I found the Secret Door!

Cool! They built a special Secret Door for us little folks to discover, meet new friends and play in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland!

Duffy the Disney Bear finds Secret Door at the Magic Kingdom

“Hell’lo?, It’s me, Duffy! Can I come in to play?”

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7 Responses to I found the Secret Door!

  1. Mr. J says:

    Awww… Cute

  2. Dufferdude says:

    I found that door too. Mommy wouldn’t let me stay for long, so I struck up a conversation with another Duffy bear inside there.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      OMB! There was another Duffy Bear inside the Secret Door!!!

      I just gotsta know how he got in there! I bet it’s really beary cool inside! Maybe even a special ride just for us Duffy Bears?

  3. Dufferdude says:

    No. theres not a ride inside there. but its like the little tree by Winnie the pooh.

  4. Dufferdude says:

    NO NO!!! You got it all wrong! When I said the one by Winnie the pooh, I meant the one where the children go to play in.