Duffy Goes to Walmart!

Yippe Ki-E-kai O-kai yay!

Me & Mommy are about to go to Walmart! hay Eee!

I got dressed really early this morning, because if mommy went out, I wanted to be ready to go.

I haven’t been shopping with mommy in a while, and I like going to Walmart. It’s super fun. They got everything there.

I’m going to see if I can get mommy to get me something special today.

Hey!!! mom!!! – this isn’t Walmart. — This is the bank. I don’t want to go to the bank. We’re going to Walmart. Please, please is it going to take long mom? Huh?



Wow! Going to the bank isn’t bad at all. — We were in and out really fast.

That’s because mommy had the wrong paperwork. Anyway the really cool part was,…….look, see, I got a lollipop. I think I’m going to like going to the bank a whole lot more. Hey mommy, can I have it now please? please, I’ll be good.



Yeah! We’re here. Mommy hurry up and park the car. — In the shade please. Because it’s, it’s hot in Florida.

— I’ll get it.

Mommy can I have this please- please? I’ll take either one or both, please?

Mommy’s voice, “Sweetie, that’s bubble bath in there. We’ll find you something else with Cars on it. Okay?”

Awwwww, I’ll put it back.

Mom stop here. Can I get the Cars stickers please. there near the tinker bell ones , grandmommy likes Tinker Bell, But can I have the Cars?

Mommy, “Okay, Duffy, I’ll get those for you today.”

Duffy, “Thank you.

Full Version of Video…………….


Let’s all go to Walmart!


Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear


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59 Responses to Duffy Goes to Walmart!

  1. Richard says:

    Cute little story. Guess I am too old for these type stories. lol It would be nice if the whole story could be pieced together instead of 4 or more parts. JMO.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Duffy does his best when editing his videos. He’s experimenting will all kinds of ways to do his BLOG. He said that he wants to put the whole 4 parts together tonight for you.

  2. I hope you enjoy the Cars stickers! 🙂

  3. Duffy Bear says:

    They’re the BEST! I put them on the back of my iPhone case. Yesterday mommy took me to Walmart AGAIN! (Yahoooo!!!) After we went to the Publix Grand Opening. I got ShellieMay some Princess stickers (bribe to soften her up for the candy – I know, but I’m still too chicken to ask….) and some Toy Story stickers for Little Joe.

  4. By the way, who’s Little Joe?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I met Little Joe in Orlando this January at the Disney Character Outlet. We became best buds right away! I know that I put up pictures of me and Little Joe when I tweeted. I have to get busy and get a picture of Little Joe on my BLOG.

  5. I will like to see him, too! 🙂

  6. Duffy Bear says:

    Little Joe is on his way to meet you – soon, very soon Mr. J!!!

  7. Danielle says:

    That’s cute Duffy! I started going on your website because of that video, but I saw it all together. Maybe you could do a cool video in WDW.

  8. Duffy Bear says:

    Hey! You know…. I don’t think I thought of that yet. I’ve recorded a few little things when I was there, but it will be super fun to show everyone all the neat stuff I get to do at WDW! Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. Danielle says:

    If there is a way, I would love to upload pics of my Duffy at wdw. We are going soon, maybe you can do it soon where peole can upload pics of their duffies!!!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I have a facebook page for right now. Mommy is helping me to find just the right way for me to even upload my Cast Member photo collection.

      If you are on facebook, my facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/myduffybear – It takes a long time to figure out how to make this web-site work! We just change to a different internet host so I could have unlimited space to put up lots and lots of pictures!

  10. SaraPoohBeara says:

    Duffy you are so cute!!! I love your BLOG!! I have a favor to ask… could you make a video shout to my friend isabella? She’s a new Duffy fan and comes on daily. So please reply whenever you can but, it would mean the world to her if you did that! Thanks, Love Sara

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Aweeee Shucks! Thank you Sooooo Much! She visits me everyday! Yahoooo! I’ve been working lots and lots to get my Cast Member Picture collection up on my site! I might have something ready by Saturday.

      Yes! I will add Isabella to my shout outs! I’m still waiting for a few pictures to come in to start my video!

      Yipppeee!!! It’s so much SUPER-FUN to make new Duffy friends!

  11. SaraPoohBeara says:

    HUGS :)))))

  12. DuffyBringsLove says:

    I look on the Duffy and Shellie May facebook pages every now and then, and I’ve seen your posts! I really love this video; I discovered this blog because of it! This is by far the best youtube video ever, me and my brother watch it all the time! I don’t go on youtube often, but when I do, I always watch that video <3
    I'm glad you love your cars stickers, Shellie May loves her Disney Princess stickers, and Little Joe loves his Toy Story stickers.
    Cars is one of my favourite Disney movies. My Duffy has some Cars 2 pyjamas and slippers! And my brothers Duffy has his own Lightning Mcqueen toy car!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Wow! You are really awesome to say this is a great youtube video!!! Thank you so much! It’s fun to know that you and your brother have watched it over and over!!!

      I got the Cars pajamas & slippers too! I had to beg my mommy for weeks and weeks to buy them for me.

      Awweeee… I wish me & your brother’s Duffy could play with our Lightening McQueen Cars together. That would be super fun!

  13. DuffyBringsLove says:

    That’s okay, Duffy! We are really entertained by your videos and posts!
    They’re actually my brothers too, but I often steal his BABW clothes for my own Duffy. Like how I still have his Pluto Cap, his sleeping bag, his dungarees, and a lot more.
    Duffy loves his cars 2 pyjammies. I’ll be buying some more stuff for Duffy if I manage to get out of my ill conditions and beg my Daddy to take me to the Father-Daughter Shopping Day at BABW!
    Me too, that would be fun!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      You’re super lucky your brother doesn’t mind ‘sharing’. 🙂

      Are you all better yet? I’m looking forward to hearing about your Father-Daughter Shopping trip to BABW! That’s one of my favorite places! …. after Disney!

  14. DuffyBringsLove says:

    LOL! He doesn’t even know I steal them, but when he discovers I often steal his jacket, then he steals it back.

    I’m still a bit ill, but I hope to get better for this weekend! I’m thinking about buying Duffy some actual Duffy outfits instead, at least I can order it that way and not get disappointed that I can’t go somewhere. I’ll be going to see Wreck it Ralph tomorrow, apparently. Aha, me too! I discovered build a bear because of Disney! Thanks Duffy, got to go

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hummmmmm… steals it back? … You’re silly!

      You’re so LUCKY! I wanna see Wreck it Ralph! Mommy has been helping to take care of Grandmommy lately, and we don’t have as much time for extra stuff. I hope my Grandmommy gets all better soon, so she can go to Disney with us again.

      Mommy said she discovered Build a Bear because of Disney too! We don’t have a BaB near us. We have a store called The Bear Factory though. We get some stuff there too.

  15. DuffyBringsLove says:

    Aha, I really am! And then we continue stealing until we don’t know where it is!
    I ended up not seeing it, my Dad said he didn’t like it, but maybe he was just grumpy at the time. My brother loved it though, and even got a cup from the Cinema!
    Aww, that’s beary sweet of you to help out with your family Duffy! Get well soon to your Grandmommy!
    That’s so cool! We were at Florida mall when I first found it. I liked high school musical that six years ago so my bunny wabbit got a HSM tee shirt. Have you heard about the Harajuku hugs collection at BAB? I ordered the dress and hoodie and bows and pyjamas for Shellie May, and I think it reflects her home country a lot!
    I’ve heard of it! They have some cute Ducky pyjamas there. Duffy wants the new Duffy bear pyjamas this year when I go to WDW. The pillow has TippyBlue on it; do you think they’ll be introducing him as a new character?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I bet you got a nice brother. I bet he lets your take his stuff…

      How come you didn’t go with your daddy and your brother?

      Thanks for the well wishes for my Grandmommy! I want her to get all better! I like sitting on her lap when mommy pushes her wheel chair at Disney. Grandmommy loves going to Disney. I snuggle up with her when I visit.

      We got the emails about the Harajuku stuff. I want it all! Mommy never says no to anything I want. Yet, she tells me to asks questions like, What will it take for this to show up? What will it take for me to have ________? She says that there is magic in asking questions!

      We heard that they want to make Duffy more popular before they bring ShellieMay and probably TippyBlue to the USA. They are coming out with lots of stuff to the Disney Stores this week and I’m suppose to get my own show!

      Only, when mommy & grandmommy went to the passholder event (where I was adopted), they said I was suppose to get a Christmas show – we are still waiting for that too.

