Christmas Presents!

Christmas!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! 

Christmas is about a lot of things….. and one really neat things about Christmas is all the presents!

This year I got a super huge-a-mongus special surprise! I got an iPhone!

I was like…  iPhone! Hi iPhone!!! …. oh… oh…. and… and… and… Whoa-Atasmic!. It’s an iPhone 4S! I can talk to my iPhone and my iPhone can talk to me!

Now I’m like totally connected to the world! Social Media! Twitter! Facebook! I can tweet & post to all my friends anywhere… anytime now!

And… ta da!!!!

YouTube! I just had to make a video to post on YouTube!

iPhones are beyond amazingly incredible! I just turned on my phone, opened up my camera app, and made my very first iPhone video!!!

I decided to share, in my first video a family tradition, Wow-A-tasmic!!…



Yep, it’s really true! Because of my family’s traditions, I will still be getting more Christmas presents this year.

My family celebrates something called ‘Little Christmas’. So we get to make parties and presents for 12 whole days! This is the super coolest family ever!  

Do you or you and your Duffy celebrate anything extra special at Christmas time?

Hi World Wide Web!!!!!!! Now me & you are connected all the time!

Bear HUGS!

Duffy Bear
A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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2 Responses to Christmas Presents!

  1. DuffyBringsLove says:

    Shellie May came out of a box on the twentieth of December, which isn’t far away from Christmas on my birthday, so we’ll be celebrating her birthday every five days before Christmas. Duffy and Shellie May love to watch Christmas movies in December, and they loved their presents this year! There’s were late, because they got theirs with my Christmas money