This blog is ALL About Me! Duffy the Disney Bear!

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I’m Not Just any Bear……….

I am Duffy the Disney Bear!

A.K.A. Duffy Bear!

The one and only adventurous, globetrotting traveling Duffy Bear!

Blogging to share my fun and joy with you and the world!

After I adopted my Super Awesome-A-Tasmic family, a whole new world opened up for me. This is my BLOG (a Bear’s Life is Outrageously Great). It’s about me and what is happening in my life since my adoption. There was a little, well….. maybe a little bit bigger than little, malfunction in my Adoption Activation Device (AAD). But no worries, I just came out a bit more WYSIWYG* (and ….. well you’ll find out….) than other bears!

Bearlishoulsy Yours,

Duffy Bear

*WYSIWYG: Beary simply it means: —-> What You See Is What You Get!

118 Responses to This blog is ALL About Me! Duffy the Disney Bear!

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  2. Danielle says:

    How do I get to send you pictures, by Facebook?

    • Duffy Bear says:


      Yes, facebook is great or if you go on to the MeetUp page, you’ll see a contact box. If you send me a note, I’ll have your email address, then I can send you my email address. Sorry, I don’t have another method to make this easier at the moment. I tried to find something fancier so that everyone can send messages & pictures, but no luck yet. As soon as I do, I want to put up a page with all the pictures of my friends here on the site!

  3. Sapphire says:

    Hey Duffy do you go on Pinterest? if not maybe you should try it! I am on it! And so is Duffy! :b

  4. Sapphire says:

    Umm they are Wolves, Desserts, and animals

  5. Sapphire says:

    I like to try and find things people will like

  6. Sapphire says:


  7. Sapphire says:

    Oh why doesn’t your mommy do it for you?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      She does right now, but …… she’s not the bestest photo picture taker human. She said she’s going to take a class. She messed up on some videos – she thinks the camera is on, but it’s not….

  8. Sapphire says:

    Oh, sometimes I do that too! So yeah I am not the best either

  9. Sapphire says:

    Yeah, it is very hard not to mess up

    • Duffy Bear says:

      She’s doing better. Not super great, yet less goof ups! I don’t think she wants to be fired. She’s never been fired from anything before. I don’t want to fire her either, yet, I need a good photo picture video taker.

  10. New Duffy the Bear! says:

    Hi its Sapphires bear! My mommy takes bad photos as she had saids but she is getting better too!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      It’s a common problem with humans. So I keep telling my mommy to snap and snap and snap away. Then maybe she gets something good. I hope to send her to camera learning school one day.

  11. New duffy the bear! says:

    Yeah me too! We are up in MAINE right now so we wants lots of pictures

  12. New Duffy the bear says:

    Yeah, me too. We go to this italweein place called ports of Italy and gets spassaghetti! It is very yummy!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! italweein places with the name Italy in them seem to always have super tummy yummy extra delisheoso spassaghetti and even cannoli!

      I told mommy about Maine. She said she’d love to take me there during the fall season when the leaves change. She said she use to live with lots of woods behind her house and that was one of her favorite seasons.

  13. Sapphire's Duffy Bear says:

    Cool! I got my nickname there changed because I am not new anymore! We just got back from Maine because everything closed! But I am so excited about Christmas now! And I am getting close to going to Disney! I can’t wait! When are you going to Disney? I love it! I miss Maine! I hope you can go one time! It is so cool. I love the beach there. You see a ton of dogs there!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Yeah! You get to come down to Disney!!! We just went this past Tuesday. We spent the whole day in EPCOT. That’s my favorite park because I was adopted there. We’re going on 12/4. It’s my Auntie’s birthday. We plan to go to Hollywood Studios! Yipppeeee!!! That was my grandmommy’s favorite park. I can hardly wait to ride Toy Story again! That’s the super funnest ride ever!

  14. Sapphire's Duffy Bear says:

    I’ve never been on the toy story ride, but I want to go on it! I love Muppet Vision 3d though! When I get my new cousin, we are going to go on every ride and make wonderful memories! This will be my moms 7th time and my 3rd time at Disney. Oh I can’t wait! We live in MA though so I go once a year usually, but we are using all our Disney Points up so we can’t go next year! 🙁 Oh well I guess. I bet you live close to Disney so you probably go more than me. That’s when I usually get more clothing. I wish I were there now!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Toy Story ride is really addicting! I wish I could ride it every day! Muppet vision is really cool too. We plan to go next time. I ❤ Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show! I haven’t been in a while. We want to make sure we see it next time. Lightening McQueen is one of my favorites. I hope he’s still in the show!

