. I have even more picture to share from yesterday. I am searching for a gallery that will also let me write about the picture too.

  2. Sure, you can call me “MrJ”

  3. SaraPoohBeara says:

    duffy you are so cute!!

  4. DuffyBringsLove says:

    The picture of you and Plato is the cutest thing!<3
    I have been to a Publix store before, when I went to Orlando to do the grocery shopping with my Daddy. Hey, I'm sure Duffy went in with me! He was trying to lift our big big bottle of juice!
    My GrandMummy/Mommy is Irish, so she celebrates St. Patrick day a lot more than I do. Your outfit it so cute! My Duffy says he loves your hat and Glasses! I was at one point going to buy Shellie May a four leaf clover dress fur Christmas, but I saw a different one and bought it instead. Publix and Walmart are big big shops compared to the ones in the UK! We have a shop called 'Sainsbury's' that we get our grocery from. Sometimes we go into 'Asda' for every day items and notebooks. It is part of the Walmart family! I got a notebook from there that I use as Duffy and Shellie May's adventure scrapbook!

  5. Duffy Bear says:

    Yous guys gots to go to the Dollar Tree when you come to visit here! They gots lots of goods stuffs and it’s all only one dollar!

    I super wish I could visits in the UK! Mommy said that she wants to go too, so maybe…. *crossing my paws*!

  6. We call our Dollar tree Poundland. Wow, that seems awesome.

    Don’t start to think that it looks like the UK pavilion. Just add some plastic bags to the trees, the odd baby sock on the road, trainers hung on the lamposts, graffiti on the walls. That’s some places. I guess London is pretty, although it’s so cold here! It’s probably one degree.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      LOL!!! Poundland! I thinks that’s really funny!

      Plastic bags on the trees? Baby socks on the road? Gee, that sounds like an interesting place? You gots some strange humans living there!

      1 degree! I think 50 degrees is cold! Some times it gets colder, but never down to 1 degree! How do you stay warm with out fur?

  7. I do too; I don’t go there, because I go to better shops! Poundland isn’t fun. There’s poundstretcher too, but that’s weird; you can’t stretch a pound coin!

    I guess most of the British population haven’t heard of a trash can. There are some really pretty places and friendly people though, but America is much more clean and friendly.

    We use radiators and warm clothes. You get used to it after a while. What? You know, the highest temperature that I’ve ever had is 36 degrees. That’s the hottest it’s ever been here.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Yeah – poundstretcher – that is weird. You are funny! … “can’t stretch a pound!” LOL and it’s true! Maybe they named their store that so people would laugh!

      That’s sad that your British humans don’t wanna throw their garbage in the trash can. It’s just not nice!

      NO WAY!!! 36 degrees!!! I gotsta look on a Map! You must live way up north in the UK!

  8. I think so! Although maybe they meant it as in everything is cheap and people would have more money? I don’t know.

    It either belongs in recycling bins or bins; not the path or hedges or trees!

    Nope, but my Auntie and Uncle and cousins do! They live in Scotland! We once went to visit them, ages ago, and they have a really really big house!

    I once went to a place called Devon, and that was the second warmest place I’ve ever been! Florida was the first, of course. 36 degrees, believe it or not, is when everyone in my country freaks out and starts putting on loads of sun cream and having fun. It’s usually over 100 degrees in Florida, and I get tired, walking miles around the park. Mind, I’m used to it now; I’ve had six years experience!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Six years! Wow! You gots lots more experience in the parks than me!

      Are you sure it never gets above 36 degrees. I told my mommy that and she said she went to Alaska one summer and it got up to 80 degrees? I saw a movie and these silly Russians might go to Siberia if they were naughty, but that’s not in the UK, so I’m really confused!

  9. Shellie may says:

    Hi again angel ! This is Shellie mays mummy! Just wanted to ask…. Does your mummy bring you every where she goes? And doesn’t your fur get all dirty when you sit on the metal trolley?
    Safety first,
    Miss mummy

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Miss Mummmy- I’m so sorry for my late reply. My auntie went into the hospital on Monday. She’s still there & doing much better now.

      Mommy brings me pretty much everywhere…. I don’t get to go out with her only when I’m not dressed. I get to playing with my toys or on my computer and I forget to get dressed. Then it’s time for mommy to go out and I’m not ready.

      Yep, my fur gets dirty sometimes, but mommy cleans me up goods! I don’t really likes to take baths ’cause it takes time away from paying my games or eating, but since I like being clean I let mommy give me baths.