Happy Independence Day!

Hello Furiends!

Happy 4th of July to ev’bearyone!

Duffy the Disney Bear Celebrates Independence Day, 4th of July at Magic Kingdom

I think the Fourth of July is one of my very beary mostest fabearloso-ist Holidays! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Even though my ethic background is Italweeian,……….

I’m super proud to be an Americanized Duffy the Disney Bear!

My family taught me that although celebearating a Happy Independence Day with parades & fireworks,……..

………and one more happy holiday to give me an excuse to much and crunch and eat all day!……. <— sorries…. I can never help thinking about my tummy…..

……..We are celebrating the independence and freedoms that are very beary unique and special as American citizens.

My mommy knows that as a six year old, I can gets really bored learning about history and stuff unless we play games and have fun too!

I learned a super lots from The American Adventure show at the American Pavilion in EPCOT and at the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom. The show at the Magic Kingdom is called ‘A Celebration of Liberty’s Leaders’. (I know they spell celebration wrong! It’s suppose to be cele-bear-ation!)


Since I super likes movies a lots, just like my mommy, she got me interested in how our happy independence day all got started with a movie called 1776.

It’s really fun to watch our country’s forefathers dance around and sing all about making the Declaration of Independence!

I told mommy after watching the movie, that I kinda thinks that if the Congress we have now sang and danced when they did stuff, they probably would be happier and get along better!

……Mommy just smiled…….?

Hehehehe… Here’s a good trick I learned….

Ask an american if they have a Fourth of July in some other country….

They’ll probably say ‘NO’……… – then you gots ’em!

Sure there’s a 4th of July in that other country!!!…..

…..The 4th of July is on every calendar in every country!!! – They just don’t celebrate it as their Happy Independence Day! Duh!

Happy Independence Day!!!,


MyDuffyBear_transparent #f0f4ff 67 x 50 salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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185 Responses to Happy Independence Day!

  1. shellie may says:

    Happy Fourth of July to you too!!! Duffy had fun setting of fireworks.

  2. Shellie May says:

    My duffy was scared when the smoke bombs went off he thought he set something on fire!!! He ate a lot of barbecued ribs. Shellie May was scared so she stayed at the back of the driveway!!!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      LOL! @ShellieMay – Our ShellieMay is a Super Chicken! She cried when I teased her about being a super chicken on all the rides at Disney. When she first went with us, she was even a-scared of It’s a Small World! LOL! Only now I think she cries on purpose because she knows it makes me feel bad and I’ll stop.

      I LOVE BBQ Ribs!!! and everything that goes along with them too! Like corn bread & coleslaw & potato salad & macaroni salad & potato chips!!! Mmmmmmmm….. I can feel me needing me a good BBQ dinner!

  3. Shellie May says:

    Did you watch magic kingdoms fireworks (I know they do it every night but, still).

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I didn’t go to Disney this year for the 4th of July. 🙁 – Actually we never have gone on the 4th – we went 2 years ago on the 3rd and last year on the 4th and watched the fireworks from the Polynesian Beach.

      • Shellie May says:

        Well at least you saw them one year !!! Think positive.

        • Duffy Bear says:

          Totally! We actually really didn’t want to go over this year. It’s been super hot out – very humid – yuckkers!!!…. and we’ve been so busy here –

          Yet next year I really wanna go to see all the Characters dressed up in their Patriotic finest!

          I’ve got my paws crossed that we’ll get to go over to do the new Frozen play stuff & watch the fireworks show at Hollywood Studios this summer. The special events end on September 1st.

  4. Shellie May says:

    We want to go to the frozen but can’t since we just came back from disney world. We also want to do to diagon alley.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      It’s a bummer when we don’t always get to go do all the stuff we likes to do! I’m hoping that they extend some of this Frozen summer stuff!

      I’m beary excited! We just booked a trip to see Diagon Alley! I’ve never beens to Universal!!! We’re going in December! I’m not sure I can hold out that long!

      • Shellie May says:

        Me and duffy heard they have an interactive wand thing throughout diagon alley. Both are practicing our spells so when we go we will be ready! We want to ride hogwarts express so bad we heard they have dementors on the train. Do you know what a dementor is ??? I do

        • Duffy Bear says:

          I saw a little video with someone using their wand on stuff – it was super cool!

