Awareness Center Open House =’s Free Cookies!

I’ll go anywhere that’s got cookies, especially……

FREE Cookies!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear is strapped into his Car Seat

Zzzzzzzzzzzz….. “What? …. Wait… Did you say FREE COOKIES mommy?”

I’ll tell ya,….. humans really know how to live! live! live!

Mommy took me to a place called the Awareness Center.

When mommy told me we were going to the Awareness Center because they were having an Open House, I was kinda like… well…. Maybe… *…. yawn….*

I still kinda wasn’t all that excited…..

……. Until……..

Mommy said that there would be lots of……

……… stuff……

Including…… (but not limited too….)


You know I’m all in on the Free Cookies!

Mommy also said I could also get my neck fixed up there with a massage.Little Joe and I were pretending our pillow pets were horsies. I fell off my pillow pet and hurteded my neck.

I wasn’t too sure about this massage thing,………Actually, I was kinda scared….. And yet, I was really ready for my neck to stop hurting. The last time I fell and hurt my neck mommy took me to the Chiropractor.

No matter – this time I’d be getting a free cookie!

Hey? What? Mommy said Mommy said the Awareness Center was having an Open House……

Duffy the Disney Bear stands outside the Awareness Center

“Hey mom! This isn’t a house!”

Well, we didn’t go to a house,…..

….but it was open….

Humans need to be more accurate.

Like me!

I’m a WYSIWYG kinda bear. You know What You See is What You Get!

Life is lots and lots less confusing that way.



………there was lots of tons of free stuff!

……Free stuff to take home!

……Free stuff to eat!

……Free stuff to try!

…. And I could play with all the toys there too without anybody saying anything!!!

I like open houses!

Priority number One …… to the food table for my Free Cookies!

Duffy the Disney Bear helps himself to a free cookies

WhaHoooo!! Some of my favorite words – “help yourself little bear”…. Don’t mind if I do! thanks!

……….Just as I was reaching in to get my free cookie,…………

Miss Dawn, the nice human lady that owns the Awareness Center, told me I could choose a crystal.

(Honestly, they just looked like ordinary rocks to me.)

But then I learned that humans have all kinds of names for rocks. And these rocks were called crystals. Miss Dawn said that I’ll know how to pick the right crystal because, the crystal & you match energies.

Ok, – that sounds kinda weird, but I’ve learned to humor the humans to get free cookies.

Miss Dawn suggested that I close my eyes and pick.

She meant well… but I don’t close my eyes too good…

So I just looked away……

………Put my paw into the basket….

…… And just like Miss Dawn said, the crystal that was right for me jumped into my paw!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear reaches into basket for a Crystal

Wow! The crystal just jumped into my paw!

Neat! So that’s what the energy thing is all about!

Why the crystal is right for me?,……….. well, I forgot to ask. I’m not even sure what to do with it yet.

I was just about to eat my Free Cookie and…..

I got temporarily sidetracked again…

Ok – really mommy?

I’m wanna to eat my free cookie! Do I have to sit on the shelf and pose with my free keychain flashlight?

Duffy the Disney Bear poses with his free keychain flashlight on a shelf

Thank you for my free light up keychain!

I tell ya, sometimes humans think I’m a toy!

Sure I may have started out as a Teddy Bear, but Im not just a Teddy bear anymore! I’m real!

But if yous guys need me to pose with my flashlight keychain, for some free cookies – I’m all there for yous guys!

*Sigh* Ok – one more…..

Duffy the Disney Bear gets a close up photo with the free flashlight keychain

*sigh* Please hurry up! I want to eat my free cookie.

They needed a close up so the humans can read what my flashlight says.

…… “Hey? What’s that over there?

Duffy Disney Bear looks across room

“Hey? Can I play with all those toys on the other side of the room?”

I practically flew off the shelf and ran over to the other side of the room.

Maybe sitting on that shelf getting my picture taken wasn’t so bad after all because that’s when I saw all the neat toys on the other side of  the room.

I was bouncing off the walls trying everything out.

Duffy the Disney Bear finds a drum that’s just his size

This one is just my size!

“What’s this? Miss Dawn” I asked.

“It’s just my size…….”

Miss Dawn told me it was a hand drum.

