Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle Pie!

Bananas Are Yummy!…

but a Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle Pie….

Well…it’s Super Yummers! 

Duffy the Disney Bear Baking a Carmel Drizzle Pie on Christmas morning.

I’m going to help make a pie for Christmas dinner!

Mommy and I had a long Christmas day. We got really super up early in morning to make the last pie while everyone was still sleeping.

We made a Banana Cream Pie with Carmel Drizzle. Mommy let me help a lot! Mommy likes this recipe because it’s really easy. Mommy and me don’t really like fancy recipes beary much. We just want it to taste good. We got our recipe from KRAFT’s web-site. They got good Jell-O tasty treats to make!

Mommy put the banana in the fridge because she wanted the banana to be cold to make the pie taste better. That’s why the banana skin looks really yucky and black.

Duffy the Disney Bear Baking A Carmel Drizzle Pie for Christmas Dessert

Here are all the ingredients for our Carmel Drizzle Pie

Mommy didn’t let me cut the banana. But I put the pieces on the pie crust. 

Duffy the Disney Bear put the bananas in the Keebler Pie Crust all by himself

I put the bananas in the Keebler’s graham cracker pie crust!

Look how good I did!

Duffy the Disney Bear shows off with a closer look of the banana arrangement in the pie crust.

These bananas smell really good!

I held up the recipe so mommy could read what to do next.

Duffy the Disney Bear bakes a Carmel Drizzle Pie.

I held the recipe up so mommy could see what she had to do next.

Here’s our pie! Mommy put the gingerbread man and other stuff on it to make it look good and holiday like. She used a funny word. She said she put the other stuff on to make it look ‘festive’. I guess ‘festive’ means good, because I thought the extra stuff mommy put on my Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle made it look good!

Duffy the Disney Bear shows off!

I put the Cherry on the top!

She used the chocolate to put some chocolate snow sprinkles on the pie. She didn’t think it looked finished without a little something extra. I just wanted to eat it.

Mommy sure does like to take lots of pictures!

Duffy the Disney Bear & the Carmel Drizzle Christmas Pie.

Mommy like to take a lot of pictures!

She let me lick the spoon! It was really good! 

Duffy the Disney Bear has fun baking.

Yummmm! I got to like the spoon!

Ok, so it’s not really a spoon, but I forget what it’s really called. I just had fun licking all the tummy yummy pudding!

Mommy wasn’t happy that the picture turned out fuzzy. She didn’t have a chance to retake the picture because I already finished licking the spoon thing.

Baking was fun, well – ……. actually, ………. yes the baking part was fun – but it’s the eating part that is the super fun part & what I like doing the best!

Oh… P.S.  The recipe said 10 servings. But…. well…. It’s more like 1/2 for me and the rest for my anyone else that is quick enough to get a piece. It’s not like I don’t wanna share or anything. I just got this really huge like bear hunger! All my wild bear insticts come out when I’m around food.

Good thing we had some other desserts. But next time, I’m gonna make two banana carmel drizzel pies. It’s ’cause I’m a growing bear, and I bet next Christmas I’ll be able to eat a whole pie by myself!

Do any of yous guys like to bake? What’s your favorite desserts to make or to eat?



Duffy Bear,

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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14 Responses to Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle Pie!

  1. Auntie Sandra says:

    Little Angel, I most enjoy following your blog…..the banana pie seemed to be fun to make with your Mommy’s recipe and guidance…….I LOVE YOU!
    Auntie Sandra

  2. Danielle says:

    That’s looks great! I can’t wait to make some with my Duffy. Oh! And Duffy wanted me to say to you, “Hi other Duffy! Hi Little Joe! Hi Shellie May! Bye other Duffy!”

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Oh Boy! Hello to your Duffy too! I need to get a page up here for everyone to share a picture of their Duffy bears. Hummmm….. not sure how to do it with WordPress yet, but I’ll figure it out!

      Cooking with mommy is fun! Especially the eating part….. 🙂

      I shared your hellos with Little Joe & ShellieMay and they say ‘ello to you too!

  3. Danielle says:

    Made a pie like yours but a bit different. It was delicious!!!!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Mommy’s gots lots of this kind of recipe. She likes to make the easy stuff. I don’t care – as long as it’s on my plate and it tastes great!

  4. DuffyBringsLove says:

    Quit making me hungry, Duffy! This looks de-li-cous! I hope you had fun making and eating it! I love it when we bake Jam tarts in puff pastry, coffee cake, banana muffins, and cupcakes at home! What’s your favourite food, Duffy?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Jam tarts? PUFF PASTRY! I <3 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, <3 puff pastry! You sounds like a good tummy yummy baker!

      My favorite food has got to be pizza! But, like I said before, if it’s in front of me, it’s my current favorite.

  5. DuffyBringsLove says:

    My Mum actually makes them, but I have the most important job in baking… licking the spoon or spatula!
    Mmm, I love pizza! We had some chicken and mash potato for lunch today.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Mmmmmmmm…… You gots that right! licking the spoon is THE SUPER MOST important job!

      We just had some visitors. Mommy knew them when she lived up north. They brought us breakfast! Mommy has to make my grandmommy some rotini pasta to bring to her in the hospital. My grandmommy won’t eat the hospital food and I don’t blame her. It’s super yucky!

  6. That’s right! Especially if it’s coffee cake icing! I hope your grandmommy is doing well! Yeah! I don’t know how they expect people to get better when they give out food like that!
    My friend from school left school for the afternoon because he cut his knee real bad and had to get stitches! He didn’t get to do PE because he can’t move his leg much.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      They gave my grandmommy some medicine that made her feel bad! My mommy got mad!

      Ouch! That cut sounds like it really hurt! I got stitches in me, but not because I got hurteded. My stuffing got smooshie. Mommy is too scared to operate on me and put in more stuffing.

  7. Oh noes! That’s very naughty of the hospital. I hope your Grandmommy feels better after that.

    I bet it did, and oh noes! A seam has burst in my Duffy’s foot, so one is quite poofy. I don’t really mind, and nor does he. I believe that teddy bears can lose about everything, except their dignity and worth.
    Your very lucky that your Mommy is scared to put stitches in you. Duffy has no holes, but almost all my bab’s have! When I was 2, I cut the corner of my eye open. I don’t remember much of it, but I bet it was painful.

  8. Duffy Bear says:

    Oh, you gots to stitch that seam! Hurry please!!! I bet it hurts your Duffy lots and lots to walk on an injured footie paw.

    I’m glad you don’t remember cutting your eye. That sounds very scary. I bet it hurteded a lot!