Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Ecstasy

I didn’t mean to…… HONEST!!! I just couldn’t help myself. 🙁

Duffy the Disney Bear at Magic Kingdom's Big Top Treats

Everything looks so tummy yummill-lee spectacularly dufferdochiouly bearilishiouly wonderful!

The chocolate peanut butter fudge from Big Top Souvenirs’ Big Top Treats in the Magic Kingdom was just … well… it was just….

NOT enough!

Me and my chocolate peanut butter fudge were so happy together.

The chocolate peanut butter fudge was super happy because he was loved and enjoyed each and every beary bite!

I was super happy because every soft chewy bite was chocolate peanut buttery scrumptiously deliciously better than the next.

Disney is my happy place. Then when I look at Big Top Treats very beary special ‘Circus Snacks Galore’ case with all the incredible stitched lip smacking made specially for Duffy Bears tummy satisfying dufferlectible treats, well….

Duffy the Disney Bear is under the spell of Big Top Treats Confections Cast

Big Top Treats’ Confections Case in Big Top Souvenirs – New Fantasyland Story Book Circus. Photo Disney Food Blog

My eyes get wider and wider and my snout duffertaneously sniffs in each and every sweet sensation!

I go into DufferNutter overdrive even before I get one little bite of my very beary special treat.

Duffy the Disney Bear at Big Top Souvenirs New Fantasyland

Oh, well… this is me before my first bit of my chocolate peanut butter fudge treat. I had good intentions! REALLY! Teddy Bear Scouts Honor!

Oh,……….. and even now when I think about getting some chocolate peanut butter fudge, well…..


It’s like I gets under some kinda magical Magic Kingdom Big Top Treats chocolate peanut butter fudge spell!

My better duffer senses just get turned off some how and I forget all about my manners and my Teddy Bear Scouts pledge.

I’m not even sure how we got to Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook.. I looked up out of my chocolate peanut butter fudge bag and there was the beautiful Miss Periwinkle.

Well…. I think I was just…

…Just….. Happily under the magical spell of my chocolate peanut butter fudge the whole time we were headed to visit Miss Periwinkle to even notice anything else around me.

I quickly stuffed the bag underneath my jacket and jumped into Miss Periwinkle’s arms to get our picture taken together.

I don’t know how Miss Periwinkle knew! I licked my face and paws between every single bite not to miss a single morsel of chocolate peanut butter fudge deliciousness.

I’m certain there wasn’t one itty bitty Mickey Mouse sized traces of chocolate peanut butter fudge left on my paws or my snout. Just look,…… Look at the picture….. My paws and snout are totally clean and sticky free! So I can’t imagine why Miss Periwinkle asked if I enjoyed my treat and if there was any left in the bag to share.

I got an extra big Duffy the Disney Bear smile on my face and said, “Of course!” I took the bag out from underneath my jacket, opened it up and …….


There was some left, but it was only one tiny little bite! Not even enough for a five inch Duffy the Disney Bear!

Duffy the Disney Bear with Disney Winter Fairy Periwinkle

Ut oh…I thought I got all the chocolate peanut butter fudge off my paws and snout….
(Are the fairies psychic?)

Miss Periwinkle was very sweet. She giggled and said, “Oh, my little bear, you didn’t save very much for sharing.”

I just couldn’t stand Miss Periwinkle thinking I was a naughty bear! I really planned to take my chocolate peanut butter fudge home to share with ShellieMay, Little Joe and all my friends…. Really!

Duffy the Disney Bear proves his friend Ker'Dunkedunk Bear is naughty

See, he even says he’s naughty!

I thought quickly…… Maybe too quickly. I blamed it on my friend Ker’Dunkedunk Bear.

He’s always naughty.

Ker’Dunkedunk doesn’t mean to get into trouble. He’s like me and he just can’t help it when he’s bored.



I’m not fur-duffacertain that Miss Periwinkle believed me.

Yet, she was still very beary disney fairy dust sweet.

She giggled and gave me a big hug.

