Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet in EPCOT

…….I guess none of us were ready!

Nopers…… none of us were looking at the camera when the ‘click’ happened…..

It’s not often me, Little Joe and ShellieMay get to go to Walt Disney World Parks together. So we dashed over to visit Mickey Mouse at his Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet in EPCOT!

ShellieMay shocked me! She was the very beary firstest one of us to jump up into Mickey Mouse’s arms for a hug!

Duffy the Disney Bear Meet and Greet with Mickey Mouse EPCOT

I was doing my bestest not to wiggle. But my arm was stuck & I couldn’t push myself up straight.

Even though we may not have been looking at the camera…. we all gots the bestest hug from Mickey Mouse!

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2 Responses to Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet in EPCOT

  1. Dufferdude says:

    That always happens to me. I either smile too much, or I just make a mopy face since I didn’t wanna take a picture with that character. Anywho, have you seen the new movie Big Hero 6? I’ve seen it

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Bummer! I mean bummer for me… Pawesome for you! I super wanna go to see Big Hero 6. I think mommy will be able to take us this coming Monday or Tuesday.

      Was it good? Did you like it?