I was like,…… “A hand drum? You mean a paw drum don’t you?”

“No little bear,” said Miss Dawn. “It’s a special hand drum.”


“……..Do I get o bang on it?

…………And make noise?

……………….and I won’t get in trouble?”


I’m all in on this!


Duffy the Disney Bear bangs on the drum

Drumming is so much fun, I didn’t want to stop!
“I don’t wanna work, just wanna bang on the drum all day!” ♬♪♩♬

I was having so much fun Miss Dawn asked me if I got the information packet.

I asked Miss Dawn why I would need an information packet.

She told me that it had information about the drum circles in it.

“Drum Circles?”

“Oh MOMMY! I wanna come back and play in the drum circles! Please?

Miss Dawn said that I have a very beary natural talent for music & rhythm.”

I hurried up back to the other side of the room to get to the basket with the information packet.

Duffy the Disney Bear helps himself to an information packet

Cool! I got another rock & information to remind me about all the stuff for my scrapbook AND THE DRUM CIRCLES!

When I got home, I found a special surprise in the package.

It was another rock!

Only this rock came with a special call card. It said that it was a ‘kyanite‘ rock.

Duffy the Disney bear holds Kyanite Rock

‘Kyanite’ dissipates negative energy. Hey! That’s what teddy bears do for humans.
We’re so soft and cuddly,
we always help humans feel better and get rid of all their negative garbage!


I stopped by to visit Miss Eileen from the Zen Ranch.

Miss Eileen told me that she could read my paw print.

I was like….

“Hehehehe…. NO way….!

She told me that every paw print is different.

I just couldn’t believe it!

“Every paw print is different? Really?

…..All my cousins – all over the world?

……..All of our paw prints are different?

……….Seriously now, I have lots and lots of cousins all over the world and you’re telling me that my paw print is different from all of their paw prints?”

Miss Eileen said “Yes, every paw print is different and unique.” Then Miss Ellen told me that she could tell me my life porpoise from my paw print!

“I have a porpoise? Whoa….. Super cool!” I started jumping up and down I was so excited to get my porpoise!

Duffy the Disney Bear learns about paw reading for life purpose

“WoW REALLY! I can have a life porpoise!!! Super COOL!”

Miss Ellen starting laughing. I thought she was laughing because she saw how excited I was to get my porpoise. But then she told me that she didn’t say ‘porpoise,’ she said ‘purpose’.

“Oh, sorry, purpose……..” Oh, well……

I thought I already knew my life purpose.

It’s my life purpose is to eat, travel, have fun and play all day!

That’s why I thought a having a life porpoise would be kinda neat.

I guess having other purposes in life would be kinda fun too?

It was time for my massage!

Duffy Disney Bear stuck in the Stockades Magic Kingdom

“This isn’t real, right?”

The massage chair looked like a human torture unit. Kinda like the stockades at the Magic Kingdom.

Only, the massage chair was padded –

Ok, I’ll try anything once – so here goes!

Miss Dawn helped me into the massage chair and then…..

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…… Almost instantly the hurt in my neck went POOF!

Duffy the Disney Bear gets a neck massage

Ahhhhhhh…….. Zzzzzzzzz…………..

Finally! Some relief.

I get a little itsy bitsy bit cranky when I hurt my neck. 🙂

I like this massage thing!



“Hi Little Man. What are you doing here today?”

Duffy the Disney Bear meets an Acupuncture Statue

“Hi, My name’s Duffy Bear. What’s your name?”

“You’re an acupuncture dummy?”

Eweeeeee…… needles!

“I’m not going to let anybody stick me with any needles!”

Ouch! No thank you! You really like that acupuncture stuff?

I’m not playing pincushing anymore!”

“Mommy sews clothes for me. She uses pins to fit the patterns on me. I get really scared around needles and she doesn’t even poke me with them.”

Hey… What’s that sign say over there……..???

(……Oooppppsss… WYSIWYG!)

Duffy the Disney Bear reads the sign

I like the way this sounds! All of Life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!

This sign was kinda neat. It said, “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.”

I don’t think it’s very accurate though,

You see……… I got so busy with stuff that I forgot that I didn’t eat my free cookie!

