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Duffy the Disney Bear Family Orientation

Yep, we did it again! We adopted another Duffy the Disney Bear!

I shared all about that in my last post, ‘Duffy the Disney Bear Safari Outfit Adoption!’.

Duffy the Disney Bear helps 12" Safari Outfit Duffy the Disney Bear

Little Joe took over the family orientation and teddy bear lessons for all the new adoptees.

We just call Safari Outfit Duffy, ‘Safari Outfit Duffy’,……

……at least for now. He hasn’t shared what he wants to be called yet.

Safari Outfit Duffy greeted Little Joe with the African greeting, “Jambo”, which means hello! I learned that on the Killanmajaro Safari.

Little Joe greeted him back in Italian. “Ciao” means “hello” and “La Famiglia” means “the Family”.

Then Little Joe got right down to business and started Safari Outfit Duffy’s family orientation.


Duffy Bear 12 Safari_1024_03 Salutation Color Sized

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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2 Responses to Duffy the Disney Bear Family Orientation

  1. TourGuideTed says:

    Welcome home Safari Outfit Duffy – you’ll fit in well, I’m sure! Duffy has a lovely (and big) family!

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