I Got a PostCard from Ohio!

This is so cool!

……I got my very beary first postcard today! It was sent by my twitter friend @KerDunkedunk. He said he lives in O-hi-EYO! That’s not in Florida. So it’s really duffernutter crazy cool to get my postcard.

Duffy the Disney Bear gets his first postcard!

This is my firstest postcard ever!

I think my postcard is like a greeting card only flat. Its seems like that because my postcard isn’t like all the other cards I’ve gotten from my Auntie Sandra in Tenny. You don’t gets to open it up, so there’s no music or nothing inside because there isn’t any inside in a postcard.

There’s a picture on the front that looks like a real picture! You know – a real picture that was taken with a camera type of picture. Not a drawing like on most open up cards.

There’s plenty of room to write a message on the back of the postcard.

….And look… see…

Duffy the Disney Bears shows how Kerdunkerdunk wrote lots on my postcard.

Kerdunkerdunk wrote a special message on the back of the picture.

KerDunkedunk wrote plenty!

KerDunkedunk is 2 years old. He said that he writes phonetically. I think that means you write like you tawlk on the phone.

KerDunkedunk wrote that he was just dropping into say hello. I think he wrote that because he’s from O-hi-EYO. ‘Hi’ is another way to say ‘Hello’, and I guess when you’re from O-hi-EYO, you are always saying hello!

KerDunkedunk’s post card taught me that there’s more than one way to drop into say hello. He really didn’t drop into our house himself – just his postcard dropped into our house. But he can drop into our house anytime if he wants to come and play.

He even asked lots of questions about what I like and stuff I do in his post card message.

Kerdunkerdunk shared that he’s never been to Disney. That made me feel kinda sad. I all hope that one day he’ll be able to join us when we visit Walt Disney World.

Kerdunkerdunk asked about my favorite ride in Disney.

…..That’s really easy!….


…My favorite ride is the one I’m riding…

….when I’m riding it!…

I’m kind of a ‘bear here now’ type of bear. — I’m happy right where I be —> when I be there…. —> doing just what I’m doing —> when I’m doing it!

He wrote that he doesn’t like roller coasters. But that’s ok. He can wait with ShellieMay & mommy when Little Joe and I go on Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and Expedition Everest, or the Tower of Terror! They can all walk through the lines with me and Little Joe if they want, ‘cause there’s a chicken door.

ShellieMay gets mad when I tell her she can go out the chicken door. I tell her that I want her to see the cool stuff in the que with me and Little Joe. ….But what’s really more fun is seeing her get mad. I think ShellieMay is really cute when she’s mad,….. so I like getting her mad. 

I think Kerdunkerdunk would like to meet Big Duffy the Disney Bear in EPCOT too! KerDunkedunk is a very beary little bear. So Big Duffy the Disney Bear better be very beary careful not to step on my friend KerDunkedunk!

Kerdunkerdunk wrote that the picture on the front of my postcard is Downtown Cleveland. The words on the front say that it’s ‘Cleveland Flats District’. I guess if they have a flats district, then they must have some bumpy districts in Downtown Cleveland too.

Kerdunkerdunk wishes he could go to the beach to look at the ocean’s waves. I would like to take him to the beach with me on my scooter that my friend TourGuideTed got for me. We live kinda close to the beach so I should have enough battery power in my scooter to get there and back ok.

It would be fun to show him the waves that the ocean makes. I’m duffernutter certain that Kerdunkerdunk will really like the sounds that the waves make too. They kinda say – “Ka’Shoooooooooooooo” when they crash and run up onto the shore. Then they whisper “sha’wooooooooooo” as they swirl back out into the ocean.

Yes, Kerdunkerdunk!!! The ocean has a nice smell. I like it. I guess that’s because I’ve always lived near the ocean. It smells kinda salty and fresh. I think it smells even better when you scrunch’emm’mumph your footie paws in the sand while you listen to the waves sing their song.

Hummmm…. Seaweeds? I haven’t felt any seaweeds – so me and Kerdunkerdunk can find out what they feel like together!

I can even teach Kerdunkerdunk to make sandcastles and search for the seashells that swam here from Japan!

