14 Responses to Our Favorite Healthy Treat!

  1. Shellie May says:

    That looks yummy how was it even though it is not your first

  2. Shellie May says:

    I just got back from my trip to disney world and universal. Duffy was really sad diagon alley wasn’t open yet ,we both love the books and movies.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hey!!! Welcome back!

      Bummer! Diagon Alley opens 7/8. :(. At least you gots to go to Harry Potter World. I’m still waiting !!!

      How was Disney? Did you ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? What did you think?

      I just went to Daytona a drive race cars!

  3. Shellie May says:

    Disney was fun. We rode seven dwarfs mine train twice! We adopted a new family member. It was the new Fourth of July duffy. Me and duffy both have matching gryffindor robes.

  4. Shellie May says:

    Did you hear about duffy’s new friend in Tokyo disney sea , gelotani cat

  5. Shellie May says:

    I wonder how I can get a plush gelatoni

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