The sign should really read,

“All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and FREE COOKIES!

Because I finally got to eat my free cookie!


One bite and I was in free cookie heaven!

Duffy Disney Bear takes a bite out of his free cookie

OMG! This cookie is stitched lip smacking tummy yummy amazing!

I liked the free cookies so much that mommy got the recipe!

Oh! Dufferdoodles! I forgot to ask Miss Dawn if she’s going to have another open house soon  – ……….. And more free cookies!


Duffy Bear
A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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22 Responses to Awareness Center Open House =’s Free Cookies!

  1. Sapphire's Shelliemay and Duffy the bear says:

    HI!!!!! Its Duffy and Shelliemay! Merry Christmas Duffy! We love free cookies too! They r sooooo tummy yummy! We just baked cookies for Christmas! They were delicious. We also had chocolate cake!!!!! It was the best Christmas ever!

    What did u get for Christmas? We got a 3DSXL and an XBOX360!!!!

  2. Miss Owner says:

    Hiiiiiiii Duffyyyy!

    I love cookies. I made Gingerbread houses with my Mummy and Duffy and Shellie May. I hope you had a great Christmas!

    I’m glad you’re neck is better. I hope my Duffy doesn’t do the same…. WITH HIS PILLOW PET DUFFY!
    That’s right! Me and my brother got our own Duffy pillow pets.

    Duffy and Shellie May want to do a special Christmas post now that my SD card goes in my computer.

    My Mummy got me a sewing kit.. and a sewing machine! So now I can make some cool clothes for my Duffy and Shellie May! Well, when I figure out the shapes of clothes and stuffs…. I already made a skirt for my bestest present of all….
    My fluffy fluffy unicorn! It’s the one from Despicable me, that my Mummy ordered from ebay. The seller bought it from Universal studios, so it’s just like the one I wanted when I went this year!
    I got really annoyed that the sold out of the unicorns and restocked a day after we left. Sighh…. but I gots it now, and it’s beary fluffy!

    I’m really excited for next Christmas. Just a short 364 days to go!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Gingerbread houses are so cool! Are you going to post a picture of it on your blog? I’d love to see it!

      I was riding my pillow pet like Circus people ride their horses. You know how they stand on their horsies and then do flippies? Well, ….. it didn’t work….

      Awesome! I started working on my Christmas post. I almost got all the pictures sorted out. My Aunities were here today, so I didn’t get to finish things up yet.

      Whoa!!! A sewing kit AND a sewing machine! I think my mommy was about your age when she got her first sewing machine. Mommy said that whenever she made anything, grandmommy would turn it inside out and make sure that all her seams were as neat on the inside as they were on the outside!

      Mommy started setting up a special sewing area in the living room today! She wants to keep her sewing stuff out all the time. That’s good because ShellieMay, Little Joe and I have lots of sewing requests.

      A skirt for you or ShellieMay? Please post of picture of it too!!!!

      Fluffy Fluffy the Unicorn!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! and right from Universal!!! I love Fluffy!!!!

      Whoa! You had rotten luck with the parks running out of stuff when you were there this year.

      Christmas is the best! I got a Doggie! and money. I can hardly wait to go shopping!!!

  3. Miss Owner says:

    That’s a good idea! I need to take pictures of our gingerbread village. They were quite small, but yummy! We have a few left: including the one I made!

    Well, that’s bad luck! Make sure you have pillows surrounding you when you do flippies. Practice makes pawfect!

    I need to take some pictures of our stuffs. The skirt was actually for my fluffy unicorn! But I had enough of my old dress left to make a skirt for Shellie May.
    The skirt for Shellie May is now a dress! I’m quite proud of it, but I had to re-do the button on it. When I cut it off, I got a tiny hole in the dress! Woooppps! But it’s not very visible… I guess…

    Awesome! I bet your Mommy is awesome at sewing… well, I’m SURE she is! She makes awesome things for you.

    That’s a good idea! I suppose There’s not enough sockets around my house, and my living room is almost like my brother’s property! So my room is a good spot. I sew on my desk, but when I do hand stitching, I sit on the floor.

    We gots Disney infinity too! I’m going shopping today so I can buy more characters and power discs. I want to get Rapunzel or Elsa.