Maybe me and Kerdunkerdunk can take pictures of the ocean waves to make our own picture postcards. It’ll be fun to send them to all our friends and tell them about our beach adventure.

I showed ShellieMay, Springtime May, Pumpkin Pie, Uncle Sammy, and Stuart my postcard.

Duffy the Disney Bear reads his postcard out loud to everyone.

Everyone was excited to hear what Kerdunkerdunk wrote on the postcard.

ShellieMay asked me to read it out loud to them –

Then I shared my postcard with Little Joe.

Duffy the Disney Bear showed Little Joe the postcard next.

Little Joe really like the sparkling lights in the picture.

He looked… and looked…. and looked….. and looked…… at the picture.

—Little Joe didn’t want me to turn over the postcard because he liked the way the magical sparkling bridge lights turned the water the pretty colors. He told me he thought that maybe if he looked at the picture long enough he would be able to jump into it and visit the Cleveland Flats District. He said that the place in the picture looked like a nice place to take Springtime May on an outing one day.

Charlie ran into see what the postcard was all about too!

Charlie was anxious for me to read the postcard again. He sorta heard a little bit of it when I read it out loud the first time and could hardly wait to hear the rest of it.

Duffy the Disney Bear's brother Charlie looks at post card too

Charlie was very beary curious about the postcard too.

Little Joe still didn’t want to turn the postcard over. But then when I told Little Joe that Kerdunkerdunk wrote stuff on the back he flipped it over super fast. ……Only, it wasn’t because he was interested in what Kerdunkerdunk wrote really quite just yet. He thought that maybe there was a clue on the other side of the post card that would help him jump into it.

Duffy the Disney Bear read the post card to Little Joe & Charlie too.

We finally got Little Joe to turn the postcard over.

But as soon as Little Joe flipped over the postcard, Charlie noticed that Kerdunkerdunk had his very beary own postage stamp!

Duffy the Disney Bear shows close up of Kerdunerdunk's Postage Stamp

This is my famous friend Kerdunkerdunk’s postage stamp!

Kerdunkerdunk must be super famous! I don’t think you can get a postage stamp with your own picture unless you are super famous!

Little Joe forgot all about jumping into the postcard for the moment. He was very beary curious about how the words Kerdunkerdunk wrote would sound and encouraged me to hurry up and read it out loud to them.

Kerdunkerdunk is super lots of fun. He likes to play with all of us on twitter.

Here’s the whole picture of the front of the postcard.

Cleveland Flats District, Cleveland Ohio front of postcard

Little Joe really likes the way the lights dance on the water.

Here’s the whole back of the postcard. You can see how Kerdunkerdunk must sound like when he talks because of his phonetic writing.

Kerdunkerdunk's Post Card Message

You can read Kerdunkerdunk’s postcard too!

I hope Kerdunkerdunk can come and play with us in Florida one day very beary soon!

Duffy Bear
A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear



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28 Responses to I Got a PostCard from Ohio!

  1. Duffybringslove says:

    I got my first postcard yesterday too! It was from my school so it doesn’t count. It was from my French teacher who says she is impressed by my effort! Woopee!
    That’s an awesome post card (and I love your tee shirt!)

    • Duffy Bear says:

      U study French! I’m so jealous! It’s kinda cool though that you teacher said nice things about you. (Maybe you can impress your parents with it and turn it into some new things at BaB or order a new Disney outfit on-line?)

      I needs to learn French so I can have more fun when I go to Disneyland Paris. Did you see the new Ratatouille ride! I sooooooo need to go! I think Disney needs to send me there for the Grand Opening! —–> I like to dream BIG!

      Thanks! Mommy said she’d help me to start a scrapbook with my postcard. I think it’s kinda weird she wants to put my postcard with scraps though? The book part is ok.

  2. Oh Duffy! Dis is da bestess bwog I dunn evah seed! Yew is such a gwayt aufer! I luvs da vidyoes too! I nevah news yewr cave was so pawsomes!! I hopes we kens awe weys be furiends! Coz I weely weely liketeds yew! Fanks fur havins wittens abouts me! I feelds so beary berry supah dupah speshulls! HUGS!! Ker’D

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hellooooooooooo Ker’Dunkerdunk Bear!!!!!!!! Yes! We always be BBFs (Best Bear Furiends!) – I’m a beary lucky bear to live in this awesome pawesome bear cave with my family and to have awesome pawesome furiend like u from O-hi-EYO! Little Joe went back to starring at the post card – so don’t be surprised if one day you get a visitor!

