Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This is my cousin Duffy O’DufferNutter!

Duffy Disney Bear wishes you a Happy St Patrick's Day 2014

Now don’t be going and try to steal me Pot of Gold!

Well……, not really,

……it’s just me, little Duffy Bear.

I’m pretending to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

I’ll get hugged and kissed all day today when we go out. All the humans just seem to think that I’m a Leprechaun?

I couldn’t figure out why they needed to Kiss me for Good Luck. But then I remembered that Duffy Bears are the Disney Bears of Happiness and Luck! So I guess I could stretch that a we ‘o bit and be the Disney Bear of Happiness and Good Luck! Or is Good Luck the same as Luck? Or is Luck the same as Good Luck? Oh, well… there goes my WYSIWYG cranial stuffing again!


– off track!

shifting gears—

I’m back! –

Some of the humans always want to know where I hid my Pot of Gold!

Like Duh?

…..I would go and tell them where I hid all my  Hershey’s Pot of Gold candy! I won’t even tell mommy something as important as that!

Mommy is going to make a real St. Patrick’s Day dinner tonight. She plans to cook corn beef, new potatoes, and cabbage. I think I could do without the cabbage part. I heard that it’s really stinky when it’s cooking.

Mommy never cooked St. Patrick’s Day dinner before, so wish me luck.

Oh, wait -……

………. I am the GOOD LUCK!

I think I’m lucky enough that dinner will be ok, ….

Yet… I may need to go and find me a Leprechaun for good luck so mommy won’t ever find my hiding place for the vegetables I don’t like to eat.

“Shssssh! That has to be our secret!”

I’m for duffercertain that she’ll ask me to at least taste the cabbage.


So I’ll definitely be hiding that in my – oooppppsss…..

I almost told on myself! 

Duffy the Disney Bear makes a special pie or Saint Patrick's Day

I can hardly wait to try my St. Patrick’s Day cheese cake!.

Oh, I made the dessert!

I made a cheese cake pie for my Teddy Bear Scouts Bakery Badge!

We dug into it last night at Sunday Dinner.

I just couldn’t stop laughing!!!

I used so much green food coloring, everyone’s tongues turned really super duper green!

I made them save some pie for tonight. Well…. actually, I made myself save some pie for tonight. I have the “See food I like – eat it all till it’s gone syndrome”!!!


A Very Beary Merry Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all of YOU!

Now I’m going to go and play with my ‘Talking Woody the Leprechaun Lite” iPhone App!

Talking Woody the Leprechaun iPhone App - Free Version

LOL! I could play with Woody all day!

Your ‘Lucky Charm’!

Saint Patrick DSC01857 salutation small

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear



Dinner… Corn beef was tasty, but a bit dry. I guess mommy will figure out how to cook it better next year!

I broke down and tasted the cabbage……..


……I didn’t die.

But what I really wanted to share…..

The bestest part of any meal……


Duffy the Disney Bear Happy St Patrick's Day 2014 Dinner

Hummm…..? .Somethings missing…..
I got my Green Soda…


Duffy the Disney Bear Happy St Patrick's Day 2014 Dinner Dessert

Oh that’s it! A piece of my special Saint Patrick’s Day Cream Cheese pie I made for my Teddy Bear Scouts Bakery Badge!.

Yeppers! The Dessert!


*nom nom nom nom nom!*

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6 Responses to Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  1. TourGuideTed says:

    I do like corned beef! Seems our cat, Sheridan, does too (we now know). Glad it wasn’t too bad. Loving the green pie – it certainly does look VERY green. Happy St Patrick’s Day Duffy!!

  2. Miss Owner says:

    My Grandma is Irish so St. Patrick’s day is very important in my family.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Cool! What kind of fun things do you do on Saint Patrick’s Day? We’re just a bunch of Italians pretending to be Irish. I wanna do some really super real Irish celebration stuff! …. and hopefully get some better corn beef. Mommy tired, but I think next year we should get it in a restaurant again.

  3. Miss Owner says:

    I don’t do much but my grandparents come round and we have a small party and stuff, and my Daddy and my Grandaddy go to the pub!