A Build-A-Bear Birthday Surprise for ShellieMay

“It worked Little Joe!!!”

Me and Little Joe ordered something special for ShellieMay’s birthday from Build-A-Bear Workshop.

The only problem, ……. is…….. that,…….. well…. we messed up and ordered it too late — (Like too many days late after her birthday….Shsssssh)

But it’s here now!

Duffy the Disney Bear gets a package delivery from Build-A-Bear

“It’s here Little Joe! The package from Build-A-Bear with ShellieMay’s outfits just got dropped off by the Post Office Mailman Lady!”

The very beary special ShellieMay Birthday surprise package from Build-A-Bear Workshop is here now!

ShellieMay loves clothes – no, yous guys, bear-specifically yous guys Duffy the Disney Bears guys, without a ShellieMay in the family – may not get it….

When I say that ShellieMay loves clothes, I mean that…..

ShellieMay ShellieMay Birthday BaB_three-hearts LOVES ShellieMay Birthday BaB_three-hearts Clothes!


Duffy the Disney Bear gets a package from Build -A-Bear

“Hurry up outside Little Joe and help me please! “

Clothes and Fashion, Fashion and Clothes, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Sure ShellieMay always looks very beary pretty.

Yet, to tell you the truth – I don’t see any difference – Clothes are clothes! Dufferdangers!


Clothes are clothes!

You wear ’em, you get ’em dirty, ShellieMay or mommy washes them (at least I do my best to get out of my laundry chores….) – then you wear them again!

Yet, ShellieMay keeps telling me that there is a huge-a-normous difference between clothes and fashion.

Well, actually ShellieMay would say, “Duffy, there is a very significant difference between ‘just clothes’ and fashion.” Then she goes on and on explaining the difference. Only I never hear what she is saying because my mind in on other super more important Duffy the Disney Bear stuff.”

Duffy the Disney Bear gets a package from Build-A-Bear Workshop

Hummmm… I wonder what’s taking Little Joe so long to get outside?”

So far so good, ShellieMay hasn’t notice that my mind wanders off somewhere over and over again, because she gets all happy and excited when she talks about fashion. She’s usually running off into her closet and drawers putting on all kinds of outfits ‘comparing and contrasting them’ as she would say, to the clothes I wear so she can prove to me that there is a difference between ‘just clothes’ and fashion.

The only problem is that Little Joe gets really mad at me because she always asks him to help her with the fashion demonstrations.

Little Joe just adores Shellie May and he can just never say no to her.


Me and Little Joe are having super fun getting ShellieMay’s fashionesta dufferduper-O-spectacular-E-O Build-A-Bear present ready for her. We are even going to surprise mommy that we are surprising ShellieMay!

We ordered everything from the Build-a-Bear Workshop site after we gots an email that said there was a sale! Mommy love sales – not so sure ShellieMay will appreciate that we only remember her birthday after it was long over and only bought her the sale stuff.

But honest – we got her more stuff that way!

Or I guess I should say…. we got ShellieMay even more fashion outfits that way.”

Duffy the Disney Bear gets a package from Build-A-Bear Workshop

“Here I am Duffy!”

Me and Little Joe watched mommy use this special plastic card over and over again for stuff. So we borrowed it to get ShellieMay’s stuff.

I guess this will be a very beary special surprise for mommy and ShellieMay!

ShellieMay gets lots of new Build-A-Bear fashion outfits …..

……and mommy can see that me and Little Joe are getting very beary independent and can use the plastic card now too!

Now the really, really, really hard part….. How do we make a birthday surprise for ShellieMay over two weeks past her birthday?????

Just a clothes wearing bear,

MyDuffyBear_transparent #f0f4ff 67 x 50 salutation

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear



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13 Responses to A Build-A-Bear Birthday Surprise for ShellieMay

  1. Shellie May says:

    what did shelie get !!!!!!!!!!!??????

    did you take pics of your trip to hollywood studios????

  2. Duffy Bear says:

    HI!!! Me & Little Joe were just about to open the package and ShellieMay got snoopy – so we had to quickly hide it and haven’t opened it up yet. We promise to post very beary soon!

    Yes! I just got home from Hollywood Studios! I’m going to look at all my pictures now. I only had my iPhone because BestBuy’s repair place messed up and sent me back the wrong camera! They are working to get everything right now.

  3. Shellie May says:

    pleeaaassseee show gelatoni or make a video introducing him i wanna see yours because mommy has a plan on how to get him easier

  4. Shellie May says:

    ok goody mommy is homeschooling me so i cant chat that often *sad face*

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Bummer! School must be keeping you extra super busy. I’m pretty luckers I don’t have to do school.

      • Shellie May says:

        i start tomorrow but at least recess is fun we have a playground mommy bought me new clothes for the special day shellie is taking an online school in japanese so it is easier for her but at least i’m homeschooled and not meeting new people i get kinda shy

        • Duffy Bear says:

          Recess! Yeah! That sounds like the super fun part of your school day.

          Yous girls really likes your new clothes!

          I hope you meet some new furiends at the playground. Otherwise your mommy is going to have to get you special treats everyday!

  5. Flufffy Duffy says:

    I wish I saw some pictures of shelly mae in her ne clothes

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hi- I’m sorry I didn’t post the rest of the story yet. My Auntee Maria got very sick & I am just kinda checking email when I can.

      Thanks for asking for the pictures. ShellieMay is anxious to show off her new outfits too!

  6. Flufffy Duffy says:

    wow lucky girl! she probably was really happy to get it!