      Thank you fur your kind words!


      Duffy Bear

  3. Shellie may says:

    Who’s pumpkin pie and springtime may? How come they look smaller than you and Shellie may?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Pumpkin Pie is the name of the little 9″ Halloween Duffy. Springtime May is from TDS’s 2012 Spring Voyage. They were newly adopted into our family. Springtime May is about 9 or 10 inches too. Me and ShellieMay are both 17 inches tall.

  4. Shellie may says:

    Hey duffy! Do ya have Instagram? If u do cans you telling me your name?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Shellie May – no I don’t have an Instagram – at least not yet. Mommy said that if I’m gooder at keeping up with my blog she’ll let me get Instagram & Pintrest too. I do my best to keep up with my facebook page & twitter now too.

  5. Shellie may says:

    Great! Tell me when u do! Shellie may is soooooo totally completely irratating as she keeps asking when your post for your outfits?

  6. Shellie may says:

    Oh, it’s alright! I told her to be patient, & she says she can’t wait to see what your next three posts are!
    Shellie’s mum

  7. Shellie may says:

    Oh wow ! She can’t wait to see your Shellie may. She says she also can’t can’t wait to see what outfits she has

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Howdy! Did you get a little peek of ShellieMay? She’s wearing a pajama set that mommy made for her.

      ShellieMay is getting inspired to do the fashion part of the blog! I’m happy about that!

      Me & ShellieMay are tawlking about how to make a fashions picture page – ….. and sharing time on MY computer! That’s the part I’m not too happy about just yet… Oh, well…. I like keeping ShellieMay happy.

  8. Miss Owner says:

    If you’re confused it’s Miss Owner from Duffy and Shellie May’s Journey. I decided to go by Miss Owner cause it sounds cool.
    Hello Duffy! I love postcards. All of my relatives and stuff live in the same area as me, so it’s no fun.
    Duffy just went Christmas shopping with me. Shellie May says ‘If it doesn’t involve clothes, then I’m out.’
    Someone isn’t in the Christmas spirit yet! Well, apart from the fact she’s wearing Christmas clothes.

    Shellie May can’t wait to see your fashion picture page. You both wear great clothes! I love your hats and tee shirts.

    Duffy has a snoopy tee saying ‘Joe cool’. It’s his favourite because he wishes little Joe was his brother! Shellie May was offended.

    I love Winter. Especially wearing hats.

    Duffy needs a Christmas outfit. He has his blue sweater set but he wants the rudolph sweater from bab. We went yesterday as we stumbled across it, and I bought a pair of Christmas Jammies.

    I’m thinking of adopting a hot cocoa moose smallfry. He’d be a great little buddy.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Miss Owner! We saw you new blog post today! You dids greats on your poem! We likes it bestest because it’s about Duffy & ShellieMay!

      I’m meeting lots of really nice stuffies on Twitter that likes to send postcards. I gotsta send them some now from Florida.

      We are excited about our fashions pages too! Did you see Miss Sapphire’s ShellieMay super likes fashion too. She’s encouraged us to get all our fashion up here on the blog. We’ve been thinking about the bestest way to do it. WordPress, our blogging platform, has lots of stuff, but it’s frustrating to learn.

      OH!!! We so wanted that ‘Joe Cool’ tee shirt! I got a $10 BABW gift card and some coupons. I wish BABW was closer.

      Did you get the red christmas jammies with the footies? I got those!!!!

      ShellieMay needs a pretty Christmas dress. She has a Mrs. Santa Claus outfit.

      We got all the McDonald’s BABW toys. We’re going to put up pages with all our collections too! I have so much to do my stuffy head is spinning!

      I think I need a hot chocolate with whipped cream & cinnamon sprinkles and some gingerbread cookies! Then sit here and work on my blog!


