Halloween Candy Dreams or an Iron Man Costume Nightmare!


Duffy the Disney Bear Pajama Outfit

I love dreaming about Halloween and duffer-E-specially Halloween Candy!

I was in Halloween Candy Dreams heaven when I heard Little Joe shout…

“Wake up Duffy! It’s time to trick or treat!”


Duffy the Disney Bear Pajama Outfit

“Get up Duffy, you’re gonna miss out on all the Halloween candy and Halloween Trick or Treat fun!”

I sprang up super fast! and shouted….

“Halloween Candy! … and Trick or Treat Fun!”

But in a duffermillemoment I saw that Little Joe was wearing MY Iron Man costume!

“Hey Little Joe! That’s MY Iron Man costume!”

“You know Miss Lillian bought the Iron Man costume for me!”

Duffy the Disney Bear isn't happy that Little Joe is wearing his Iron Man Costume

“Well, ya keeps a snoozing Duffy, ya gonna be a loozing!”

“Wait Little Joe!”

I reached out to catch Little Joe, …. But he was just too fast for me.

Duffy the Disney Bear chases after Little Joe wearing his Iron Man Costume

Hey… how come you’re not listening to me Little Joe?

I darted forward to tackle Little Joe ……


My paws just went right through him! ………Like he had some invisible powers or something!

Duffy the Disney Bear reaches to catch Little Joe wearing his Build-A-Bear Iron Man Costume

Huh? My paws just went right through Little Joe like he was a ghost or something?!!! The Iron Man costume must have given Little Joe dufferhyper supernatural powers!

It was duffernutterly strange!

Not only did my paws go right through Little Joe……

I never saw Little Joe move so fast! One duffersecond he was on the bed next to me……

…… and the very next he was almost out the front door!


"Little Joe! Come back! Please!"

Hey… Little Joe’s got my Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Bag too!


I shouted out again as loud as I could!

“Little Joe! Come back! Please!”

Duffy the Disney Bear Pajama Outfit shouts out to Little Joe

“Little Joe STOP!….. PLEASE!” “What are you doing wearing MY Iron Man costume and going to Trick or Treat without me???!!!”


“Little Joe! Can’t you hear me?


I was starting to feel desperate!

Duffy the Disney Bear shouts out to stop Little Joe running out the door with his Iron Man costume.



“Stop! Please Stop!”

Next thing I knew – Little Joe and his furry little tail were heading out the door with MY IRON MAN Costume!

“Hey get back here Little Joe! I need my Iron Man costume!”

“Little Joe! Can’t you hear me? Little Joe! Little Joe!!!”

Duffy the Disney Bear goes Trick or Treating in his Iron Man Costume.

My little stuffed heart was starting to break. I couldn’t believe Little Joe would take my costume and Mickey Mouse Halloween Candy sack and go off Trick or Treating with out me.

Just when I thought I was watching all my Halloween Candy Dreams go right out the door – In MY IRON Man Costume!

I felt a thump and the bed went bump!

Little Joe was right back in from of me shouting, “Good morning Duffy!….

….Wake up!……. It’s Halloween!

It’s time to go Trick or Treating and I got your Iron Man costume all ready for you!”

But this time Little Joe wasn’t wearing MY Iron Man Costume! Little Joe was wearing HIS Super Bear Costume!

I could hardly believe my eyes or my big furry fluffy ears!

Little Joe shook me and said, “If we start early, we’ll get lots & lots more candy!”

Thats when I knew! I duffernutterly knew……..!!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear wakes up from Halloween Candy Dreams

Huh? You mean this was all a dream?


Whew! It was only all a Halloween Candy Dream!

Happy Trick or Treating!


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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20 Responses to Halloween Candy Dreams or an Iron Man Costume Nightmare!

  1. IcyPinkLemonade says:

    [darn! It lost my reply. *types again*]

    Oh no! That was horrible!!! I’m glad it was just a dream! *cuddles* You looked so sad (and cute) in your PJs calling out from the bed after that little rascal! (I loled imagining him waddling out dragging that huge bag behind him) I hope you get lots of candy! And remember to share with Little Joe, it was just a dream!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      HI Miss Lillian!

      Me & Little Joe filled up my Mickey Mouse candy bag TWICE!

      Thank you so much for my Iron Man Costume. You da pawesomest!

      (sorries you lost your comment – that’s what I call a dufferbummers!)

  2. Miss Dawn says:

    Miss Dawn here….Mr. Peter and I both ADORE this marvelous blog. We LOVE Duffy and his great adventures! Hoping everyone had a simply marvelous and divine Halloween! Am very touched by your dedication 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Miss Dawn!!! *jumps up and down & waves hi*

      Thank you & you are beary welcome!

