Broccoli – Who Knew?

Oh Boy! The Chinese Buffet!

I like it when my Aunties come to visit because we always go out to eat.

Today we went to Yong Wang’s Chinese Buffet. – It’s one of my favorites.

Duffy the Disney Bear enjoy's his broccoli at the Chinese Buffet

Chinese Buffet’s are the Best!


I picked out everything on my plate all by myself…

– EXCEPT …..

———– “the broccoli”.


I didn’t even want to taste it!


I heard ALL about broccoli. – Everybody hates it!

I couldn’t believe mommy put some broccoli on my plate.


So I told my mommy that it sounds like something chickens eat so they can make their chicken noises!

…..  “broc – broc – broc”.  

……And if I ate that broccoli, I might start to sound like a chicken!

Then mommy told me, that maybe chickens eat lots of broccoli so that they can fly.


……I do eat chicken wings so I can fly like a super hero.

…. Well…..that got me thinking….

So I agreed to at least taste it ……

……and …….

…………I liked it!

I also learned a really good trick today………. If you eat your broccoli………

…. all of it….

…..You’ll get lots of desserts!

Only……. I don’t think I’m going to open up my fortune cookies anymore!


Hey, do you think that all the fortune cookies being in the check folder was a clue about my fortune?

I thought the waiter handed me the check folder because it had all the fortune cookies in it.

You know, I did eat all my broccoli, so now I could have all the fortune cookies too!

Unfortunately, I opened the wrong fortune cookie!


Duffy the Disney Bear gets lots of Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookie fortunes really do come true!


Oh, well…..

At least I learned a duffatastic trick today for getting mommy to say yes to letting me eat lots and lots of desserts!

Just eat my broccoli!



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36 Responses to Broccoli – Who Knew?

  1. Auntie Sandra says:

    You are too adorable for words!!! The Chinese food on your plate looks very yummy…….the brocolli will make your fur shine and keep your face handsome……I’m enjoying your post and pics…..thanks for sharing!
    Love, Auntie Sandra

  2. Duffy Bear says:

    Make my fur shine AND keep me handsome? … Pass the broccoli please!

  3. Auntee Cee says:

    Now you will know for next time – stay away from the check regardless of how attractively it is packaged!

  4. Duffy Bear says:

    Well said Auntie Cee! I’m going to duck under the table when the check comes today. We are going to take Grandmommy to Tutu Italiano Restaurante in Epcot for her special birthday celebration today!

  5. Messica says:

    So cute! Makes me hungry 🙂

  6. Anndrea says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Why are you so adorable? Did you know chickens can’t fly? Broc broc broc’ LOL. Your plate looks yummy. My Duffy would be jealous.

  7. Duffy Bear says:

    You’re most welcome Miss Andrea! ——
    Awe.. shucks….. My mommy says that all Duffy’s are adorable. —— Chickens can’t fly! But they have wings! This is so confusing! — Mommy said that your Washi tape crafting looks like lots of fun. ShellieMay wants to try it, but I said that I think the tape will stick to her fur & she should stick with her sewing & fashion design.

  8. Duffy says:

    Yuck! I can’t eat broccoli!

  9. Duffy says:

    I don’t like broccoli!

  10. Duffy says:

    No I didn’t. I’ll have to try that.

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Whoa! Who KNEW Again! Today mommy got some broccoli-slaw from Walmart. It doesn’t taste anything like broccoli! Even grandmommy didn’t know what was in it, but she really liked it!

  11. Danielle says:

    When are you gonna do another video?

  12. Danielle says:

    My sister Kara wanted me to say hello.

  13. Danielle says:

    Alright I send you one soon!

  14. Danielle says:

    Sorry I haven’t sent a picture yet, but I will as soon as I can! I just have to pick out the perfect picture and I will give you a picture of my Duffies as soon as I can! Thanks for your patience.

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  16. DuffyBringsLove says:

    It is a family tradition that we have a Chinese takeaway every Saturday. You’re so cute, Duffy! My two are always stealing the prawn/shrimp crackers, and so am I! Duffy loves going to restaurants. Shellie May hasn’t been to one yet, but she will be soon enough. Duffy went to Chef Mickey’s with me when I got him last year in Orlando!

  17. Duffy Bear says:

    I need Chinese every Saturday! What’s your favorite? I like to get chinese ribs, sweet & sour pork or chicken, shrimps… yum! I really likes it when we go to the Chinese buffet! That’s even better! ’cause then I get the desserts too!

    Chef Mickey’s!!! Mommy hasn’t taken me to any character meals yet. 🙁

  18. Lucky! I like the prawn crackers, the prawn toast, the chicken and rice, the pimmimaple. I think American Chinese takeaways are better, LOL! I’ve never been to a Chinese buffet before! I love fortune cookies.

    I hope you get to go to one soon!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Yous are really into this prawn stuff. I bet it’s good. I gots to taste it. Even though pizza & Italian food is my favorite, I like to try everything. I don’t like missing out on stuff.

      You gotta get your family to go on International Drive and try other places to eat. We love Ming Court. It’s a real Chinese restaurant! Not one of the American Buffet type places and the food is really super goods too!

      I wish my fortune would say that I would get to go to Disney Parks all over the world! I like traveling!

  19. Prawns are shrimp! And they are my favourite food! Guess what? I just had Pizza!

    We’ll probably go this year. We stay at Royal Pacific Resort at Universal studios for three days, then go to Saratoga Springs. So on any shopping days, we must go! I love ihop.

    Thank you for telling us about that! My Mum loves Chinese food.

    Me too! I wanna go to DLC and TDS!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Prawns are shrimp? Then why do yous guys call them prawns? Do shrimps like being called prawns better than shrimps?

      My mommy makes a super delicious, tummy yummy shrimp scampi! I LOVE being Italian!

  20. I don’t know, I guess anyone calls them either. We say lots of things differently than Americans do here; I could go on forever, and I might as well:

    Favorite = favourite
    Color = Colour
    Mom/my = Mum/my
    grade = year
    elementary school = primary school
    Kindergarten = nursery
    neighbor = neighbour
    frozen yoghurt = ice cream

    I can go on, but I’ll leave it at that.

    Whoa. Can I get a plan to your house please? I hate being English! Why can’t I be American or Italian? xD

    • Duffy Bear says:

      I think it would be really confusing for me to visit the UK. I get so confused in America & I was adopted here!

      A plan to my house? You wanna build a house like ours? Huh?

      Well….. if you moved here you would be American! American’s like to adopt people from all over the world! Besides, your Duffy is American. I bet he might like living back in the USA one day. …. near Disney!

  21. Shellie may says:

    Oh your just too cute! I bet my Shellie May would love to visit you! And she has just eaten at a prize winning Italian restaurant and she loves the salad and chocolate moose!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      A prize winning Italian restaurant! That mention caught my ears! …. and my tummy! Chocolate moose is one of my super duper all time favorites. I wanna get a super big house & have parties where we can all have play & have fun together! and big sleep overs too! That would be awesome!

  22. Shellie may says:

    Yes that would be! So when do you and Shellie may hang out together?
    Miss owner

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Me & ShellieMay hangs out together all the time. There’s lots & lots of us here. It started with me, then ShellieMay came to us as a gift. Then a few months after that…. our family grew huge! There’s like over 90…. or something like that…. of us now! All sizes! But only one ShellieMay. But… not for long. Mommy just adopted another ShellieMay so she’ll have a girl to tawlk about girly things with her.