National Teddy Bear Day!

What a Grrrrrrrrreat Day!!! The first teddy bear was sold today! Thanks Mr. Roosevelt!

Ok, well not today…….. but lots of years ago today! I heard that on the snooze tonight.

We teddy bears got our name from Mr. Teddy Roosevelt. He was the 26th president of the United States.

Duffy the Disney Bear with Teddy Roosevelt-2012-02-15-22-19.jpg

I think we look good together!


(I put us together with my PhotoChop app on my iPhone! Neat huh!!!)

Yet, it’s kinda weird though….. I learned from Wikipedia that Mr. Teddy Roosevelt was actually hunting furry creatures like me. The peeps he was with hurted-ed a little bear and tied him to a tree. That was mean. But Mr. Teddy Roosevelt wouldn’t shoot the little bear just for sport. They still killed the little bear. That makes me sad. But I guess that’s how we started to get stuffed?

So make sure you #GiveABearAHug today to celebrate National Teddy Bear Day!

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31 Responses to National Teddy Bear Day!

  1. Duffy says:

    Hi, other Duffy! I love that day! My mommy, Danielle, she took me to wdw to the Duffy store and I got to buy three outfits! Did you do anything special?

  2. Duffy Bear says:

    3 outfits! That’s super cool! Which ones did you get?

    Did I do anything special on National Teddy Bear Day?…. I downloaded the PhotoChop app and met Mr. Roosevelt! (I really can’t remember if we did anything else right now…. sorry…)

  3. Duffy says:

    We got the pirate one the German one and the French one.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hey! I gots those ones too! Mommy thinks I looks adorable in the French & German costumes, so I let her get those for me. I wanted the Pirate one so I could sail & plunder the seas!

  4. Duffy says:

    I am getting three more soon! We have to take a friend to an airport soon, and they had a Disney store! I am going to get the sorcerers apprentice the sailor one and the aviator one.

  5. Duffy Bear says:

    Mommy got me the Aviator outfit last week. We haven’t found the Sorcerer’s Apprentice one yet. But did you see my Wizard Outfit! She got me that at the Teddy Bear store around here.

  6. Duffy says:

    Cool! The sorcerer Mickey one is at one of the disney store airports. Next time your there check it out.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Thanks for the info! I got my first Bulid-a-Bear coupon for joining the Stuff fur Stuff Club! It expires on 8/15 – so mommy said we can go to the Florida Mall – ….. and that’s really close to the Orlando airport!

  7. DuffyBringsLove says:

    What a lovely post! I go to the Build a bear workshop in Florida Mall every year, because there is a really embarrassing story of how I discovered build a bear on my first ever trip to WDW. Now I have nineteen bears from there, but none of them compare to Duffy and Shellie May!
    I use a website called PiZap for my cutting out of photos, it’s real cool! You should try it! Oh, and I made yet another pillow today, I enjoy pillow making <3
    It's not long until the next National Teddy bear day now!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Nineteen Bears from Build-A-Bear! Wow! That’s a big family.

      I insist that all of us get huggies & kisses everyday. Bath time can be a bit crazy around here too sometimes. Yet, I’m usually the only one that needs a bath because they don’t get to travel like I do. They are responsible for helping out around here mostly.

      I will definitely try PiZap! …. as soon as my computer get better. Actually, mommy said she doesn’t think so. I was able to get it to power up, but the monitor was blank. So totally not a good sign. And since it’s Sunday, we have to wait until tomorrow to call the computer fixer place. Mommy said even if we get a new computer, we are going to need to computer fixer place help us to get all the stuff off the old computer. I forgot to back everything up lately…. my bad.

      Sounds like you are getting to be a pillow making expert!ShellieMay wrote a blog post about making a bow, but we’ll have to wait now until we get this computer stuff straightened out to post it.

  8. Yepp! Most are in my room, but the others are in the attic room. I love Duffy and Shellie May a lot more now, but I have soft spots for my favourite BAB’s.
    Duffy can get off of the bed by himself because he often falls off and lands on a pillow. But apart from that, he spends his life in my arms. He and Shellie May like it that way.
    It’s a great website, and you get to make facebook timelines too! I used it for my most recent blog post.
    I hope the computer person fixed everything! I just might be getting a new laptop for my new school year because I’ll have to do much much more work. I’d rather have a new laptop than my own phone, really!
    The button fell off on my first one. LOL! I love sewing, your Mommy must be better to make you such lovely Pj’s! I can’t make bear clothes; do you have a secret you could let me into?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      An attic room sounds really neat!

      You don’t get to use facebook yet? I think twitter is more fun than facebook. I like facebook so I can see what all the other Duffy & ShellieMay bears are up to!

