Happy Chinese New Year!

Roar!  I’m a Tiger!

I’m a Tiger in the Chinese Horoscope!

Duffy the Disney Bear is a Tiger in the Chinese Horoscope

Roar! I’m a Tiger! It’s my Chinese Horoscope!

I just learned about the Chinese New Year and my Chinese Horoscope.

This year the Chinese are celebrating the year of the Horse. So anyone born in China during this year will be a horse in the Chinese horoscope!

Little Joe is a Rabbit. He’s kinda bummed out because if he was adopted just a few days later, he would have been a totally cool Dragon! I told him to look on the bright side – ……..mommy’s a Rat!

They gots twelve animals all together – you can see which one you are here —-> click here for your Chinese Horoscope <—-

Duffy the Disney Bear Chinese New Year Hong Kong 2014

We adopted Ching Chow Ching from Hong Kong Disneyland! (Well… ebay… )

I think it’s kinda neat that we adopted Chinese New Year Duffy the Disney Bear from Hong Kong Disneyland before knowing anything about the Chinese New Year and that he finally decided to let us open his box on the beary first day of the Chinese New Year this year!

He told us that his name is Ching Chow Ching. He’s teaching us about the Chinese New Year and lots of fun stuff we can do to celebrate.

The Chinese New Year is a very beary important holiday in China.

LOL !!! . . . . . . I almost split all my seams when Ching Chow Ching told ShellieMay to get ‘fat’!!!!

— Well …. Not really……..actually, Ching Chow Ching said to ShellieMay  “Gung hay fat choy” – it means “May you become prosperous”. But ShellieMay loves being elegant and stylish and when she heard the word ‘fat’ ……..ShellieMay  just about freaked!

Ching Chow Ching told us that the Chinese New Year Celebration starts on a new moon. ……….And the celebration doesn’t end for like a whole fifteen days later! This year the Chinese New Year started on January 30th. We’ll always remember this year’s celebration because it’s the day that Hong Kong 2014 Chinese New Year Duffy the Disney Bear became a part of our family!

Duffy the Disney Bear and Hong Kong Disneyland Chinese New Years Duffy

“Welcome to the family Ching Chow Ching!”

Chinese New Year looks like a super great tradition! They get a whole bunch of days to make their parties!

Ching Chow Ching said that they make parades with Dragons and big fireworks shows! Sounds duffergoodatastic to me!

…. And we all know that special holiday celebrations mean lots and lots of special holiday food and fun!

I think we need to make a very bear loooooonnnnngggg Chinese New Year Dufferbration here too!

Ching Chow Ching made good friends with Little Joe’s Pillow Pet Duffy. He said he’d like his beary own Pillow Pet Duffy – (I hate to tell him that his chances of that are pretty slim and none.)

Duffy the Disney Bear with Pillow Pet Duffy Bear

Ching Chow Ching made good friends with Little Joe’s Pillow Pet Duffy


But me and Little Joe don’t mind sharing our Pillow Pet Duffy Bears.


Duffy the Disney Bear shares his Pillow Pet with Hong Kong Chinese New Year Duffy Bear

“This is my Pillow Pet Ching Chow Ching, but we can share.”

Right now on the Hong Kong Disneyland website you can download a cool Happiness Chinese New Year Celebration Mickey Ears Balloon!

I picked a cherry red balloon for good luck! They have seven different colors you can choose from – Red, Gold, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, or Violet. (<— Right Click on the colors to download your balloons! <— You’ll need to click save or download.)

Happiness Balloon Chinese New Year Hong Kong Disneyland

I wanna celebearate Chinese New Year at Hong Kong Disneyland!



Hong Kong Disneyland is celebrating the Chinese New Year from January 23, 2014 until February 16, 2014 this year.

So if you wanna download your Happy Balloon, you better hurry up! I don’t know how long they’ll have this webpage up.


Happy Chinese New Year Furiends!

Duffy Bear
A.K.A Duffy the Disney Bear



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22 Responses to Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Dufferdude says:

    Did Little Joe do the editing for the first photo in the story? Cause, no offense, you’re not that good as Little Joe. Anywhoooo… I celebrated Chinese New Year too!! I celebrate most of thes holidays. It is actually quite fun (but the bummer is, I’m not Chinese!!). P.S. Where did you get the outfit you wore for Chinese New Year? Its awesome pawesome!! Did you make it, or did’ya get it?

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hello Dufferdude! Yes, Little Joe’s been doing all the photoshopping and graphic arts. …. Hey, wait a minute!…. I think I’m missing something here?


      We were suppose to go to Disney today, but the weather didn’t cooperate. We were going to pretend that we were at the Chinese New Year’s fireworks! Yet, that will have to wait until next week.

      You mean my top, shorts and boots? I’m wearing my Plane tee. That came as part of an outfit from Build-A-Bear workshop. My work boots are also from Build-A-Bear. My shorts are from another store like Build-A-Bear called The Bear Factory.

