Duffy the Disney Bear Aulani Shaved Ice Pin

Oh My Bear!

Take me to Hawaii for some shaved ice!

……… and the new Duffy the Disney Bear Aulani Shaved Ice pin!

Oh, how I wish I could visit the Hawaiian Islands and Disney’s Aulani Resort to get this new Duffy the Disney Bear Aulani Shaved Ice Pin and play with the Menehune.

Duffy the Disney Bear Aulani Shaved Ice Pin

Mmmmm…. Shaved ice! I’m ready to go to Aulani for my Duffy the Disney Bear Aulani Shaved Ice Pin!

Aulani is a Disney Resort & Spa on the Island of Oahu in Ko’Olina. Mommy said she use to live near there and everyday after work she would go down to Ko’Olina and walk along the water before they built all the hotels.

This super adorable pin of me will be released on February 27, 2014.

It’s an open edition pin.

That’s good, because I doubt I’ll be getting there anytime soon. *paws crossed*

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6 Responses to Duffy the Disney Bear Aulani Shaved Ice Pin

  1. TourGuideTed says:

    We didn’t get the chance to go to Aulani when I was in Hawaii – we should rectify that-can we get a Disney Cruise from Port Canaveral to Hawaii? Sounds like a good plan if you ask me!! Nice pin!

    • Duffy Bear says:

      Hummmmm… *scratches chin with paw* A Disney Cruise from Port Canaveral to Hawaii?…..

      Hey… Ted!!! That’s BearRilleAnt!!!

      You totally need to do whatever that ‘rectify’ thingy means. You must go back so you can review Aulani for your Blog!!!

  2. Dufferdude says:

    Aw crap! Auluani! After preschool i’m leaving for Auluani! Aw poop I completely forgot! I gotta pack my suitcase, get my pillow pets, get my night light; oops, did I just say that?

  3. dufferdude says:

    got back from aluani. omg, I got my pin! it is cool. I never took it off

    • Duffy Bear says:

      OMB! You went to Aulani!!! ….. and got the shaved ice pin too! Pawesome! I got one off of ebay. But I would rather go to Aulani!!! You’re a #LuckyBear!

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