      I’m sure you need a new laptop! We brought my computer to the fix it place. The man told my mommy to try something else to fix it. It didn’t work, so we have to bring it back tomorrow. Then my twitter account got hacked today! I think it’s all fixed up now.

      My grandmommy taught my mommy how to sew. My mommy is teaching me & ShellieMay now. Any secrets? I’m not sure, I’m just learning. My mommy said that she’s going to let ShellieMay blog about our sewing projects – I hope you can learn some secrets from us then!

  9. It’s pretty fun! It’s crowded with sylvanian families (Calico Critters), but there’s a bed.
    I’m too young to use it yet, and my Mommy thinks it dangerous. I still look on the Duffy, Shellie May and WDW FB page though. I can make do with blogs!
    Are you IamDuffyBear on Twitter? I was looking for more photos, and I found that page.

    Oh no, sorry it didn’t work! I bet it’ll get fixed soon. Oh dear, that’s awful that your account got hacked. Did anything bad happen? Try changing your password to something no one will ever find out.

    That’s lovely that you are so close to your family and that they teach you so many things! Oh nice! I can’t wait to hear from Shellie May, I haven’t spoken to her before. I might change my blog a lot soon.
    My Dad suggested I print some paper templates out, but I don’t think that’d work.

  10. Oh, the templates would be for bear clothes, not my blog, just to let you know 🙂

  11. Nice! Oh, Happy Teddy bear day (again!)

  12. Thank you! My BABW bears sit on shelves now, because I prefer Duffy and Shellie May. Thank you! Brother Duffy says thanks too! Don’t forget Duffy Jr. Little Joe Disney!

  13. Shellie may says:

    Hello duffy! Do you mind if I ask you where you stay. I mean country. I stay in Singapore so that makes me a Singaporean ! I am trying to persuade my mummy to let me have a blog but my mummy’s parents A.K.A grand mummy and daddy won’t let me……. For some reason

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I live in Florida, USA! That’s why I thinks I’m a super lucky bear! We live about an hour & 1/2 from WDW!

      I really likes having a blog. I get frustrated though, because I don’t post as much as I want to. This is my computer, but mommy said that I have to share it with her. It’s more like let her hog it! She’s getting better though and letting me get back on here so I can fix stuff up and get my blog posts up again.

  14. Shellie may says:

    Hi again! I am Shellie may! I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my mummy(owner)

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Please! Do tell! Do tell! We likes learning more about our furiends here! Did you see you can upload pictures? We got it to work the other day, but we need to put up better instructions. I also got my IT bears working on a page so everyone can see these pictures too!

  15. Shellie may says:

    I was adopted by a wonderful family! They gave me everything! But they are Singaporean’s. my owners last name Is Singaporean name. My favorite restaurant is an italween restaurant. And by the way, I was so touched to learn that my Singaporean mummy(owner), who is a young girl at the age of 9, came to take me home with her! And I am obsessed with pink!
    Shellie may

    • Duffy Bear says:

      My auntie wants us to visit Singapore. She say’s me & mommy will ❤ LOVE it! ❤

      My mommy has an Italian last name. They are 100% Italian!

      It sounds like your mommy is a very sweet and kind little girl. I don’t know how old my mommy is right now. She won’t tell me. ShellieMay said it’s because girls don’t like to tell people their age. I kinda wonder if my mommy is stuck at the same age like me?

      That’s the funnest way to get adopted! Third party adoptions, like ebay, are really important too, but they can be more scary for us bears.

      Pink was my grandmommy’s favorite color!


  16. Shellie may says:

    Yes ! You should really come! It is really fun! Although u have only stayed Singapore with my mummy for only 9 months! Which is less then a year. But my mummy wants me to learn the history of her country. But I hate history! 😉
    Shellie may

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Shellie may! History boring? Well… that depends on the teacher. When I’m bored I fall asleep. That gets me into some big trouble. But I can’t help it! Yet, if I’m having fun when I’m learning, then I don’t even know that I’m suppose to be learning something & I remember it better too! Mommy said that she thought history was boring she had to study it that’s why Mommy tricks me with coloring projects & games.

  17. Shellie may says:

    Hello again duffy! I am Shellie mays owner. A.K.A mummy. I just wanted to ask you about the photoshop app. How did you get the teddy Roosevelt background? I didn’t see it in the selection?
    Miss owner

  18. Shellie may says:

    Hi duffy!
    How are you? This is the 1/2 nd time my owner let me put a comment! i think yo should make a post about all of your outfits! That would be great!!;)
    Shellie may

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I like it when your owner lets you makes comments! ShellieMay loves it when she meets other ShellieMays. She gets lonely for Japan.

      ShellieMay is working on some blog posts. She wants to teach everybear how to make bows!


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