      … we had a duffermarvie Halloween! We gots so much candy it should last us till Christmas!

  3. Miss Dawn says:

    Hey Duffy–Lucky you, with all those marvelous goodies! What is your favorite candy? Miss Dawn loves dark chocolate above all others, and Mr. Peter loves many–including Mounds and Kisses and Crunches 😉

    • Duffy Bear says:

      My favorite? Hummmmm….. I don’t really have a favorite yet. I kinda like the candy I have in my paws at the moment best!

      I tired dark chocolate,… it’s not high on my list…

      Mounds are super dufferlishous! Coconut is SaWeet! Mr. Peter might like Russell Stover coconuts – they have them in the Dollar Tree! Kisses and Crunches are tops on my list too. Me & Mr. Peter would get along GrrrrrEAT!

  4. Miss Dawn says:

    Haha, Duffy, you’re right–Mr. Peter fell in love with you immediately, and now I know why—you both have the same taste in candy!! Thanks for the tip on the RS, lol. xo, Miss Dawn

  5. Mr.J says:

    What a nightmare

  6. Daring_Duffy says:

    OMB I’M FLIPPING OUT! (I’m sooooooooooooooooooo happy for Shellie)
    Mommy came back from the mall with a Disney Store bag, so i said ‘what is in the bag?’ Then she showed me some Disney shirts and i was confused why she got new shirts then i said ‘what are the shirts for?’ She said ”well when i first got you i brought you to Disney World before we got Shellie, and Shellie was kinda sad that she didn’t get to go with me and wanted time with me there like the time you got’ I was confused so i replied ‘go on.’ She told me ‘well i’m going to Disney World and Universal for Thanksgiving but Shellie is coming only Shellie, is that okay?’ I was a little sad but i was happier for Shellie ‘Yipee Shellie is going with you, so she can experience the magic with you like I did!’ (I might go with them, i might)

    • Daring_Duffy says:

      I’m beary sorry about how long my comment was

    • Duffy Bear says:

      OMB! You are very beary goods to be happy for ShellieMay.

      I hopes you gets to go too! I gots some tricks when I’m suppose to say home and I don’t want too. Only once did Little Joe get to go to Disney without me. But that was because me and ShellieMay fell asleep in the hotel. It was the beary firstest 24 hour event at the Magic Kingdom.

      Trick no 1. This works great when mommy is planning to go to EPCOT. I have to remind her how much Big Duffy will be hurt if he sees mommy and I’m not there. I just can’t let Big Duffy think that I don’t care about him.

      Trick no 2. I get myself dressed, pack my things and pretend that mommy said I could go! Then I put a tear in my eye when she just before starts to tell me that she wasn’t only going to take ShellieMay. That always works too.

      I gots lots more tricks too! Mommy is a real softie!

      I bets you can gets to go too!


      • Daring Duffy says:

        Okay so I talked to mommy, and if I’m good I can go with them! Mommy is already packing! Mainly because she won’t have time during the week to pack. When we go I will try to put the pictures on my gravatar if mommy lets me. Mommy said we will leave Friday and comeback thanksgiving weekend.

        • Duffy Bear says:

          Yippeeee!!! I knew you could do it! That’s like a super looooooooong trip! #luckybear!

          I hopes you can be goods. Don’t try any magic tricks or nothing…..

          That’ll be super cool when you can get your gravatar fixed up.

          Have fun for me!

  7. Miss Dawn says:

    Duffy, mommy is an old softie, isn’t she, lol?

    I bet being at Disney World for Thanksgiving would be extra-super special for anyone lucky enough to go! xo, Miss Dawn

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hehehe! Peppers Miss Dawn! My mommy is a super big softie! I think that’s why I adopted her!

      Oh!!! One day… one day I super hopes to spends my Thanksgiving at Disney World – especially at a big buffet! I love Thanksgiving Day!

  8. Miss Dawn says:

    I LOVE Thanksgiving too, Duffy! As a matter of fact, Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, after Halloween. Come to think of it, I love the whole Autumn season 🙂 Feasting, family and friends…it doesn’t get much better than that, lol. I think you are very smart, Duffy, to love Thanksgiving!

    Miss Dawn

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Miss Dawn,

      I sorries I don’t gets to answers you right away. I’ve been helping mommy with granddaddy in the hospital.

      We made our Thanksgiving menu last night! Yippee!!! Now me and mommy will me the shopping list. I likes going Turkey shopping. Turkeys are bigger than my head and I like food bigger than my head!

      Oh and the pies! Mommy doesn’t like to eat pie too much, so I get to eat her pieces too! But I don’t always get the extra ice cream because mommy likes ice cream.

      I think you are very smart too Miss Dawn for loving Thanksgiving too!