Happy Birthday to you Duffy!

This Happy Birthday goes out to our special friend…. DUFFY! What do you mean which Duffy? Well… a very special Duffy the Disney Bear that was adopted on October 23rd!

Little Joe & I had a super fun time making the video. We got it right the first time! …..But it took like 10,000 takes because we need a new camera operator! Well… I guess I’m exaggerating… It was only like 9000 takes.

Happy Birthday to you Duffy!

Little Joe got so tired making retakes that he forgot to fix his Happy Birthday hat!

Oh, if you’re wondering why the Happy Birthday song is a little bit different……. Well… check this out…….. —>click here<—

Yep, you remember the ‘little disagreement’ I had with ShellieMay about the birthday song.

Little Joe and I just wanted to have fun and not have to revisit the little conversation with ShellieMay over the correct version of the Happy Birthday song, so we made up a different birthday song!

Little Joe decided he would pose for the ‘featured image’ on the front page of the blog. I had to help him fix the Happy Birthday Hat.

Duffy the Disney Bear fixes Little Joe's Birthday Hat

Ya looks silly like that Little Joe!


Ok, Ok, I know I’ve got socks on with my sandals. I was …. lazy……… two kinds of lazy…. First, I didn’t wanna take my socks off because I was … just lazy… and Second, … I would have to put them into the laundry… and when my laundry basket gets full… I got to do laundry….lazy again! (I don’t like chores!)

….. But this post isn’t about my European flair… 😉


Back to Little Joe!

Duffy the Disney Bear holds up Happy Birthday sign

Happy Birthday Cousin Duffy!


Thanks for having a birthday Duffy! Little Joe & I always enjoy having a reason to celebrate! ….. and EAT CAKE!

Where’s the picture of the cake you ask? We kinda messed up there….. sorry…

But… HEY! I think that means we’ll need to do this again real soon so we can get that part right!!!

Once again…



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36 Responses to Happy Birthday to you Duffy!

  1. Auntie Sandra says:

    How BEAUTIFUL….we loved the special, birthday video…..the hat looks most adorable on Little Joe…..he appeared to be having fun taping and performing in the birthday greeting!

  2. Liovicinie Andarini says:

    So cool ^_^ I hope you will post more blog after this ^^

  3. Uncle Richard says:

    It looks like you had a grand Birthday party Master Duffy. You are growing up so fast. I hope you and your brother and sister did not eat too much cake? Don’t forget to thank your mother for the Cake.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      HI Uncle Richard! Ummmmmm…. we did kinda mess up on the cake. We were really hungry after taking 9000 takes to get our video right. We just kinda gobbled up the cake really fast. Our animal instincts took the better of us. We are looking forward to the next birthday party for a do over on the cake!

  4. Danielle says:

    Thank you Duffy for doing that for my Duffy. He says thanks. The video was great! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! Anyway, thanks!

  5. Duffy Bear says:

    Hi Miss Danielle! We are so happy to know that you saw your video! If you still want to send us a picture of Duffy & Stuffy, we would love to add them to this blog post! Afterall, this birthday song is for your Duffy! Hugs! Duffy & Little Joe
    If it’s ok for us to email you direct, just say ‘yes’ and then we can get the picture!

  6. Danielle says:

    Yes, it’s fine.

  7. sarapoohbeara says:

    Happy birthday from me and my duffy!!

  8. Danielle says:

    Thank you! And now that my sister (who just told me yesterday she was having a baby and I am going to be an aunt) is having a kid, I can buy her ‘My First Baby Duffy’ teddy bear for her kid. 🙂

  9. Duffy Bear says:

    Awe!!! Your sister will LOVE ‘My First Baby Duffy’ for your family’s new addition! and your Duffy & Stuffy will have a new Duffy the Disney Bear cousin to play with too!

  10. Danielle says:

    Yup, we’re all pretty excited. Little baby will be the fifth generation of our family living. Very exciting! And… Fourth Duffy in our family.

  11. DuffyBringsLove says:

    You and Little Joe look adorable as always, and, I know I’m late, but happy belated birthday to Danielle’s Duffy! ^u^
    You look really cute in socks n’ Sandals, it’s okay when you wear them! My Duffy is always getting out his suitcase and deciding what to pack for our next Disney vacation. His suitcase is quite small, so I have offered him my suitcase too.

  12. Duffy Bear says:

    Hey! I don’t have my own suite case…. yet… 🙂

    Thanks – I kinda like wearing socks n’ sandals. It makes humans laugh. Have you ever noticed how sad humans can be – they need to laugh more!

  13. They have awesome ones at BaB! They come with Pawsports.

    It’s like wearing normal shoes, except their sandals! He he! I laugh all the time; literally and virtually! I think I have a good sense of humour!

  14. Duffy Bear says:

    Can I use a Pawsport to travel to the UK?

    Laughing all the time IS GOOD! I like happy people. I think only happy people are Duffy fans. It’s the grumpy people that say mean things.

