It’s a Gelatoni Badge!

Thank YOU Mommy for our Gelatoni Badge!

Duffy the Disney Bear new friend Gelatoni

Look who arrived from Japan!

Duffy the Disney Bear new friend Gelatoni

Hey Little Joe! We all have to share Gelatoni!

This size Gelatoni is called a ‘Badge’ in Tokyo DisneySea. That’s because he also has a pin behind his head and you can clip him to your clothes or backpack like a badge!

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4 Responses to It’s a Gelatoni Badge!

  1. Shellie says:

    Super cool mommy showed us our new Halloween costumes in Tokyo that she might buy


    There is this new thing called the als ice bucket challenge and my little bro buffy might do it he is Beary brave! On the doll videos they did it it was funny! Mommy and Shellie are going to the one direction concert *barfs* one of moments old teachers did it and so did mr. Kermit the frog the video for Kermit is on YouTube !!! His face was so funny!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Whoa! Your mommy buys yous guys the costumes from TDS? SaWeet! My mommy never buys TDS costumes – well…. actually…. she just got ShellieMay the very beary 1st year Spring Voyage costume. It was a beary good price on ebay. But otherwise she just doesn’t. 🙁 She says she likes them a lots, but they are pretty expensive.

      My auntie Melissa likes to buy those costumes. Do you think you’re gonna get kitty costume or the scarecrow one? I like them both – well…. I guess I just about like everything…..

      Ice Bucket challenge! OMB! I saw that! I think humans are super crazy! The staff at my granddaddy’s rehab were doing that yesterday when mommy and I were leaving. At least it was super hot outside. You betcha your little bro is very brave! (Actually, I kinda wish I could try it…. (ShellieMay is a huge fan of those dolls videos)

  2. Shellie says:

    Hey don’t you have a bigger gelatoni?? Mommy bought Shellie from the same person you bought gelatoni on eBay I can tell by the way the person packaged it the person sent us a coin from Tokyo disney sea and a cool card

    • Duffy Bear says:

      A huh – we still need to write up that post! Shhhhsssshhhhhhhh… we also got a ministrap Gelatoni too! You’re the 1st to know!

      Yous guys adopted Gelatoni too! Cool! What’s your Gelatoni like?