Raise Your Paw for PopSecret Popcorn!

Who wants some popcorn??? ……’Cause it’s popcorn and movie time!!!

Yipppeeeee!!! *happy dancing!*

Duffy the Disney Bear sharing his Pop Secret Popcorn

You bearcha Pop Secret Popcorn is THE Secret to Movie Night! It says so right on the Pop Secret web-site!

I am duffernately crazy for movie night! It’s fun to put on my pajammies, snuggle up with my Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet & watch a movie!

Come Join Us! I’m headed to Netflix now to pick out tonight’s movie!

……. and the movie is……..


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10 Responses to Raise Your Paw for PopSecret Popcorn!

  1. Dufferdude says:

    What was the movie?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I let Little Joe pick and he choose…… Dumbo! He hadn’t seen it before. ShellieMay was a mess of tears when Dumbo was taken away from his mommy! Well… I guess I felt a little sad too.

      Little Joe said he super needs to go to Disney with us the next time we go to the Magic Kingdom to ride Dumbo and meet Timothy too!

  2. TourGuideTed says:

    I do love popcorn when I watch a movie! I need to ride Dumbo at Magic Kingdom too – never have cause the 15 minute wait is always TOO LONG for Assistant Paul! Tsk tsk

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Ted! *frantically waves*

      We never wait at all! The trick is to go close to park closing. (If you can get Assistant Paul to stay that long….) Then there is a zero wait! Or even in the mornings.

      Now you can get one of those fast passes for Dumbo too! So no more excuses for your Assistant!

      Riding Dumbo is a must for a Tour Guide! How else can you share the pawesome experience with your blog readers!!!

      Besides – now you can see the top of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train from Dumbo & the Big Circus Tent too!

      Stick with me buddy, I’ll getcha on Dumbo next time!

  3. Fluffy Duffy says:

    my tiny person who follows me around and takes me places, never gives me popcorn but hopefuly i get it tommorow at disney CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell little joe i love dumbo!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Crossing my paws you’ll get your popcorn! I bet it will be the super tastiest popcorn ’cause it’s Disneyland!!!

      Little Joe is snuggled up sound asleep with his Olaf at the moment. I’ll tell him on the morning. I’m sure he’ll do a flippie or something when I tell him!

  4. Fluffy Duffy says:

    I did get yummy popcorn and juice + I gots an eeyore costume its beary cute!

  5. Shellie May says:

    Hey duffy! Shellie May here! We haven’t talked in ages!!!!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi! I missed you! Glad to see you again! Howzit going?

      We are all getting dressed to go to Disney on Sunday. Me, ShellieMay, Little Joe & Fred. Fred’s wearing my favorite denim shorts! Mommy’s gonna help me pick out something else. I wanted to wear those shorts with my American Idol tee shirt. We plan to go to see the finale of the American Idol show.

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