Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

It’s the year of the sheep!

I really don’t know what that means…

The only sheep I know is my Serta Mattress sheep that my Auntie gave me.

Duffy the Disney Bear snuggles with his Serta Sheep in his pajama outfit.

I count lots of these Serta Sheep when I can’t sleep…..and it works really good too!

But check this out!

Mommy surprised me with Hong Kong Disneyland’s Chinese New Year 12″ Duffy the Disney Bear and ShellieMay!!!

She also got me, well… maybe they’re for her… the key chain Chinese Duffy the Disney Bear and ShellieMay!

Duffy the Disney Bear with 12" Chinese New Year Duffy & ShellieMay from Hong Kong Disneyland

I hit the 2015 Chinese New Year Jackpot!

I haven’t been feeling very well. I got the flu or something.

Little Joe told me that the only cure is wearing warm comfy pajamas, snuggling up with a snuggly toy or two and eating lots and lots of Red Licorice.

Duffy the Disney Bear is sick with the flu.

I had an awful tummy ache and fever. I’m sure I was sick because I didn’t want to eat any pizza or chocolate. That’s serious!

I’m gonna add to Little Joe’s fixer uppers for my flu……..

……. is that part of a good cure is getting a surprise box from Hong Kong Disneyland with lots of new stuff!

Duffy the Disney Bear opens the boxy from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Oh Boy! Look at all my presents!

When I get better, I’ll be sure to celebrate 2015 Chinese New Year right! I’ll look up all the stuff about The Year of the Sheep; like I checked out everything about the Chinese New Year Tiger from last year.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Oh… wait….. I forgot…..

I’m really looking forward to getting better………..because……

I love Chinese food! and I bet, the bestest way to celebrate a Chinese New Year has got to be with super tummy yummy Chinese food!

…… I wonder though….. do yous guys think it’s okay to eat chocolate ice cream to celebrate? Is that a Chinese dessert?

Oh, well…..

I’ll think about that later!

Huggies & Happy Chinese New Year Celebrating to All!

Salutation Chinese DSC00012 small

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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12 Responses to Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

  1. Flufffy Duffy says:

    I have those pjs too ! and i hope u get better

  2. Flufffy Duffy says:

    P.S. I got a really cool bed with those pjs, AND ITS JUST THE RIGHT SIZE! here’s the link if you are interested!

  3. TourGuideTed says:

    Those beds from IKEA are great – I think Tabitha Teddy has one too! Anyway wowee – great work mummy for those Hong Kongy Duffys! Hope you feel better soon Duffster

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Little Joe said he want’s a bed too. Then ShellieMay said she wants a princess bed! Mommy said we don’t have room for all those beds. I suggested we get beds like Gru made for Margo, Edith and Agnes. They were very practical. Mommy likes practical. I though they were the bomb!

  4. Aww, Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

    And those fixer uppers for the flu sound like a great idea. I have a bit of a flu too, so maybe… I could convince a family member to send me a box full o’ surprises! 😉 Or maybe not… 😐

    Get Better Soon (Huggies),
    DuffyStitchedLove <3

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Sorry, I didn’t reply sooner. I got into a movie watching, popcorn eating, pizza stupor! Yet, I figured it was a good time to get away with it while I’m sick and mommy isn’t making me do any chores!

      I’m feeling lots better now, yet I think I can milk it a few more days while the weather isn’t that great to go out to play.

      Abearsolutely! NOW IS THE TIME to go for it! Boxes full of surprises are pawesomely necessary. It can be boring being sick so you need lots of new stuff to play with all the time!