Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick!

I heard mommy shout….


……………………………………………..from across the patio.

……I was like ‘What?’

Cause all I was thinking before I heard mommy shout was that ‘this has gotta work!’

Duffy the Disney Bear performs the Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick with his pretty assistant, ShellieMay

Duffy the Disney Bear performs the Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick with his pretty assistant, ShellieMay…..

I was thinking that my Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick would be lots of fun and work really good because I saw that magician do it the other night on the TV.

…….And since Mickey Mouse is a good magician,…….. and Mickey Mouse is my daddy, I should be a good magician too, right?

Am I right? or am I RIGHT!

Magician’s always have pretty assistants.

I couldn’t think of a prettier assistant than ShellieMay.

So I ran into the house to get ShellieMay to be my pretty assistant.

ShellieMay didn’t think it was a very beary good idea at first. But I reminded ShellieMay that me and Little Joe make her walk the plank all the time when we play Pirates and we never hurt her or nothing. So ShellieMay went along with my Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick idea.

Besides, Contractor Tom seemed to think it was a good idea!

He’s been teaching me all about the fine art of remodeling a bathroom.

Contractor Tom is a Master Craftsman.

He knows all about his tools and I’m duffernutly super positive that Contractor Tom wouldn’t let his apprentice, me – Duffy Bear, do anything with his tools that would hurt anybear.

And besides that, the magician on TV used a real Hitachi Chop Saw for his Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick.

So WYSIWYG me thought that if the TV Magician used a real Hitachi Chop Saw for his magic trick…

…. and there was a real Hitachi Chop Saw on our patio….

……..then I could use the real Hitachi Chop Saw for my magic trick with ShellieMay!


Well….. I guess I wasn’t right ’cause mommy wouldn’t have shouted for me to stop.

Sitting in time out for what seems like the rest of eternity,

Salutation - Home Depot 60x60 background

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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12 Responses to Hitachi Chop Saw Magic Trick!

  1. TourGuideTed says:

    Mommy is a spoilsport – though I do think you would have ended up with two Shellie Mays and I’m gonna guess that wouldn’t be good right? Great tool though!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Total spoilsport! That time out is super not fun!

      Two ShellieMay’s? Hummmmm…. that would be a good thing…. I think ’cause ShellieMay would have a girlfriend to play with and stuff? Then I wonder why mommy would have stopped me? The only thing I can think of is that if we have another ShellieMay she would want lots of clothes and shoes too.

      Everyone on Facebook & Twitter has been thinking that it would have hurt ShellieMay. I would never hurt ShellieMay. …. not on purpose….

  2. IcyPinkLemonade says:

    Contractor Tom should not be encouraging you to do these things! Magicians train for like a bajillion years before they do the trick too! Maybe you should play gentler games with ShellieMay…like a tea party!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      A Tea Party! *gasp* …… Little Joe handles all the Tea Parties with ShellieMay for me!

      Ummmmmm….. HI MISS Lillian!!!

      I gots into super big troubles. I had to sit in time out till dinner time! Mommy said I needed to think about what I did lots and lots. I wasn’t allowed to tweet or nothing when I was in time out for hours and hours! Then mommy gave me my laptop to google about lots of stuff and write a report.

      I had to finish my report before dinner if I wanted to eat supper! That’s when I really learned that I could have hurt ShellieMay super badly and I understood why mommy put punished me so much. I never beens punished before – EVER! For nothing!

      I had to help clean all the dishes after dinner too. My Facebook friend Matt asked if I could have ice cream in time out. Mommy said “NO!”. But… she said I could have it after dinner! Yippeee!!!

  3. Mr. J says:

    Oh no for ShellieMay

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hey Mr. J! I’m starting to think that ShellieMay knew all along what was going to happen! …. Especially me being punished! and her getting all the sympathy!

      Oh, well…. I did do the crime – so I had to do the time!

  4. Daring_Duffy says:



    Did you know that build a bear is gonna have frozen outfits or costumes? They are coming out on November 1. We have a friend that works there and we might ask if they can hold the costumes/outfits for me and shellie.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I likes big things AND power tools! Power tools are really super pawesome! I helped Contractor Tom remodel the bathroom with his power tools.

      Annnnybear…. Contractor Tom took all his power tools home now. 🙁

      Build-A-Bear is the bestest! Did you see that I have goods stuffs from BaB now on my site? Mommy loves discounts. I wanted to be sure that we don’t miss any! I still super wants a Captain America costume!

      You’re super luckies you gots a friend that works at BaB! Those outfits will fly off the shelves. BaB is far from my house. ShellieMay can’t decide if she wants an Anna or an Elsa princess dress. I think she’s more of an Elsa.

  5. Dufferdude says:

    I wish you got to do the whole thing. But I would’ve shut my eyes cause I don’t wanna see some bears stuffing get scattered.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Yeah! Everybear keeps saying that I would have hurt ShellieMay…. and yet… since I didn’t finish the trick…..???

      …. and it was a trick… so that means ShellieMay would have been Okay right?

  6. Sapphire's Duffy Bear says:

    Hey, Duffy! Remember me? I used to have conversations with you about a year ago. I’ve been pretty busy and unable to leave comments, but now I’m back!

    Good thing you did not finish the trick. Even though the magician could do it, you never know what could happen. I’m usually better safe than sorry.

    Bye, Duffy

    • Duffy Bear says:

      YES! I was wondering what happened to you. I know we all gets really busy sometimes. I gots so much email to catch up with – I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get though it all. I think I’ll ask Little Joe to go through it for me later and sort out just the important stuff like all the comments on my blog!

      Yeah, I guess you’re right. ShellieMay wouldn’t be a very pretty assistant anymore if the trick didn’t work!

      Duffy Bear