  9. Miss Owner says:

    I’m glad you saw their post! I had to re-recite it (he he, confusing to say!) so they could hear.

    I don’t know many people who have their own Duffy’s and Shellie May’s, or even their own special bears. I used to participate in a Build a bear forum, where one person had a Shellie May and a few had Duffy’s. The person who had Shellie May got her for free from a friend who went to TDS! Lucky 🙁 My Christmas wish is that Duffy love is spread across the whole wide world! But I can’t tell you mine or Shellie May’s Christmas wish. I love having a twin who is not my age.

    I didn’t know that! But I better check it out! Does Miss Sapphire’s Shellie May have a blog?

    I’d so trade you my Joe cool tee for those Footie snowflake pyjamas. I’ve wanted those since they came out but they’re not online or in store for me. Well.. if the Joe cool tee didn’t belong to my brother of course! He he!

    Last year my friend bought me a Christmas apron set from Build a bear. That was great since I REALLY needed Christmas clothes.

    I hate how rubbish the toys are from the UK Mcdonalds. We have furbys at the moment.. plastic ones. I don’t even like Furbys! They scare Duffy so I can’t keep them near him.

    Have you or your Mommy ever tried Eggnog? I’ve heard so much about it. I love American stuffs. I bought some candy corn from an American candy store next to the build a bear I went to. Candy corn is out of season but it tastes real good. I can’t believe they closed my local American sweet shop down! It was so popular but their renty thing ran out and closed. Now the closest one to me is ages away! It’s like an hour in the car 🙁

    I want to try the Gingerbread latte at starbucks. I love Ginger bread! And candy canes! MMMM

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I gots your blog on our RSS reader feed! I don’t want to miss a thing!

      Re-recite? Silly you! That is confusing to say!!! Did they like it? Well, duh – of course they did!

      We don’t know a super lots of people with Duffy and/or ShellieMay. We’ve met furiends on Facebook and Twitter. We know a few at the Parks too, but it’s hard to meet up with our schedules.

      Our ShellieMay was a gift too. She came from my Auntie Cee that lives in Merryland. She was a super big surprise!

      I hope that my blog gets super famous too! It’s fun to work on, but we want others to enjoy it too.

      Hehehehe! There you go again! Your poor little brother! I didn’t even get to wear my snowflake footie pajamas yet. It’s just getting cold enough now. We don’t have a fireplace, but mommy said that we can light a candle.

      Mommy said she’s going to make us some aprons. Me & Little Joe needs to bake some cookies. Only she won’t be getting her sewing things out until next year. 🙁

      Frubys! Ewe! I don’t likes them much either! They gots those big scary eyes! But I’m nots a-scareded of them.

      Nope, no eggnog. Mommy said she tasted it once. But she can’t even remember what it tasted like. So that must have been a super long time ago.

      Grandaddy likes candy corn! That’s one of Little Joe’s favorites too. I think it’s ok, but I like chocolate candies better. – NOWAY! I can’t believe they closed your American sweet shop! That was mean!

      An hour is really far – that’s why we don’t go to BABW much. 🙁

      Miss Sapphire wanted to do a blog, but she has lots of homework like you too and doesn’t have the time to start one now. It would be fun to see more ShellieMay fashions! Miss Sapphire’s ShellieMay is super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super-duper into fashion!

      I love Gingerbread! Mommy bought lots of Gingerbread cookies! I don’t drink coffee stuff. Do you think they’d make a Gingerbread hot chocolate? Mommy puts whipped cream & cinnamon on my hot chocolate! Candy canes are good in hot chocolate too!

      My Auntie Jae got a Gingerbread Martini at Outback. She let me taste it when mommy wasn’t looking. I liked it, but it made me feel kinda funny in my cranial stuffing.


  10. Miss Owner says:

    I always see your posts too! He he!

    Yupp. I hope so, because they did make it into a post. I hope they weren’t trying to make fun of it.

    That’s so cool! I was once waiting for the ferry to Magic Kingdom, and this girl had a Duffy and Shellie May wearing these really expensive Canary clothing co outfits. They’re $134 each on ebay!

