Visit with Goofy at EPCOT’s Character Spot!

Taking Little Joe to meet Goofy at the EPCOT Character Spot in Walt Disney World was really fun! Goofy is so…. well….. Goofy! I brought a semi-decent video-recording human with … click for more!

What’s a Cannoli Siciliani? I just want a Cannoli for Dessert!

I’m back! Yes, I’m back at Amici’s Italian Restaurant because the food is super Duffer-lischious and the last time I was here, I forgot to take a picture of my … click for more!

Cookie is Going to Be My New Friend from Hong Kong Disneyland!

I follow the TDR Explorer! Oh – sorry – TDR – well, that means Tokyo Disney Land! I figure just about everybear by now knows that the very beary firstest … click for more!

Happy Birthday Na Na Na Nana!

Wishing my Cousin Dutchie’s Nana, a very, very beary Happy Birthday!   Nana & Dutchie live in Neverland! Sometimes Nana, that’s Dutchies grandmommy, says that they live in the Netherlands … click for more!

Sorry I Haven’t Been Blogging

Enough is enough! It’s been almost a year and I haven’t posted anything on my blog! I’m sorry….. 🙁 I’m always bugging and bugging my mommy when she’s working on … click for more!

Solar Eclipse 2017!!!

I’m so excited! It’s gonna be SUNsational! I’m chilling by my pool ready to watch the 2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun! I learned the from TV that it’s super … click for more!

Who’s Your Favorite Avenger?

My very beary first firstest favorite Avenger was Iron Man! I guess that’s because it’s the very beary first firstest Avenger movie I ever saw. On my pj’s… Favorite #1 … click for more!

Little Joe Made Pepperoni Bread!

I just love my pepperoni bread! Especially when Little Joe makes it. He’s perfected the recipe! Mommy still doesn’t like it when Little Joe uses the big cutting knife by … click for more!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The Lucky Leprechaun – (that’s me!) Just scored a Cronut! I’m in EPCOT park today celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day! I was too excited this morning and forgot to eat breakfast before … click for more!

Moana! BluRay, DVD & Digital DVD!

Oh MY BEAR! Thank you Mommy! I don’t like being sick, but I sure like the get well presents! Please follow and like us: