Duffy Disney Bear Outfits for Early 2014

OMB! OMB! OMB! …..-> Coming in early 2014!

New Duffy Disney Bear outfits just announced today on the Disney Blog!

…. and three new 12″ Duffy Disney Bears!

I can hardly wait!

ShellieMay is excited too! Only….. nothing fur her…. she’s still excited & happy for me and all the other ‘handsome’, as ShellieMay likes to say, Duffy Bears!

ShellieMay and I read the Disney Blog everyday.

Duffy the Disney Bear and ShellieMay read the Disney Blog New Duffy Disney Bear Outfits

“Whoa! Can you believe all the cool Duffy Disney Bear Outfits for me this year ShellieMay?”

Today is a very beary super duper dufferalidoshious day because it’s all about the exciting new Duffy Disney Bear Outfits and 12″ special Duffy Disney Bears coming to Disney Parks early in 2014 for me and Little Joe!

I gotsta get mommy to get me everything!

I’m sure it won’t take any begging to get mommy to buy me the reversible Saint Patrick’s – Easter Duffy Disney Bear Outfits!

Mommy’s got that practical thing going on – reversible means more options – two holidays in one. Mommy will really like that!

Duffy Disney Bear Outfits reversible Saint Patricks Day and Easter 2014 Outfit

Mommy said she’ll finally be able to get me to wear a bow tie. I may need to rethink this Duffy Disney Bear Outfit?


…. And the Disney Duffy Bear Outfit Stitch Costume… that’s a no brainier too!!!


Duffy Disney Bear Outfits Stitch Costume from Lilo and Stitch and Mickey Mouse Rain Poncho

I bet mommy won’t be able to tell me and Stitch apart when I wear my Stitch costume!

When I was first adopted, Stitch was already in our family. Mommy is a super huge Stitch fan. She always hoped to get me the Build-a-Bear Stitch outfit.

We were just at Build-A-Bear Workshop last week. They actually had the Stitch costume this time, but still didn’t buy it for me. I think mommy didn’t get it because she saw it on another Duffy at the park and the Stitch costume was a bit small for him. She knows that it wouldn’t be comfortable for me – and I’d probably complain all day-

But now….. NOW I can finally get my Stitch costume! … and it’s gonna be an authentic Duffy Disney Bear Stitch Outfit!

How does it get any better than that?

Duffy the Disney Bear poses with Spaceship Earth, EPCOT

Well… it was raining……. So I posed with Spaceship Earth until the rain stopped.

Yippers Yappers and Yahooooers! – Rain ponchos are really practical too!

Looks what’s happened at the EPCOT on my birthday in 2012 when it started to rain and there wasn’t a special Duffy Disney Bear outfit rain poncho for me! UGH!

Yet…. Mommy did keep my dry.

I’m sure my poncho will fit perfectly into my backpack so I can have it with me all the time.

You never know when the Florida skys are going to start to cry.

Little Joe is all excited to adopt the new 12” Duffy the Disney Bears too!

If all goes well, we’ll be adopting the 2014 12” Duffy the Disney Bear this Saturday!

Duffy Disney Bear 12" 2014 Celebration Duffy and Steamboat Willie

Little Joe is can hardly wait to chat with Steamboat Wille to learn all about how he outsmarted Peg Leg Pete.

Me and Little Joe agree that we like the festive party hat on the 2014 Duffy Bear. Yet…. I’m not so sure if it’s going to get in the way. Do you think we’ll be able to teach him how to do my patented Duffy the Disney Bear flippies with that tall hat on his head? I can do really good front and back flippies. Except when I’m riding my pillow pet…..

Mommy just bought me and ShellieMay the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse outfits from the Build-a-Bear Workshop this past weekend. Mommy already bought me the Deluxe Mickey Mouse Costume at Disney, but ShellieMay felt left out, so she got ShellieMay the Minnnie Mouse outfit and got me the Build-A-Bear style outfit to match ShellieMay.

Little Joe said he won’t feel so left out of the new 17” Duffy Disney Bear Outfits and nothing fitting him at Build-A-Bear if he can adopt the 12” Steamboat Willie Duffy to play with him and his other 12″ Duffy Bear friends. (Little Joe is pretty good and doing the guilt thing on mommy to get whatever he wants.)

The Steamboat Willie 12” Duffy the Disney Bear is way super cool!

Steamboat Willie was my daddy Mickey Mouse’s firstest ever cartoon! It was also the very beary firstest time, mommy – Minnie Mouse was in a cartoon too!

I met Jake!