      We try to go at least once a month. But in the summer when it’s really hot or in the winter when it’s beary cold, – we sometimes don’t go for like 3 months in a row. Then mommy tries to make up for the times we miss in other months!

      I wish I could go every day! I haven’t been able to convince my mommy to move close – at least not yet! I can be beary persistent!

      • Sapphire's Duffy Bear says:

        Yeah I will go next time! I have never seen the LIGHTS, MOTORS, ACTION Stunt show!!!! Is it loud? Loud noises hurt my mommy’s ears! I have never been on a roller coaster! I sometimes get scared, I might do Splash mountain though! I can’t wait for February vacation! I never sleep that night before!!!

        Ahhhh, Disney! So fun!!! Once I get my new cousin, it’ll be twice as fun! Especially since we live close together!!!! I wish I were there now!!!! What’s your fave ride? I <3 Haunted Mansion! I was scared at first because it tilted me backwards and I thought I was gonna fall!! I didn't though. Now I am used to it!

        Well I am going bowling and to the arcade soon with my granddaddy! So Bye!!!! 😀

        • Duffy Bear says:

          Lights, Motors, Action Stunt Show isn’t really loud. You can sit way in the back. I don’t think we’ve been in over a year! I miss it!

          Splash Mountain is fun! I have to ride in a special bag. Mommy doesn’t want me to get wet.

          I’m jealous! My firstest & bestest cousin lives 864 miles away from me. 🙁 It would be so much more funner if he lived closer.

          I likes lots of rides. I always say that my favorite ride is the one I’m riding – yet I do likes some more than others. Like Toy Story! and Soaring!

          Bowling at an arcade with a grandaddy! That’s gotsta be the super funnest bestest! Huggies!

          • Sapphire's Duffy Bear says:

            Good to know. I might try it next time! Anyway if my mom was scared I could ask My great uncle! He likes stuff like that. When we go I will try to go on it! Splash mountain is a fun ride from the looks, but I see why we should ride in a bag. Maybe it should be see through!

            Yeah, my cousin (when I get him) will live in the same state as me, but I don’t know how far. He will live on the other side of Massachusettes! So I will get to see him a lot because he lives in the same state!

            Yeah! I love Soarin! It was so fun when I went! I sometimes closed my eyes though because I was sooo scared on some parts! I hope I can try Toy story! It sounds really fun!!! Maybe next time….

            It was fun!! After we went bowling and played in the arcade we went and got hamburgers and pizza!!! It was soo good! 😀

          • Duffy Bear says:

            Oh! Lightening McQueen is starting in Lights, Motors, Action Stunt show now! I haven’t seen him yet in the show. I bet he’s the bestest!

            My mommy doesn’t like Splash Mountain that much. Well, she does, but then one time, last December, she got super wet! The water splashed over the side and mommy was soaked! It wasn’t even on the up and down part either. She was super glad that she had me nice and safe in my DTDBWPWRTU (Duffy the Disney Bear Waterproof Water Ride Transportation Unit).

            I Skype with my cousin! That fun too! But it’s more fun to color & play games when we’re together.

            Hamburgers AND pizza! Wow! You’re making me hungry… but then again, it doesn’t take much to get me to eat. I tired to get mommy to get me some chocolate ice cream tonight. I pretended to not feel good and told her that chocolate ice cream would help me feel better…. it didn’t work….

  15. Vivian says:

    I never knew about Duffy until I went to the Disney store to get my son a Snuffy dragon, and they were having a buy one- get one for $1 sale. So I bought Duffy for my friend’s unborn son. She ended up having to get a emergency c-section and he is just barely longer that his Duffy stuffed animal. Boy! Let me tell you, this kid refuses to be without his Duffy for any reason. He is the only child in the nursery to have a stuffed animal with him. So though he may be a premature little man, he already has great taste in bear companions.

  16. Stephen says:

    When is duffy’s birthday?

  17. Stephen says:

    5 more days until i go to disney!