Duffy the Disney Bear gets a hug from Disney Fairy Periwinkle

Whew! Do you think she really believed me?

Plans don’t always work out. That’s why you need to do things a second time or maybe even a third time so you can do better.

Next time, I’ll just have to get two pieces of chocolate peanut butter fudge! Yeppers! That should do it! One for me and one to share! Especially with my friend Ker’Dunkedunk!


MyDuffyBear_transparent #f0f4ff 67 x 50 salutation

Duffy Bear
A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

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16 Responses to Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Ecstasy

  1. Jonathan A. Pulley says:

    So, your friend gets you in trouble

  2. TourGuideTed says:

    I have to admit, whenever I get into trouble, I blame Ker’Dunkedunk too! It seems the right thing to do and he’d expect nothing less. 😉 Seriously, though I think getting two pieces next time is the key and I know Ker’D will love to share it with you! Me too!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Oh!!! So what was really happening was that I tuned into Ker’Dunkedunk’s naughty vibrations. I then blurted out his name because Ker’Dunkedunk is the go blame bear!

      Thanks Ted! You’re a totally bestie!

  3. Dufferdude says:

    Ooh! Miss Periwinkle is nice. I saw her, and then, I got to go on the teacups with Miss Alice and Mister Mad Hatter! Since mommy can get motion sickness on that ride, Grandpappy went on it with me (he loves spinning)!

  4. petebear07 says:

    Hee hee great story Duffy !

  5. GBeans says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed your fudge, Duffy. Some day you and your Mommy might like to visit the UK, at the seaside we have ships full of nothing but fudge in lots and lots of amazing flavours. My favourite was chocolate orange, but they do so many it’s hard to pick eahc time we go. 🙂

    I’m glad I found your website today Duffy. I adopted a Duffy late last year, and he is feeling a bit lonely because all the Disney Stores in the UK pulled his line off the shelves. Even when we went to New York there were no Disney Bears in their big store there.

    • GBeans says:

      Oops, that should say “shops full”! I think ships would be cooler though.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Might? We super duffer-definitively would likes to visit the U.K. one day! The sooner the better!

      Chocolate orange fudge sounds pawesomely delicious. Orange is one of mommy’s favorite colors. She especially likes to eat orange food. I think that’s weird.

      I protest! It’s super sad that they took all the Duffy Bears out of the Disney Stores. I think they found out about our plot to take over the world and are trying to deter our efforts!

      No Disney Bears in NYC!!! Aweeee… they use to have special Disney Bears!!! NO FAIR! I think it would be super fun to start out life in the big city!

      • GBeans says:

        Our Duffy felt a bit out of place in NYC!
        Because I am scared of flying Duffy said he would hold my hand on the plane, so he got to wear his special flying jacket and goggles. On the way onto the plane, one of the Virgin Atlantic staff told me off for kidnapping the pilot. 😉

        Strangely you can still buy Duffy sailor outfits in the UK for £2.00 but no bear to wear them! Honestly I think it is the price point they set here and Europe – Poor Duffy was £20 when Build a Bear are all £13 to £19.

        • Duffy Bear says:

          I super wanna go to NYC to see broadway plays. Mommy said she use to go all the time. She also told me that it’s totally NOT like Disney. She said she’d make me wear a harness or something and attach it too her, because she’d be afraid to lose me if I got distracted & ran off like I do at Disney.

          Glad they only told you off and didn’t arrest you! I’m sure you had a great flight if Duffy piloted the plane!

          I guess they’re just trying to dump the stock. When the sold stuff off here, it wasn’t as cheap!

          We are kinda expensive. Totally cute though! Mommy got a few of us at the outlet when we were on sale. She was bummed she wasn’t there to add more to the family.

  6. Miss Owner says:

    Hee hee! Way to go Duffy. I tend to blame everything on my brother.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      LOL! Thanks Miss Owner! *snickers* – I can blame it on you too! Whew – you can blame stuff on me as well… then I bet we’ll be able to get away with evbearything!