          I gosta say…. that I need to do lots & lots of Harry Potter homework. I only saw a one movie on tv. Mommy said our Auntie has all the books & movies. We are hoping to borrow them so I can catch up and have a really pawesome time!

          What is a dementor?

          • Shellie May says:

            They guard azkaban (the wizard prison.) They can take all happy memories you ever had and will have if one posses you. Me and duffy get all this information from reading the series.

          • Duffy Bear says:

            OMB!!! They are really scary & evil! Is there a way to hide from them? They better not be at Harry Potter Land. Yet, I don’t think they have that prison there so I should be ok.

  5. Shellie May says:

    Duffy and I might go see guardians of the galaxy when it comes out.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      OMB! I love Marel comics! I didn’t get to see Captain America 2 in the theater – bummers! We try to go, but stuff keeps coming up.

      I hope I can see Guardians of the Galaxy in the movie theater. It’s just more funner on the big screen.

  6. Shellie May says:

    There only is a spell but, it isn’t really that powerful. We can’t wait to meet a gringotts goblin.

  7. Shellie May says:

    Wizarding is a powerful art of defense and porotection. It is very hard to master.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Drat! I don’t always have that much focus to stick with stuff. Little Joe is better at sticking with stuff than me – that’s why he’s so good with his computer graphics. Maybe he’ll be able to learn how to do the spells and then teach them to me?

  8. Shellie May says:

    I went to a craft store and found this cute teddy bear sweater with the american flag on it on sale

  9. Shellie May says:

    Me and duffy are watching harry potter movies on ABC Family today

  10. Shellie May says:

    Have fun reading the books I have read one of the books in four days, luckily I have the last and longest book in the series on tape.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Four days? Gee…. I don’t read very beary fast. I may take me 4 weeks! ……unless…… I like the idea of getting the book on tape or something.

  11. Shellie May says:

    Me and duffy just came back from a camping trip

  12. Shellie May says:

    you can make smores in the microwave.

  13. Shellie May says:

    my Duffy never knows what to wear

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I think I have too much stuff now. I have a lot of Mickey Ears hats. I don’t know what I wanna wear! I’ve been wearing my Figment one a lot lately. But I love my Italian one a whole lots too!

      My brother Fred is wearing my Monsters University one now.

  14. Shellie May says:

    what kind of style dose your Duffy has because my Duffy never knows what to wear or pack

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I gots lots of human style clothes from Walmart & BuildaBear. Hopefully, once mommy finishes up a few projects, we’ll start taking pictures of all my outfits to post up on the site.

      I might be going to Disney this Saturday. Mommy asked me what I wanna wear. I’m not sure, because it’s really hot out now, yet we’re going to do the snow stuff in Hollywood Studios. They have a play area where you can build a snowman! And they got ice skating too!

  15. Shellie May says:

    I mean does, *grrrrrs at autocorrect*

  16. Shellie May says:

    My birthday is coming up so maybe I can get birthday money to get a Gelatoni plush.

  17. Shellie May says:

    My Duffy has waffley fur and I have heard and seen people say its awful and horrible.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I DON’T think that’s true! I actually got the worst of the worst fur. It’s kinda weird. It got old looking like in a few weeks and all my sparkles are gone. Mommy didn’t pick me out. She got me at the Passholder event. The cast member picked us up out of a box. My fur is pretty faded and separated, but mommy says that she still really loves me beary much.

      Humans aren’t very bright. They keep comparing how we were made. Mommy spoke to the artist that made our beary first costumes. He said that we were all made at the same place. It’s just that Japan did get priority at the manufacturing place. I don’t know if all that is still true now or not.

      • Shellie May says:

        Duffy has this black Monsters University shirt and the dye from it rubbed on to him so now he has this shirt mark. He was crying but I told him “you have a built in shirt” he laughed.

        • Duffy Bear says:

          Oh NO! I have one of those shirts from Build-A-Bear. I haven’t worn it yet. I haven’t heard of that happening to another Duffy Bears. Bummer!

          You’re a good mommy to cheer him up so quickly!

  18. Shellie May says:

    Also are you bringing Gelatoni I would love to see him at the parks.

  19. Shellie May says:

    Me and Duffy are thinking about getting a Gelatoni plush soon.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Most Excellent! It was super fun that mommy surprised us. I usually know everything that she does. Mommy had to be pretty sneaky to adopt Gelatoni without me figuring it out!