    You’re lucky! My parents were blue in the face trying to find the right one. I kept telling them to make sure it wasn’t fake, and I had this really bad nightmare that my parents bought a fake one. That’s how much I wanted Shellie May!

    Your blog is famous! All my Duffy forum buddies talk about it!

    He doesn’t mind, he’s too busy on his gaming now to notice. I could steal his Duffy and he wouldn’t mind. I suppose it’s not stealing, it’s adopting! Yay! You live in Florida, you don’t need a fireplace! It was 3 degrees celsius here today: we have 3 fireplaces in our house and lots of radiators!

    You’re lucky your Mommy makes such great things! I love your hats! I want a sewing machine for Christmas so I can make some nice bedding and clothing for Duffy and Shellie May, with my Mommy’s help. I learnt how to use a sewing machine in textiles at school last month! Woopee!

    They used to have really scary eyes before those screeny ones.

    Ohh, I thought it was a drink everyone drank!

    Kudos to your Grandaddy and Little Joe! I went to cracker barrel and got a free candy corn. It was nice.

    Aww. There’s a tescos (a UK supermarket, a bit like walmart but a lot smaller) near me that sells American candy stuff, but only Hershey’s and nerds and some other things I think. No Reese’s, but my friend says there was.

    Wow. Really really is really realistically real. I think shellie May wants to be friends with her!

    Mmm, I love gingerbread cookies and gingerbread men! I hope so, because I’d love to try it.

    I hope your cranial stuffing feels better soon. My cranial goop feels all mushy and blurry as I have a headache. They don’t bother me though!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      $134! EACH! No way my mommy would spend that on ShellieMay – well actually she would if she had lots and lots of money like a billionaire! Yet, mommy says we’re not billionaires, but I’m gonna try to be because Shelliemay would be very beary happy to add some Canary clothes to her wardrobe.

      Mommy really wants to make us some ‘special outfits’. Mommy really likes everything that they sell, yet she thinks it’s more funner to dress us up in stuff that the other Duffy’s don’t wear.

      REALLY! OH BOY! Thanks! That’s why I gotta keep working on it! I’m almost done with another post! I could maybe get it up tonight – so I’ll have to get back to it in a few minutes. It’s just that I have so much fun talking to you! It’s been a long time. I know about that getting busy stuff. Granddaddy wants us to do the Christmas cards later too.

      You’d just be looking after his Duffy for him – like babysitting. Then you can make a rule that if he doesn’t play with his Duffy in like an hour :), you can say that he abandoned his Duffy and you have to adopt him!

      OMG! 3 degrees celsius? NO WAY! Anything below 16 C is too cold for me!

      Yeah! You school was finally good for something! Sewing is a really good skill to know. I can hardly wait for January! I have tons of stuff I need mommy to make for me. She said that she really needs to work on Little Joe’s clothes too. He only has 1 pair of shorts that fit him right. He likes wearing my stuff. But when he starts to run, the pants always end up down near his ankles! Then he trips and falls and starts to cry. Only, I think he likes it because then mommy gives him huggies & kisses for his boo boos.

      Yep! Super Duper Realistically REAL! Miss Sapphire’s ShellieMay is a SUPER into Fashion!

      Mmmmmmmmm….. Reese’s! Did you ever have a banana chocolate peanut butter smoothie! You may wanna wait until the weather gets a bit warmer though. Little Joe & I will post the recipe. I LOVE Chocolate & Peanut Butter – together – Ahhhhhhhhhhh…… nirvana!

      A headache? You should tell ShellieMay to give you a back rub – Us bloggers get tight shoulders from working on the computer all the time.

  11. Miss Owner says:

    Yup. I can’t even get the pyjamas now because
    a) It’s too late to order for Christmas
    b) They’re £60.

    Build a bear is great! It’s a wider choice as Disney don’t do a gazillion outfits. They should do more!

    Aww, that’s fine! You can post it and we can talk more! I have to go in 5 minutes for a little while to ‘adopt’ my brothers’ Duffy and play with him. If I’m not allowed to adopt, some serious bribing will have to commence. My brothers’ Duffy is 6 in bear years like you. He’s older than my Duffy and Shellie May in human, but Shellie May is more mature than Duffy and Brother Duffs.

