Our Favorite Healthy Treat!

Thank You Auntie Sandra!……….for sending us our

………..favorite healthy treat!


……………. Edible Arrangements Fruit Basket with

………………………Chocolate Covered Strawberries!


Duffy the Disney Bear favorite healthy treat and Edible Arrangements Fruit Basket

“With pleasure Little Joe.”


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14 Responses to Our Favorite Healthy Treat!

  1. Shellie May says:

    That looks yummy how was it even though it is not your first

  2. Shellie May says:

    I just got back from my trip to disney world and universal. Duffy was really sad diagon alley wasn’t open yet ,we both love the books and movies.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hey!!! Welcome back!

      Bummer! Diagon Alley opens 7/8. :(. At least you gots to go to Harry Potter World. I’m still waiting !!!

      How was Disney? Did you ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? What did you think?

      I just went to Daytona a drive race cars!

  3. Shellie May says:

    Disney was fun. We rode seven dwarfs mine train twice! We adopted a new family member. It was the new Fourth of July duffy. Me and duffy both have matching gryffindor robes.

  4. Shellie May says:

    Did you hear about duffy’s new friend in Tokyo disney sea , gelotani cat

  5. Shellie May says:

    I wonder how I can get a plush gelatoni

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