Teddy Bear Clothes Patterns

Coming Soon!

New Teddy Bear Clothes Patterns


Duffy the Disney Bear, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, StellaLou,  CookieAnn, O’lu,

& Build-a-Bear too!



Update: November 6, 2014

Making Progress!!!

ShellieMay finished her beary firstest page! She posted up our Duffy the Disney Bear Valentine’s Day Outfits!

Valentine’s Day Outfits


ShellieMay set up her page so you can even shop on-line at Build-A-Bear just like us! (update: Shopping links are currently not available 🙁 )

Bit by bit ShellieMay will be posting all our outfits! We got lots & lots so keep coming back please!

Next up…. FROZEN!


August 22, 2014

Coming Soon! All our Duffy the Disney Bear Outfits!

All of our Disney, Build-A-Bear, Homemade and other outfits!!!!

ShellieMay is in charge of this page. Me & Little Joe are teaching her the ropes now of photography and blogging. Little Joe will still manage all the photo shopping and editing of the pictures – he’s duffernutters about doing that kind of stuff.

I also gots to learn ShellieMay how to use my Bento Database – that’s how we keep tracks of all our stuff!

ShellieMay said she wants to learn me more grammar….. (Shssshhhh… I knows how to use goods grammar… I just don’ts because I like to tease ShellieMay and it really bugs her when I don’ts use my goods grammar!)


Duffy the Disney Bear Outfit Build-a-Bear Valentine's Heartthrob Hoodie

ShellieMay chose this picture of me as the first outfit to post! <3
Tee Top: Build-a-Bear Workshop
Jeans: Walmart – newborn size
Sneakers: Build-a-Bear (The flames are awesome!)
Mickey Ears Hat: handmade










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  1. Daring Duffy says:

    Cool I saw that your advertising build a bear that is beary cool!

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