      We’re learning a lot about kitty cats! We don’t know how my puppie doggies & Gelatoni are going to get along just yet.

      • Shellie May says:

        Do you have real life dog? My Duffy and Shellie May have pretend dogs. Maybe Gelatoni can explain that dogs and cats can always be friends and make peace! Because there are no reason for the loud barks and meows.

        anybear-is your granddaddy ok or will he be ok?
        Hope he gets well soon!

        • Duffy Bear says:

          I have 3 stuffie doggies. Two are really big and one is little.

          My Auntie has two real dogs. She use to have kitties too. The kitties & the doggies got along good together. So maybe Gelatoni will be fine.

          Granddaddy is in lots of pain. We hope he gets well soon too! THANKS! <3

          • Shellie May says:

            I hope he gets better it is very sad when a loved one gets hurt or dies *cries loudly*

          • Duffy Bear says:

            Thank you – the doctor said granddaddy doesn’t need surgeries to get better! Yeah! That’s good. Now they just have to stop his pain.

            Did any of your loved ones get hurteded really bad?

  20. Shellie May says:

    it is too painful to talk about

  21. Shellie May says:

    On Wednesday Duffy will be meeting up with his friends at the mall to go shopping.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      The Mall!!! They have a big choo choo train at our mall! And they have cars to ride too! …. well… the cars don’t go anywhere, but they are still lots of fun when they roll up and down.

  22. Shellie May LOVES fashion says:

    Actually I might bring Shellie instead being a girl and all

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Awe! Bummers! Mommy likes to bring ShellieMay to the mall. I only like going for the choo choo train and the cars. But mommy & ShellieMay like to do all that girlie stuff together.

      I like it when mommy buys me pretzels and stuff too.

  23. Shellie May says:

    I changed the name on the last post I don’t know why

  24. Shellie May says:

    Duffy and Shellie re-arranged there room. Shellie also got a new bed it is from american girl. you could use american girl clothes on Gelatoni he is skinny enough. Have you heard about american girl before.

  25. Shellie May says:

    from now on I will let Duffy do my comments

  26. Shellie May says:

    hello miss mommy took me to the YMCA. I came in my life guard uniform. Mommy took me to the the pool I asked if I could help them but they said I have to be tall and know how to swim.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      You got a life guard uniform! COOL!

      Bummer you can’t be a life guard at the pool. Maybe after you learn how to swim. Even though we are little, we are AweSome PaweSome!

      • Shellie May says:

        mommy gave me a comic book while they went to the mall I had fun reading they even got me an outfit

  27. Shellie May says:

    build a bear has some new minnie mouse clothes!!!

  28. Shellie May says:

    Did you show Shellie also can you post a picture of your teddy Olympics medal on your blog??? I got busy and forgot to enter.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I got lots of blogging to catch up with! I started a bunch of stuff, but then something happens & I don’t finish my post.

      Me & Little Joe just tooks a new picture in our medals today!

  29. Shellie May says:

    One time we visited New York City we visited the build a bear there and the disney store and it was fun meeting the Statue of Liberty and going to the top of the Empire State Building . We were 108 stories high everything was so tiny !!!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Mommy said she hopes to take me to NYC one day. Mommy said she use to go there all the time to take ballet lessons.

      I’ll have to ask her if she ever met the Statue of Liberty or wen to the top of the Empire State Building.

      You gots adopted by a super great family to take you to New York City!

  30. Shellie May says:

    I really want to meet the teenage mutant ninja turtles so duffernuterly bad

  31. Shellie May says:

    One year before mommy got us she went to the nutcracker ballet and got a bunny in a tutu now Shellie and her are like bbff (best bear friends forever) or something!?!?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      What is it with girls and ballet? I don’t get it?

      • Shellie May says:

        I know right when we go to the mall all she wants is a new tutu now her closet is full of glitter,sequins, pink,and tutus

        • Duffy Bear says:

          ewwwweeee… That makes me shudder – like my fur gets all creeped out or something – sequins… YUCK!

          • Shellie May says:

            She and I have to share a closet and I wanted to stay home one day and play club penguin while she and mommy went to the mall while they were there Shellie picked out the girly closet

          • Duffy Bear says:

            You can never trust a girl! I think ShellieMay really tries to think of me when she goes shopping. Yet that frilly ADD chip takes over and she always comes home with pink stuff with lots of ribbons and sequins.