    16c is pretty much my summer. It’s still very cold. We sometimes get in the 30’s. It’s usually in the 20’s but it gets cold. Spring is almost worse than winter for me.

    Poor little Joe. Speaking of adopting, Duffy would like to adopt little joe. I told him no, that’s wrong!

    She must be one beary fashiony fashionista!

    Yupp! I don’t see how maths goes into life. English is important for speaking. So is grammar! But maths is hard, mean, and pointless in my opinion!

    My Mommy should be a professional chef. That sounds like something yummy that she should make. Please post the recipe!
    I once had a Peanut Butter and Jelly milkshake in Hollywood studios. And a peanut butter and banana milkshake at this place called Ed’s easy diner.

    Good idea. Hey… Shellie May! Come over here! He he!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      We really want to go to Disneyland in California. I heard that the BuildaBear in Downtown Disney has a whole floor just for Disney clothes! I have a Duffy friend on twitter that gets really cool tee shirts and shoes from that store.

      How did it work out ‘adopting’ your brother’s Duffy for the day?

      Aweeeeee….. Little Joe is staying right here with us! However, he said he’ll start to work on his teleporting so he can go over to play with yous guys!

      16c is warm? Well, I don’t mind that too much…. but it’s not great swimming weather. Not that I jump in the pool much. Well… not that I really jump in the pool at all! But it’s nice to think that I could when the weather is warmer.

      I have seen any of Sapphire’s pictures yet. ShellieMay would really like to meet her and see her fashions.

      Math? Mommy wants me to learn math. Actually, she’d like for me to learn some more better English too. Yuck!

      Oh! That would be so cool to have a professional chef for a mommy! I wonder if they ever burn stuff? Not that mommy burns stuff – well, not that often anyway.I have to set the timer on my iPhone for her all the time.

      I had the Vanilla Milkshake at SciFi Dinner theater! It was amazingly scrumpduffalishious!

      Oh – you can have ShellieMay! Not Little Joe – but…. well…. sometimes ShellieMay nags me. You can have her when she’s in that mood!

  12. Miss owner says:

    I know! But I didn’t know about the whole floor!
    I really want the queen of hearts and alice in wonderland outfit for shellie may.

    My brother didn’t take my request very well. He declined, resulting in me adopting without permission. He then again noticed, but not next time! I suppose that’s like bearnapping, so I feel bad, but at least he’s going to a better home.
    My brother threw Shellie May on the floor. She’s really sad. I hate having human siblings. They’re a pain in the butt!

    Math is boring. Even when it’s Christmassy. Especially my new math teachers… the two most evil ones in the school!

    Wow, you have an iphone! I have a blackberry curve. I dropped it on the floor and I had it in my pocket with a pen. The pen exploded and the ink went all over it. I have to cover it with my Stitch phone case!

    Mmm, I haven’t tried the milkshakes there! It’s very cold in there. It’s like here in the UK.
    16 c is cold, it’s just the warmest I usually get all year round. It was freezing today! It’s meant to be 0c tonight! Brr!!

    That’s Okay. Duffy can only dream of Little Joe.
    I don’t think Shellie May would be pleased if you put her up for adoption. That might hurt her feelings!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      A whole floor! I could hardly believe it when I heard that myself. I told mommy that when I get to go, I’m gonna get one of everything! We can just ship it all home!

      Bearnapping! Hehehe… You’re a bearnapper! Oh NO!!!! LOL

      Threw ShellieMay on the floor! Gee he really got mad a you. Maybe you just need another Duffy of your own. Did you tell your brother that his Duffy gets lonely all by himself? I bet his Duffy would have a much funner time with yous guys.

      Is ShellieMay ok? Do you think she’ll need to go to a Chiropractor like I did to get better? I hope she didn’t get any bruises.

      You might be a bearnapper, but your brother is bear abuser! We have lots of lots of reports of #bearabuse on twitter. Humans forget we like ice cream and cake and we need to eat it like everyday!

      Maybe I could just adopt ShellieMay out for a short time? She can come back.

  13. Miss Owner says:

    I would if we could go to Disneyland and spend so much money.
    I just noticed that Shellie May has more clothes than I do, excluding the ones that don’t fit me anymore.