  15. Yes, you can! He he! But be prepared to be disappointed; here it’s cold, dull, and… rough, I guess.

    I laugh more than I talk, I think! The people who hate on Duffy’s are people who have no heart and are just jealous that they aren’t into the whole craze and don’t have their own.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I don’t wanna live any where cold & dull. Mommy said since I need to go to Disney lots and lots, we can’t ever move out of Flooreeeda now! Yippeee!!

  16. Danielle says:

    Hello Duffy! I was just looking back, and wanted to thank you again for my Duffy’s birthday video! And I also wanted to ask you if you wanted to check out my Duffy’s blog (www.duffythedb.simplesite.com) so you could see his many adventures too!

  17. Duffybringslove says:

    Me neither, it’s cold and dull here so I guess I have to live with it. And guess what? It was snowing yesterday! And it was my Daddy’s birthday. I went to my Grandmommy’s house and we made a HUGE! snowball!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      A huge snowball! Was it bigger than you? That would be funnertasmic! Happy Birthday to your dad. Tell him it not a belated greeting because I just gots to read your message and reply! hehehehehe…. (think he’ll buy it?)

  18. Duffybringslove says:

    No, but we made a huge one at school that was bigger than lots of us!

    I told him and he says

    ‘Thank you Duffy bear!’

  19. Duffy Bear says:

    That sounds like one of the most funner things yous guys ever did at school! I likes doing stuffs with all the other Duffy’s. It’s always bigger & better – …. and sometimes also more of a mess…. 🙂 – But super more funner!

    … and a big “YOU’RE WELCOME” to your daddy!

  20. Duffybringslove says:

    It is super duper fun! The past two weeks I have spent at school have been used to make an awesome teepee out of sticks! It’s superduper fun, we’ve dug lots of holes and found iron and chalk and stones! One of my friends was really helpful and taped stones to sticks do make a spade-like thing! We’re going to try make a fort soon, but it’s going to be pretty small. Our teepee only fits two people, and I got very squashed! We’re making another type of shelter as I googled different types. It’s really fun pretending to live in the woods!

    I’ll pass on the belated message! He he!

    I don’t know if you got my email yet, but Ducky, my Flower and Garden Festival Duffy came to his new home last week! He’s adorable!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      You gots to make a real human-sized tee-pee? How cool is that?!! Good thing you are so little or yous guys would have been even more squisheded up.

      I bet Ducky is super happy to be in his new home! He’s super lucky that ShellieMay likes your new family member!

      I super wanna go back the the Flower & Garden Festival. We usually go 4 or 5 times. But so far this year we only got to go once.

  21. Duffybringslove says:

    We didn’t ask, but we were allowed! Guess what? Our Teepee was knocked over cause the men in the huge huge lawn mowers knocked it! And then some mean boys from the other class threw it over the fence. We played a mini game of soccer and the ball went *under* the fence, so I secretly slid under it!

    He is! He loves his new friend. He’s glad Shellie May likes him because she’s high maintenance!

    4 or 5 times? I’ve never been! You’re lucky! Hope you get to go again soon!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Men in huge, huge lawn mowers sound rotten! .. and mean boys! Gee, the boys should have helped you to fix it! You didn’t cry though. Then they would want to be meaner.

      Oh, my! Our ShellieMay is high maintenance too! It’s gotta be a girl thing!

  22. Shellie may says:

    ! I am Shellie may! I love love love your look! By the way, where did ya gets such neat clothes?
    Bearily yours,
    Shellie may

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Mommy got me the Happy Birthday shirt in Michael’s Craft Store. They don’t sell Teddy Bear clothes there anymore. It’s too bad! They stopped just after mommy adopted me. Now they sell clothes for the skinny 18″ dolls. Mostly girl stuff too. ShellieMay would like that, but those clothes don’t fit her.

  23. Sapphire's Duffy Bear says:

    That is creepy! My mommy’s B-Day is on the 23 of January!! Same day wrong month! XD

  24. Miss Owner says:

    Shellie May doesn’t want much for our birthday. She’s gonna share my cake, and then wait til’ christmas for stuffs.
    We want the hot cocoa smallfry moose from BABW.
    I saw it in real and it’s super fluffy!
    I don’t want much for my b-day or Christmas. Mostly because I’ve had my room redecorated.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Gee you’re making it really east for Santa Claus this year. I think Santa Claus had to get a more special sleigh to carry all the electronics. So I bet he’ll be happy you just asked for a little stuffy!

      Is your birthday right near Christmas?

      You’re lucky you have your own room. We need a room for all us Duffy Bears. But I think ShellieMay should have a girls room.

  25. Miss Owner says:

    Hee hee! I had a few things on my list which I got. Shellie May and Duffy got stuff on my birthday.

    My birthday was on the 20th of this month 🙂

    I need lots of room because I’m very protective of my space. Especially if it’s my brother who wants to come in my room.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      My grandparents wedding anniversary is the 20th! That’s a very beary special day here too! I’ll never forget it now!

      Gee, you and ShellieMay!!! She’s very protective of her space too. I’m not really protective of my space. But I am protective of my stuff. Especially my FOOD!