  2. Miss Owner says:

    that’s a super cool name! I’m year of the snake!

    Ching chow ching is super cute!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi Miss Owner! I super missed you! I don’t like your school! It keeps you way to busy!

      • Miss Owner says:

        I’m sorry Duffy, I don’t like my school either.

        I think of you and Ching chow Ching all the time though!

        I think I’m going to restart my blog. I have a whole week off next week so I’ll have time for some fun. I don’t want to post again on my current blog because all the time gaps make Duffy and Shelliemay seem like bad bloggers.

        • Duffy Bear says:

          Well…. I had, I think, a whole year that I didn’t blog because of family stuff. —it happens.

          I’m trying much harder to get regular posts up, even if they are short.

          I super likes your blog! So let me know if you pick a new one. Then I can add it to my blog roll, or switch your current one out with your new one!

          Awweeee… it’s sweet for you to think of me & Ching Chow Ching. Did you see how popular Duffy Bears are getting in Hong Kong! Hong Kong Disneyland is starting to get more and more really neat Duffy stuff!

          Humans really need to rethink this school stuff! Learn stuff is good and it can be fun… but they still make schools like they were in the dark ages and they take all the fun out! School should be an adventure! If I don’t wake up excited to do something…. then I’d rather find other stuff to do!

          • Miss Owner says:

            I know, but you post so much good stuff anyway, that the time gaps aren’t noticed!

            Thank you!

            I know! Duffy’s are slowly invading the universe!

            I guess I like some bits of school, like friends and the fun lessons, but things like Maths make life awful!

            Again, I’ve been distracted by my Animal crossing: New Leaf game. I’m looking to buy ‘Disney magical world’ for my 3DS in April. It’s just like Animal Crossing, but Disney-fied!

          • Duffy Bear says:

            Shucks… THANKS! U so beary sweet!

            Yeah! Duffy’s will invade the Universe! Everyone needs a snugly, adorable Duffy Bear to bring love & smiles to their lives!

            Me & Little Joe like coloring and story time in school. (Yeppers… mommy started home schooling us… It’s ShellieMay’s fault! She told mommy that I need better grammar.)

            I just googled Animal Crossings game – Looks pawesome! Do you have one of those polka-dot beds?

  3. Dufferdude says:

    Nice! And get this; outside in my backyard; about 2 feet of snow, sitting there.

  4. Dufferdude says:

    Yeah. It said in Illinois there is 5 ft of snow. Anybearrrr… my tunnel is pretty sick. i have some of my toy tables in there, so i usually invite Shelliemay inside to have hot coca in there.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      5 feet of snow! I would love to play in 5 feet of snow.

      Can I come play in your tunnel? I’ll bring some cookies….. Oh, Little Joe wants to come & play too!

  5. Dufferdude says:

    Sorry, but Auntie no like visitors. Sorry. Anybearrrr… Have you heard about the movie,” Divergent?” I read the book. it really long. it 487 pages including bonus features and sneak peek of Insurgent, the second book in series!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Auntie no like visitors? Even Duffy Bears?…. Annnnnybear! –

      That book sounds it would weigh more than me! I don’t think I’d like to read a book that weighed more than me. It sounds like a book for grown ups? I like coloring books best.

  6. Dufferdude says:

    No, auntie let cousin in to fort. And yeah, Divergent is a pre-teen/ adult book. With some bad words, a tad of drama/romance, It is good action book.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      My Adoption Activation Device got me stuck at 6 years old. So I guess I’ll never be reading those books.

      Me & Grandpa Disney fixed the Adoption Activation Devices now and we still are doing more experimental research on them together.

  7. Dufferdude says:

    No!! Your friend, Ching chow chings clothes!

  8. Sapphire's Duffy The Disney Bear says:


  9. Miss Owner says:

    Aww shucks! You’re beary sweet for saying I’m sweet!

    Uh oh, Home school? Next time you go, Shellie May will need to learn not to kill the fun! More school means less adventures.
    I have a week off school next week, so I’ll be relaxed. Except, I have 8 pieces of homework to do! Uh oh 🙁

    Animal Crossing is beary good fun, I have the one on the 3DS and the one on the DS. I don’t have a polka dot bed right now! Mine is even better than polka dots! It’s a super duper king sized bed with those fancy curtains on it! They have adorable bear villagers. I was disappointed that none looked like you!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Homework?…. During vacation??? Mommy better not try that nonsense!

      I’ll have to post about our home school. So far so good. But we haven’t started any math yet. Mommy said she’ll let ShellieMay take care of the English grammar garbage – I mean stuff. You should see the book ShellieMay is using! It’s a billion times heavier than our house!

      Aweeee… YES! They need adorable Duffy the Disney Bear village bears! That would be super fun!

      Gee – a super duper king size bed with fancy curtains? Don’t let ShellieMay see it or you may not have it anymore! ShellieMay wants a girls room. I don’t blame here. She’s tired of tripping over me and Little Joe’s trucks & boys toys.