Look What I Spotted at Disney!


…..Are you ready for it?………….

Duffy the Disney Bear stands in front of his surprise

Can you guess…..???

It’s… it’s….

Duffy the Disney Bear reveals the ShellieMay the Disney Bear Book



‘ShellieMay the Disney Bear! Duffy’s New Friend’ book! and that means that ShellieMay is not far behind the release of her story book to adopt at Disney USA Parks!!!

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8 Responses to Look What I Spotted at Disney!

  1. Dutchie says:

    Hi Duffy, Hopes ShellieMay will be in WDW beary soon….. silly though she’s arrived in Paris over a week ago…. *whispers* maybe she missed the boat from Japan…. tee hee…….

  2. Duffy Bear says:

    Yep! The shipping captain messed up and sent her to California and her wardrobe to Florida! So she needed another week to get all of herself in the same place together!

  3. Duffytastic says:

    I know!!! I am so excited! Especially for New outfits! My Shelie May has only been able to pick up an outfit whenever I got to Build A Bear, but I don’t live close to one.

  4. Dufferdude says:

    Yay! I’ve wanted a sister for SUCH a long time and now I can get one!

    Also, where did you get that Cars shirt? I’ve never seen a Duffy shirt like that. Did you use a human shirt? If so, what size?