            Oh, well, your mommy got you Donatello! You’ll never have to worry about that frilly stuff rubbing off on you anymore!

            I gots to go to bed now – nice chatting!

  32. Shellie May says:

    Ever since Donny came (Donatello) all we eat is pizza (the teenage mutant ninja turtles like to eat pizza)!

  33. Shellie May says:

    Bye nighties * yawns so loud tokyo disney sea hears*

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Good morning! Actually, I should say good afternoon! I rolled over lots & lots this morning. I shouldn’t stay up so late.

      I hope TDS heard your yawn! Did you ever get to go there? I’d like to see Cape Cod.

  34. Shellie May says:

    No we didn’t but are hoping to go one day also is your Granddaddy okay ?

  35. Shellie May says:

    Also today mommy got a $15 gift certificate for build a bear

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Whoa! You better call “Dibbs” before ShellieMay does!

      • Shellie May says:

        I did today I got some new teenage mutant ninja turtle pj’s and matching slippers. Shellie already has some pj’s there hello kitty she says hello kitty is all the rage in japan next ti tsum tsum and of course Duffy.

        • Duffy Bear says:

          TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE PJ’S!!! Oh, man! I’m super jealous. I gotta check out BaB.com and check those pj’s out!

          ShellieMay loves Hello Kitty too! She has the HK fuzzy bathrobe and some HK slippers. I wanna to go to Japan! ShellieMay always smiles when she talks about it. She would like to go back to visit her home country one day.

          Gee, have you seen all the Duffy stuff in Japan! We’re super huge-er than Mickey!

  36. Shellie May says:

    Friday is mommy’s birthday

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Happy early Birthday to your mommy! Are yous guys doing anything special for her? Will you have a birthday cake? If yous guys are going to eat birthday cake I wanna come to your party too!

      • Shellie May says:

        We are going to this place called choo choo sushi where there is a converter belt that has sushi on it and you just pick out whatever sushi you want. Shellie might take everything there. May be we will have a cake after.

        • Duffy Bear says:

          Do they have really Choo Choo trains there too? I love choo choo trains! I’ve seen pictures of sushi places like that. I never eaten any sushi. I was scared to try it when mommy got it for ShellieMay.

          Maybe cake? Aweeee! I need cake! 🙂 I love cake! Cake is a very beary important part of a good nutritional diet for me!

          • Shellie May says:

            No there is no trains but yesterday mommy took us to this place called Cheesecake Factory and we took home two slices of chocolate and red velvet cheesecake

          • Duffy Bear says:

            Me & my family LOVE the Cheesecake Factory! It’s pretty far from our house – an hour or so. I get so edited when we get to go.

  37. Shellie May says:

    Good morning my pj’s were totally comfortable I had a good nights sleep did you?

  38. Shellie May says:

    We even got a wall outlet for chargers

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Do you gots iPhones too? Actually, I’m the only one in the family with an iPhone. It’s my computer too, but I let Little Joe work on it when he does his computer graphics stuff.

  39. Shellie May says:

    Can you post a picture of gelatoni I wanna see y’all together

  40. Shellie May says:

    For a treat mommy made donuts with apples inside them. They were delicious

  41. Shellie May says:

    I have been wearing my pj’s all day they are so comfy

  42. Shellie May says:

    Donatello is Donnie, we like to do karate

  43. Shellie May says:

    Ok the company is called journey girls but don’t let the name fool you I suggest getting bedding from BaB.

  44. Shellie May says:

    Where I live it is raining bummer

    • Duffy Bear says:

      You don’t like rain? I guess, some days, rain can be a bummer.

      But other days, me & Little Joe build forts & watch movies & stuff. Mommy even lets me drive my scooter in the house!

      • Shellie May says:

        We’ll it just now stopped time to put on my Mickey poncho and boots on to go splash in puddles outside yay maybe I will see a rainbow. Did you know there is new Duffy vinylmations! Maybe you can show Gelatoni your favorite rides and treats next time you go to disney world. Give him a VIP Duffy tour of whatever park your going to! *crowd cheers*

        • Duffy Bear says:

          We saw a rainbow today!!! Really!!! We were driving home from visiting my granddaddy and there was a big rainbow over the whole river.

          Yep! Mommy got ’em for me on ebay! They haven’t arrived yet.