    My parents better let me get them, Elsa’ll be very upset! Get it? He hee!

    I LOVE my unicorns. I actually won a unicorn at the bonfire night fair last month! But it wasn’t a very good unicorn.

    Yup, it was a shame! I still got a fluffy unicorn tee shirt when we were in the parks. And with the Duffy clothes, I managed to grab the mad hatter and blue sweater outfit from an outlet for $8 each!

    A doggie! A real one? I love my real doggie but stuffed doggies smell better.
    I love shopping. You can pick things you want! I can’t believe my Auntie bought me One direction pyjamas. I suppose it’s the thought that counts, but I really don’t like One direction.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hehehehe! Your fluffy unicorn has a skirt! That’s adorable1

      Mommy said that you can use a little clear nail polish or some ‘fray check’ around the little hole. That way it won’t fray or shred when wash it.

      There are lots and lots and lots of great ideas on the internet for sewing. And…. how to’s. Mommy likes to sit in a big comfy chair and watch tv when she does her hand stitching. I think ShellieMay is taking up the same practice.

      Disney Infinity! Cool!

      You go friend! ….. use the ‘trick’ and Elsa will be yours in no time!!

      Oh cool! You scored at the Disney outlet! We never know if the stuff will end out at the outlets or not. So we get stuff at the parks. The outlets are a far drive too. We need to live closer so I can go everyday and check out the stuff.

      Well…. a real doggie for a real bear! hehehehe! Oh fur sure! Stuffed doggies smell much better! Only, I really love my cousins Ginger and Theo. They’re real doggies. Their mommy keeps them smelling pretty good though.

      Guess what! I think we’re going to BuildaBear tomorrow! We have to pick up my Auntie and my cousin tomorrow from the airport. Mommy said that we’ll pass by the mall with the BaB store. I got a $10 gift card and some coupons!!! Yeah!

      Hey! We don’t really like One Direction that much either. It was a nice try from her -…….

      I gotta makes some deals with ShellieMay now so she doesn’t hog all the shopping time tomorrow!

  4. Miss Owner says:

    He he! It doesn’t quite match her colours but it’s still cute. It’s made from the same material I used for Shellie May’s dress.

    Okay! I’ll try that cause I think my Mommy has gots some.

    I should really try that! Duffy wants a tee shirt and Shellie May wants a bow to match her dress.

    It’s a beary fun game. In the end I did get Rapunzel and Elsa. We unlocked spaceship earth in our Disney infinity world so we put it in. It looks awesome! The world comes with Cinderella’s castle, and you can go inside! There are bad guys that try to destroy your world, so I have to get rid of them.
    I bought some power discs too, and we got Hook’s ship to fly, and the Sugar Rush sky!

    Yepp. They were the only outfits they had at the time.

    Yup, it’s true! From my own experience. The thing is, my doggie smells even worse after a bath! He’s permanently stinky!
    Ohhhh, niiicccceeee! You gotta show me a piccy of your doggie!

    I hope you have a nice time and get some awesome stuff! Make sure Shellie May doesn’t steal it all!

    Yeah. Nice try, Auntie Claire!…….

    He he! The deals never work. Shellie May always ends up hogging it. Poor Duffy.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Huh? My second reply to you didn’t post either? Sheesh! I’m the one that suppose to know how this thing works!

      No matter!

      My doggie didn’t smell too good when I first got him. Mommy sprayed him with some doggie fabreeze and he smells so good, even ShellieMay likes playing with him! Well, that’s after he gets his doggies fresh breath treats.

      Me and ShellieMay really scored at BuildaBear! We have to go back today because the lady forgot to use our BearBucks. We get to go back because we have to bring my Auntie and my cousin to the airport! Yeah! We got just about everything, so I’m not sure what we can get today.

      Mommy just wants to use the BearBucks today because we’re not sure when we’ll get back there again. They are going to give us a gift card. Maybe I can make mommy wait to use it on-line and get me some of the new stuff when it comes out?

      ShellieMay still didn’t get her princess dress. ShellieMay loves all the princesses and can’t decide which one she would like to dress up as first. I thought that ShellieMay should get the Queen of Hearts or maybe Ursula or maybe even Cruela Devil. *snicker snicker*

      OMB! I started writing up all about how Spaceship Earth got to EPCOT! It’s gonna be 2 or 3 posts though – For some reason, I got all these words coming out! We need to get more pictures though for these posts.