I met Jake the Pirate during Pirate week at the Magic Kingdom!!

I even got his signature card! We went to see Jake three days in a row!!!

Duffy the Disney Bear and Jake the Pirate Limited Time Magic Pirate Week

Me and Jake the Pirate made plans for a pirate adventure! He’s gonna help me get a chest full of gold too!

When I get my new Duffy Disney Bear Jake the Pirate Outfit, I’m gonna audition to see if I can be a pirate in Disney Junior’s Jake and the Never Land Pirate Show at in Hollywood Studios.

I love that show! Jake is super cool and awesome pawesome. He’s super swabe and debearonaire as he outsmarts Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.

It would be beyond Duffernutter crazy to play with Jake and all the Neverland Pirates. I wonder if the audience would be able to tell me and Jake apart if we are wearing identical pirate outfits?

The Pinocchio Duffy Disney Bear Outfit is going to be in a special deluxe set! That means I’ll have my very beary own Jiminy Cricket!

I wonder if Jiminy Cricket will share the Blue Fairy and her wonderful magic with me?


Duffy the Disney Bear, 12" Safari Duffy, Duffy Disney Bear Outfits Pinocchio & Jake the Pirate Outfits

Look! We’re even going to get shoes with our Duffy Disney Bear Outfits this year!

Little Joe already started begging mommy to go with us when we adopt the 12” Safari Duffy the Disney Bear. (It was kinda too late for him to squeeze himself into the trip this Saturday.) Little Joe said we dufferdefinitly must go to the Animal Kingdom park to adopt the Safari Duffy because that’s where the bestest Safari cast members live!

Little Joe has been hinting that only he’ll be able to adopt the right 12” Duffy Bears for our family from now on. He knows he can’t come with us this Saturday, so he’s really pulling out everything from his bag of tricks so he can go to the Animal Kingdom with us that day. – I could learn a lot from Little Joe about getting everything I want……

Everybody cross your paws that I’ll be coming home with some of my new Duffy Disney Bear Outfits and super special 12″ Duffy Bears for Little Joe when we go to the park in the next few trips!



Duffy Bear

A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear

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10 Responses to Duffy Disney Bear Outfits for Early 2014

  1. Sapphires Duffy the Disney bear says:

    WOW! I love these new outfits!!!! I neeeed to start reading the Disney blog, I wonder when Shelliemay is coming to America, I am getting the new outfits though!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      They are so amazing! We can hardly wait! I wish I knew exactly when they were coming out. I don’t want to go over to the parks and miss the outfit by one day!

      No news about ShellieMay yet. However, there is a special pin for cast members. It’s a choo choo train. ShellieMay and Dufy are on a train car together. Some people are selling it on ebay, but it’s nothing we can get for us right now. 🙁

  2. Miss owner says:

    Awww man. Too bad we aren’t going to Disney this year :c My Mummy says that when I get bored in the holidays at Summer, I get to buy Duffy an outfit.
    It would be awesome if Shellie may did come to the US sometime soon.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Whoa! Score! You need to get bored everyday!!!

      We’ve been hearing more and more about ShellieMay coming to the USA. We’re both excited and not…. it’s gonna cost us so much more to buy all the ShellieMay Bears and all her outfits!

  3. Jake Alexander Panek says:

    I’ve been inspired by you so much, that I have started taking pictures of my Duffy Bear too, on my beary own Kindle Fire HD! I must have a hundred and thirty five photos on there!

  4. Dufferdude says:

    Thank you, and F.Y.I., I changed my screen name to Dufferdude, cause I don’t want my full name being on the internet.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Dufferdude is super pawesome! Mommy doesn’t like her name everywhere either. But it really doesn’t matter much because I use the computer more than she does & I don’t mind. I guess it’s different being a stuffie!

  5. TourGuideTed says:

    WooHoo. There’s some great outfits coming out – I want the poncho! We might have to get Jake for my buddy Frank as he’s too tall for buildabear and they tell me they have pirate night on the Disney Cruises! (Our excuse anyway!)

    You guys do know how to wheedle stuff out of your mommy (though I don’t do so bad, I guess).

    Good luck with your shopping and I hope Little Joe sneaks into that bag – I love Animal Kingdom!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Ted! We’re so excited about everything. They’ve got two outfits in Disneyland, CA, and we still haven’t gotten anything yet! 🙁

      Yepper! Heheheh… I learned how to expand the use of my Adoption Activation Device and hypnotize mommy into getting just about anything I want! -…. still not perfected…. one day… one day it will be!

      Little Joe has been plotting his stowaway plan!!!