7 Responses to I found the Secret Door!

  1. Mr. J says:

    Awww… Cute

  2. Dufferdude says:

    I found that door too. Mommy wouldn’t let me stay for long, so I struck up a conversation with another Duffy bear inside there.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      OMB! There was another Duffy Bear inside the Secret Door!!!

      I just gotsta know how he got in there! I bet it’s really beary cool inside! Maybe even a special ride just for us Duffy Bears?

  3. Dufferdude says:

    No. theres not a ride inside there. but its like the little tree by Winnie the pooh.

  4. Dufferdude says:

    NO NO!!! You got it all wrong! When I said the one by Winnie the pooh, I meant the one where the children go to play in.

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