      I’m going to Disney on Saturday! YEAH! It’s gonna be a little bit cold for mommy. I got my fur to keep me warm. We plan to adopt the new 12″ 2014 Duffy! I’m so excited!

      Disney Infinity sounds really cool. Mommy doesn’t want to get it for us though. She’s worried about Little Joe. Did you see how Little Joe stared into that post card?!!! She doesn’t think she ever be able to get Little Joe away from the game. Well… maybe to eat, but that would be about it!

      I ended up not needing to make any deals with ShellieMay. Even though she didn’t get a princess dress this time, she got lots of stuff. They had some outfits 2 for $15.00. Mommy got her 4!!! ShellieMay is really excited and wants to do a fashion shoot near the river when the weather gets better.

  5. Duffy Bear says:

    Ugh! I just lost my whole comment back to you! Dummy me clicked the wrong button!

    I’ll try again later – we are going out now and mommy is yelling to me to get in the car NOW or I won’t be able to go!

  6. Jake Alexander Panek says:

    Exactly where the hell is this place, cause I call dibs on the cookies! Make a response and tell me which street, town, and state.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hello! – It’s in Cookie Village, FL! The address is on Miss Dawn’s card.

      (Well… really Cocoa Village, – but there are always cookies, candy & snacks when we go! – 633C Brevard Ave, Cocoa Village)

      Are you going to come to visit!!!

  7. Dufferdude says:

    I might have o tell my mommy and it should take a lot of convincing to get her to drive that far, cause we live in a town called the Villages, and its really close to Disney world. Have you seen it on the way to Disney?

    • Dufferdude says:

      And sorry, I thought they meant your actual name, but I just did my username for my Facebook account.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      We live on the east coast of Florida, next to the big space rockets! I’ve heard of the Villages, but we’ve never been up there. At least not yet. I have an Auntie that wants to come down from the frozen north & look at maybe living there one day. We live 74 miles from Disney. I wants to live closer! How far do you live from the Magic?

  8. Jonathan A. Pulley says:

    So this Awareness Center! 😉

  9. Dufferdude says:

    You live by space rockets!? (F.Y.I., this is for your comment above Jonathan A. Pulleys) Preety far. i got to go on the Magic though. And get this; I went on the Disney Fantasy!!! it is dufferdociolioy awesome!!!! And i live with my aunt in the villages. they have a pool, but if i wanna go in the deep end, i gotta put on my tiny floaties that go around your arms (they are not blown up all the way, or elsei wouldn’t be able to get to the bottom of the 7 ft section).

    • Duffy Bear says:

      YEAH! It’s really cool going out to the driveway to watch the space rockets blast off!

      Disney Fantasy!!! You’re a #LuckyBear!!! A Super #LuckyBear!!! I would like to go on a Disney Cruise!

      I got to go in my furiend’s TourGuideTed’s pool. He had a special stuffie pool party for us last year. I went snorkeling in the pool!

  10. Duffedude says:

    Have you stayed at Disney Worlds Polynesian Resort? It is a very old resort. it has been there since October 1st, 1971 (my mommy was born in the same year but not the same month and day, and October 1st 1971 is the day Disney World opened). If you have, you better swim in the volcano pool while it lasts, because the cast members (that includes my uncle), saw it sinking one day (not too fast, but just by inches and sometimes feet). And have you forgot about Grandma Lillian? Walt Disney’s Wife? Everyone forgot about her. And in your next response, say the answer to this question: Was Mickey Mouse the first Disney character ever created.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Nope – we only stayed at the Pop Century. We had to evacuate the house for a few days. Otherwise, we just drive over to Disney for the day.

      I have going to see Grandma Lillian on my list of things to do! I was hoping to go see her this week. I need to call the Polynesian to make sure she’s there the day I go over. She’s a Legacy Award Winner & I wanna add a picture of us to my Legacy Award Winner Collection!

      Nope- Grandpa Walt made a rabbit. But some mean man stole it from him! Yet, I guess it was a good thing, because then he made Mickey!