          VIP tour? That’s a pawesome idea! I did a tour for some furiends last year. I even made a tour guide tee shirt & gave them buttons of my tour guide picture!

  45. Shellie May says:

    splashing in puddles was fun

  46. Shellie May says:

    How is Gelatoni getting used to his new home?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Seems to be pretty happy here. Little Joe got him some milk. Little Joe put it at the table in a glass, but Gelatoni wouldn’t drink it! ShellieMay said to put it in a bowl on the floor. You should have seen Gelatoni lap it up! Weird! I though he’d be more human acting like us.

  47. Shellie May says:

    Do build a bear clothes fit him?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Don’t know yet… He doesn’t speak any English! The only thing that comes out of Gelatoni’s mouth that I’ve even heard before is ‘meow’. ShellieMay is having too much fun tawlking to him in Japanese. I think she’s just hogging him right now!

      • Shellie May says:

        Maybe you could ask for Japanese lessons from Shellie while Gelatoni colors in a coloring book?

        • Duffy Bear says:

          Tks – I gotta figure something out! ShellieMay is kinda mad at me. She tried to teach me Japanese once and I kept being silly. The words just wouldn’t come out of my mouth right and I kept laughing. She got really mad at me, but I couldn’t help it. ShellieMay keeps telling me that I’m really immature – she’s right… I’m only 6 years old.

          • Shellie May says:

            Wow, I don’t know what to say I usually cant’t stop talking even in my sleep I talk one time Shellie got mad because I wouldn’t stop talking so she locked me in the closet luckily for me I brought cookies I don’t know why? I guess that’s the Duffy way! LOL

          • Duffy Bear says:

            Shellie locked you in the closet! You must NEVER stop talking! — I guess I wouldn’t mind – until my cookies ran out.

            I wonder if I talk in my sleep? Maybe that’s how ShellieMay knows everything – OH Wow! I guess I really do talk in my sleep! You bet – cookies & talking – it’s the Duffy way! 🙂

  48. Shellie May says:

    Did you know today is Harry Potter’s birthday

  49. Shellie May says:


  50. Shellie May says:

    I’m brushing my fur right now what are you doing?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I was working on some new blog posts. I fell asleep though-mommy just tucked me in and said I could answer you before I had to turn off my computer. Nity nite

  51. Shellie May says:

    Hi how are you?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Sleepy. I was just finishing up answering my emails and then I need to get to bed. Tomorrow will be another big day. I have to help with a bathroom remodel!

      • Shellie May says:

        ok tomorrow were going to the disney store

        • Duffy Bear says:

          SaWeet! Hope you score bigs!

          • Shellie May says:

            We did mommy got a Kristoff doll to go with her Anna and Elsa ones from Disney World! No tsum tsum *frowny face*. Mommy loves dolls and us sometimes she takes us doll hunting at Target and Toys R Us (doll hunting means doll shopping). She likes monster high and ever after high! What kind of stuff does your mommy like?

            We found one rare doll and some shopkins! Do you know what shopkins are?

            At Target they had a talking Anna doll from Frozen so we got it for Shellie. I love Target!

          • Duffy Bear says:

            Dolls…. Ok… no comment… Don’ts gets me wrongs or nothing… I don’t hate dolls… I just don’t play with them or nothing, so I don’t know much about them or probably ever will…. Tawlk to me about cars….!!! WhaHooooo!!! I’m all in with ya!

            It’s cool though that your mommy was able to get a Kristoff doll to go with her Anna and Elsa. My Auntie that lives in Santa’s Bell likes to collects those dolls. When we go to Disney with her she’s always shopping for them. I get really bored! But then I can usually bribe mommy to buy me something cool to play with…. — or tummy yummy to eat!

            ROTFLM-furry-AO!!! I think I would like doll hunting! Do you think a bow and arrow would hurteded the dollies?

            ShellieMay likes those other monster & ever after high dolls too. She doesn’t have any just yet. She’s been collecting lots of pictures on a treasure map though.

            A rare shopkins doll? … *googling shopkins dolls…* … Ok, now I know… I found some really funny youtube videos with shopkins. One with Anna & Elsa! Elsa doesn’t like shopkins very much.

            There’s a super, super, super huge Target across from our Wally World. We don’t go there much. I’m not sure why. I really likes Target too!