Whoa! Who’s a Lucky Bear!

Check it out furiends!….. I’m a super

Lucky Bear!!!

Plenty to share too!!! – So digs in yous guys! 

Lucky Bear! Duffy the Disney Bear discovers lots of candy in the kitchen - Comic Life

………………..Good thing my eyes are never too big for my stomach!……………….. *nom nom nom*

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2 Responses to Whoa! Who’s a Lucky Bear!

  1. TourGuideTed says:

    Wowee that IS lucky – hope mummy wasn’t saving it for something or you’ll be in big trouble! That said, if she was, she shouldn’t have left it lying around. Can you throw me some please? Thanks buddy

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Saving something? Geeze, never thought of that possibility.…

      She didn’t yell or nothing at me or Little Joe when he joined me so I guess all is good!

      Here you go furiend! *tosses huge pawful of candy*

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