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6 Responses to Longhorn Steakhouse

  1. IcyPinkLemonade says:

    I love to color on the kids menus! I wanna know why are adult portions double the price when they’re not double the food! Some places give out good portions (Friendlys)

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Yeah! and the places that only give you ONE crayon? What are they thinking! Life is full of colors!

      Good point! More money should = MORE FOOD! (❤️Friendlys!❤️)

  2. Miss Owner says:

    I love food. Lots and lots of food! I like pickles the best. Duffy likes chocolate.
    Chocolate is a close second for me! Then brussel sprouts!

    I have to go to the dentist on Friday, but my friend gave me some rock to eat! Not real rock, but candy rock!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Whoa… brussel sprouts? really? I haven’t tasted them yet, but they sound really ucky yucky! I’ve seen them on a few menus lately… but I haven’t been brave enough to try them yet.

      However…. if there was some chocolate to eat to recover if I don’t like the brussel sprouts, I’ll go for it!

      Did the candy rocks hurt your teeth? Mommy chipped her tooth last year on a turkey wing piece! She looked so silly until she got her tooth fixed! She even got a lisp! Oh -please don’t tell her I told you that! *Shhhsssss* our secret!

  3. Richard Pilbury says:

    Great article I love it very much indeed Mr Richard

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