Nemo’s lost… AGAIN!

I don’t swim very well.

Actually, I can’t swim…. At ALL!!!

Yet I’ll do anything to help to find Nemo… again.

Ya’d think by now Nemo would know where he lived and how to get home?  Oh well……

Duffy the Disney Bear at Finding Nemo Animal Kingdom

I’m back again in Disney’s Animal Kingom. And once again…I’m here to help find Nemo!

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2 Responses to Nemo’s lost… AGAIN!

  1. Jonathan A. Pulley says:

    I hope to see that show again! 😉

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Me too! That’s why we gotta keep helping Nemo find his way home.

      I like sitting in different places in the theater.

      I figured out what settings to use on my camera, so I finally got some good pictures now!