  18. Stephen says:

    love your channel make more videos! By the way, my channel is awesome654 subscribe please!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Thank you! Thank you! I found your channel!

      ShellieMay said that your Duffy Bear looks like our Fred & Charlie. She got beary confused for a bit. She didn’t see Fred or Charlie in our room and got beary scared that one of them left to be your bear.

      She found them with Little Joe going into the Freeze to get some chocolate ice-cream and pizza!

  19. Stephen says:

    hey buddy! i am Opti Freel on facebook and Stephen Freel on twitter thanks!

  20. Opti Freel says:

    how did you make your website?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I made my website with WordPress. It’s pretty cool – sometimes beary confusing! It was mean to me once and bunches of my pictures disappeared. I still got to put them all back up. Yet, mostly, I can find all the stuff that I want to do with WordPress.

  21. Duffy Bear says:

    Hi duffy! I have a new Facebook page for me not my owner! it’s called: Duffy Bear

  22. for got my name was Stephens Duffy Bear oops!!!

  23. Duffy Bear says:

    whats up? I’m doing beary good!!!

  24. Duffy Bear says:

    what is your facebook page?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      If you go to the top of the page on my site – the right hand side. You’ll see the little ‘t’ for twitter, ‘f’ for Facebook.

      When you click on those little squares, you’ll go right to my stuff!

  25. Opti Freel says:

    i remember a few yeas ago i saw duffy for the first time but i couldn’t buy it but next year i did then i started buying a bunch of duffy equipment then i found about you a year after!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      A whole year till you could get a Duffy Bear! Whoa… that’s human torture!

      Aaaaannnnnybear… It’s awesome pawesome you gots a Duffy Bear now!

      I love blogging and posting pictures. The thing I don’t like is that we get super busy and I can’t do as much as I’d like all the time.

  26. Opti Freel says:

    is your mommy still bad at taking pictures and videos?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Even Worse!!! She was just starting to get a little better… then my old camera died and I got a new one. She is very slow learning how to use it. She’s still trying to figure out all the settings and stuff. She always seems to press the wrong button first over and over and over again! *bumps paw to head* “aye, yi, yi!”

  27. Opti Freel says:

    she is using too much strength!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Something! Mommy promised that after we finished remodeling the bathroom she would take more time to learn how to use the new camera. …… and to get my blog posts up! I have lots of them started, but since I’m only six years old she won’t let me put anything up without reading it first! I think those parental supervision rules shouldn’t apply to stuffies!

  28. Opti Freel says:

    my mom sewed duffy’s broken hat and posted it on my facebook page!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Duffy’s hat broke! Oh noes! Good things your mommy can sew. I’m still looking for your page. I thought you might be the one with the Duffy in the Duffy pajama outfit?

  29. Opti Freel says:

    no but look at opti freel

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I see your Facebook – Opti Freel – What is the picture of your Duffy’s picture look like on Facebook. I keep searching, but it looks like I’ve already liked all the Duffy Bear pages that show up.

  30. Opti Freel says:

    we are in disney right now!

  31. Opti Freel says:

    epcot and i went on test track saw duffy and tigger and ate in america

  32. Opti Freel says:


    and last night we went to the polynesian and i brang duffy bear in his sailor outfit

  33. Opti Freel says:

    ay! yeah i do that too i ride it atleast 2 times a day or more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Duffsters says:

    Duffy, while I am on my device, my Duffy is on my lap and… LOL! He says to tell you that he says hi

  35. Duffsters says:

    And tell Shellie May that my 5 inch Shellie May says hi as well. Thanks

  36. Duffsters says:

    Duffy is the world’s best bear

  37. Duffsters says:

    I have my very own Duffy!

  38. Duffsters says:

    Duffy, I love you

  39. Duffsters says:

    I was at Disney world recently in December 2014 and that’s how when I discovered Duffy!!!!

  40. Duffsters says:

    Hey bearstie!
    Ha, see what I did there

  41. Duffy is my BFF says:

    Hi Duffy

  42. Samantha says:

    I think Duffsters means bestie

  43. Duffy is My Bearstie says:

    Duffy, can I send you pictures of my Duffy?

  44. Jonathan Pulley says:

    I love your about me

  45. Rafael says:

    God bless Duffy and his mommy for making me so happy and for being so kind in our email exchange!

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