    I suppose it’s for his own good! I have set up a campaign against Duffy-neglect, and this is the beginning to it. It’s where I adopt an abandoned Duffy and give it a loving new home. It’s going very well so far as there are lots of Duffy buyers in the parks, who get great homes!
    I inspired many UK forum people to adopt their own Duffy’s and Shellie May’s. Lots have Duffy’s and two other have a Shellie May.

    Shellie May is fine. She was asleep anyway, and she said it’s just like falling out of bed, which she does a lot.

    He’s a bear abuser all right! Duffy neglection, Shellie May bullying, it’s endless! I better give him a piece of my MIND!

    So that’s like renting Shellie May! I hope she knows about this. You didn’t send her to Canada, did you?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      LOL! ShellieMay has more clothes than me AND Mommy! Mommy made herself three new dresses.

      Did you grow bigger? I can’t seem to grow. 🙁 Oh well…. All my clothes still fit!

      I second your campaign against Duffy-neglect!!! That’s why I think we have so many Duffy Bears. We’ve even adopted some ‘not wanted anymore’ Duffy’s from ebay.

      Yeah! That’s part of our campaign too! Everyone should own a Duffy Bear! It will be a much better planet!

      Oh- falling out of bed is totally different. Cuddles taught me all about that when I first got here. I didn’t even know I was a teddy bear! I thought I was a Duffy the Disney Bear. I didn’t know that Duffy the Disney Bears were part of the Teddy Bear genealogy.

      I think he needs more than just a piece of your mind! He needs to be arrested and tried and convicted! Then the jail social worker will award you custody – permanent custody! He could get years and years for bullying ShellieMay.

      No, ShellieMay didn’t go to Canada. It’s just a fantasy of mine. Mommy would never let it happen. Yet, I think she would let us have separate rooms. That would help keep the peace. She likes to play tea parties and girly stuff. She wants me to play too. Little Joe likes to play that stuff with ShellieMay. Little Joe loves ShellieMay so much. He always likes to sit in her lap when they watch tv.

      I don’t like girly games. I play with my trucks and cars a lot.

  14. Miss Owner says:

    Hi Duffy! Shellie May here!
    It was mine and Miss Owner’s bearthday yesterday. I am one year old in human years. But in bear years, I’m 7!
    We had two new arrivals in our family yesterday. They weren’t Duffy’s, but we love them all the same. They’re both beary small so we have to take care of them. They’re both the size of a build a bear smallfry: in fact, one of them IS a build a bear smallfry!
    Miss Owner opened up a deer named Fauna, from her favourite game: animal crossing new leaf!
    We went to build a bear after and Duffy and I both bought glasses. I have pink ones and Duffy has black ones. They’re both for when we’re reading or typing, or whenever we feel like we need to wear them. I got a Hello Kitty dressing gown, new jeans, and a UK t-shirt and Duffy got a blue letterman jacket. We both get to share Fred the smallfry hot cocoa moose. But I think Fauna will be my best buddy and Fred will be Duffy’s best buddy. But really, we’re all best buddies forever.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi ShellieMay! It’s ShellieMay! Duffy is outside playing. I’m afraid to even ask what Duffy and Little Joe are up to out there this afternoon.

      OH Happy Bearthday to you and Happy Birthday to Miss Owner!

      Your new little additions sound wonderful! It will be very fun to make new clothes for them to wear.

      Oh, Duffy needs reading glasses. Don’t tell him, but I think he looks very intellectual when he wears his glasses. Actually, I think his IQ even goes up a few notches! I wish he would wear them all the time! Oh, please don’t tell him I said that to you!

      Hello Kitty Dressing gown? I may have the identical one. I love mine. I call it a bathrobe. It’s white with Pint trim and Pink Hello Kitties. It’s so soft and fluffy. I so enjoy wearing mine.

      Isn’t it wonderful getting new clothes!

      I hope that Duffy is better at sharing than Miss Owner’s little brother. Duffy told me all about the bear abuse.

      Best Buddies forever! That’s wonderful!

      Sweet hugs to you, Fauna and Fred,