  16. My brother really doesn’t let me! Good for him my clothes are fur girls. Ha ha!
    They’re adorable! I bet you’ll get them soon. I’m thinking of getting a BAB; the Disney princess one, but I want to buy some art supplies this weekend, and some sweeties from the American candy store!
    I love asking questions, so long as the answers are good ones.
    You’re grandmommy will get much better soon, especially if you keep on giving her lots and hugs and kisses! I saw my Grandmommy today and she hugged Duffy and Shellie May lots and lots.
    I read that on Shellie May’s facebook page, and because I, myself of all people, persuaded three people to buy a Duffy, then I think it’s gonna happen. Oh well, at least he’s on Duffy’s pillow!
    Oh yay! I’ve never been to Disney at Christmas, we only go in the Summer. I know a girl who is though, but her parents don’t approve of Duffy. I’ve read some mean posts about Duffy on forums and it makes me angry, so I punch my computer screen!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Grandmommy’s are the BESTEST! They really know how to give huggies & kissies!

      I don’t let the mean posts bother me. They are just mean people. I don’t think mean people could ever love a Duffy. They don’t know how to be happy and have fun!

      Disney at Christmas! It’s really fun! It’s crowded, but there is extra stuff out there to see! I like going to visit all the gingerbread houses in the big hotel lobbies.

      Please be nice to your computer screen! They keep advancing this technology and one day it might punch you back! 🙂

  17. That’s true! Our Grandmommy was very nice and gave us some cookies!
    I try to ignore them. Mean people don’t know how to love so that’s why they don’t like Duffy, because they know he’s too good for them. And, the big thing is, Duffy knows how to love, but he can’t love people like that.
    I saw a programme on the food channel of Christmas in WDW. I was so jealous of the awesome gingerbread houses and things in the Grand Floridian! I heard it’s real crowded, but the more the merrier! Aha, get it! Merry Christmas! Aha!
    Mine really isn’t nice to me! If my computer liked me then it would snap out of its bad connection.
    I didn’t see Wreck it Ralph this Saturday because I still felt a bit ill.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Cookies? Did someone day cookies? Anytime anyone mentions anything about food, I can’t seem to think or read or see anything else! Cookies!

      Maybe you have to like your computer first? I don’t know??? I don’t think my computer stopped because it didn’t like me anymore? But maybe…. I just can’t think about it! It makes me feel sad!

  18. What about Cookie flavoured pancakes. Mmmm 😀

    You’re lovely so your computer must love you! I think you’re right. But, I love my computer! Hmmm…

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Mommy said they have chocolate chip pancakes at the iHop. They sound scrump-O-lishious!

      Awe… that’s sweet. But, my computer just got sick too. I wonder if computers are talking to us and we are just not listening? Then maybe they wouldn’t get sick.

  19. I’ve been to ihop before! The international house of pancakes. It was great! Have you been to cracker barrel? The shop is sweet! They have Chocolate chip waffles at DTD!

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear! I always have my volume up high but I don’t hear much! There’s so many possibilities!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      NO! Mommy took grandmommy to cracker barrel once. I’m not sure why I didn’t go that day?… Sometimes, I keep playing or messing around on my computer & when mommy is ready to go out, I’m not dressed yet.

  20. You should ask your Mommy to take you there sometime! They have giant gummy bears and lovely candies, and the breakfasts and food are great!

  21. When my shorts were really wet ***sigh*** we went to CB and I had some real nice dumplings!
    Ha ha, yupp! I’m glad I find the good places! Like Goofy’s candy co.!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      CB? I like dumplings! Does your family rent a car when you go to Disney? My mommy & my Auntie Cee found a really great Chinese restaurant that they like on International Drive.

      Goofy is awesome! At the Christmas Party, goofy rides the candy machine car! I like the Halloween Party because they give out tons of candy. I got to go to the Christmas Party twice this past year.

  22. CB ~ Cracker Barrel 🙂 Me too! When we have dumpling stew at home, I love the dumplings too much!

    Mmm, I don’t think we’ve been to idrive before!

    Yes, we rent a car. Last year we forgot to bring the booster seats!

    I know! He is real funny. I only go to Disney at Summer time, although I’d love to go in October and December. December is my birthday, and Shellie May’s too.

    My auntie and cousins and uncle have been to Disney one halloween, and they loved it. I love candy!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      My Auntie Sandra LOVES CB! 🙂 She wants to move to Flooreeeda so she can go to Disney with us and so my Cousin Duffy won’t be lonely. Me & mommy adopted him for her at Hollywood Studios. I miss him lots and lots.

      idrive has lots of cool stuff! They have tons of mini golf courses! Mommy gots me my own golf clubs for when we go back again.

      Do you like your birthday being so near Christmas? Oh, are you off from school for your birthday? That would be really good!

      We likes the Halloween Parade. They gots really good grave digging dancers & Captain Jack has his own float!

  23. I do, too! I love the shop just as much as the food!

    You’re lucky to spend so much time with your family! And that they have their own Duffy’s! Do your Duffy cousins ever come to play?

    I’ve done mini golf before! We’ll be doing the Disney crazy golf, I think it’s called Fantasia golf.

    I do! It’s lots of fun! I’m usually off school. In fact, last year was the only time I’ve ever been at school on my birthday. I still had fun because my friends sang happy birthday as soon as I walked in and everyone wished me a happy birthday.
    I’d love to go on Halloween! Whoa, nice!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      My Tennesee Cousin Duffy, we call him Darling Duffy, he hasn’t been back to visit yet. When he comes, mommy is going to do ear surgery on him.

      I think my favorite thing about birthdays is the cake. Oh, and the presents! Me and Little Joe always try to celebrate birthdays so we can eat some cake.

  24. Aww, darling Duffy! I hope his ear gets better soon. Whoa, Tennessee? That’s pawsome!

    I couldn’t agree with you more! When I go to some birthday parties, there used to be a bouncy castle; Yes, a bouncy bouncy castle! He he!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      He needs the surgery for his ear to get better. Mommy sent Stitch up to Tenny so he’d have one of his cousins to play with until he moves to Melly.

      I love those bouncy castles! Anything that bounces. Playing in those ball pitts is fun, but only with Little Joe & other Duffys. We can’t go in when there are any humans playing. Little Joe got hurteded once because the little humans don’t watch out for us.

  25. Shellie may says:

    Do you love cars disney?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      One of My Super a la DuperOso FaverOtoes! It was the beary firstest moobie mommy took me to see in the big moobie theater! I gots Tow Mater & Lightening McQueen I play with too!

  26. Shellie may says:

    Hey duffy! I am Shellie mays mummy! Sorry I couldn’t post 2 you for a long while is I was too busy with my school work. Any way, can you make a post of all your outfits? Thank! I’ll ask Shellie may to see that post

    • Duffy Bear says:

      School works? Yuckers! It keeps all my special friends way too busy!

      That’s a good idea to post all my outfits – only it will take a super long time to even takes all the pictures. I gots lots and lots of outfits.

      I have to get my cast member picture collection back up on my site. I started working on it again. I lost all my work when my galleries crashed. 🙁 …..I’ve been busy working to get them up again.

      I’ll think I’ll make a special page with all my outfits! Thanks for the idea!

      • Shellie may says:

        Welcome, yup! I hate school work! Yay! Remember when I told you I went toT.D.S in Tokyo Japan ? I am gg there again! And my mum says I can get Shellie May to wear her Christmas outfit and I can buy her a new one!

        • Duffy Bear says:

          OMG! U’re so LUCKY! TDS looks so fabearlous! I wonder if our ShellieMay still has any furiends back there – maybe we could go & stay with them – I sooooooo need to go there to discover my roots.

          I bets your Shellie May is just as excited as you are to go and get her new outfit! ShellieMay keeps telling me how much more stylish the TDS bears are from the USA bears.

          • Shellie may says:

            Thanks! Hi I am Shellie may! Me and my mummy have been looking at your post and u look soooooo totally Beaty Beaty bearsome! Besides, how did u gets such neat home clothes??? Are they from the disney shop,or what ?
            Bearishly yours,
            Shellie may

          • Duffy Bear says:

            Hi Shellie may!

            Mommy gets lots of my clothes at Walmart. I LOVE Walmart! (not for the clothes – the candy, treats, toys, dvd’s, sticker… – hehehehehe!)

            Mommy gets me & ShellieMay the newborn size. Little Joe get the premie size.

            We get some of our clothes from Build-a-Bear & some from The Bear Factory. The Bear Factory is like BaB. Mommy also likes to sew out clothes and costumes.

          • Shellie may says:

            Thanks! I am Shellie may! I love love love your look! By the way, where did ya gets such neat clothes?
            Bearily yours,
            Shellie may

          • Duffy Bear says:

            Walmart! Do you have a Walmart where you live?

  27. Shellie may says:

    Oop! Sorry for the duplicated comment! You don’t have to ans that

    • Duffy Bear says:

      It’s’ okie dokers – Mommy gots it set up that she has to approve all the comments before they can show up on my blog. Since it’s the only parental control she has for my blog, I let her get away with it!

  28. Shellie may says:

    I mean your fancy costumes

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Just wait until you see my fancy costumes! I think I have some pictures on facebook & twitter. I haven’t gotten up the pictures here yet with me in my football uniform or Super Bear outfit. – I think I need to get a post up about my Evil Purple Minion Costume soon too!