A Little Happy Valentine’s Day Story

ShellieMay peeked over my laptop and asked, “Do you know what today is Duffy?” I was like, “Sure ShellieMay, it’s Sunday.” ShellieMay puffed and exclaimed, “Sunday? Is that all you have to say Duffy?……. That today is Sunday?” *Uh oh….. I better not look up* ShellieMay continued, “Maybe you can … click for more!

Our Duffy the Disney Bear Family wishes you a Duffertastic July 4th Holiday!

I’m sure all yous guys can guess what one of my duffermost favorlish-EoSO parts of today will be…..!!! Fur duffercertain it’s the July 4th feast with all the trimmings! I best not delay. I can hear Fred, Charlie, ShellieMay & Little Joe’s tummies all growling for the feast to beargin … click for more!

A Build-A-Bear Birthday Surprise for ShellieMay

“It worked Little Joe!!!” Me and Little Joe ordered something special for ShellieMay’s birthday from Build-A-Bear Workshop. The only problem, ……. is…….. that,…….. well…. we messed up and ordered it too late — (Like too many days late after her birthday….Shsssssh) But it’s here now! The very beary special ShellieMay Birthday surprise … click for more!

It’s a Gelatoni Badge!

Thank YOU Mommy for our Gelatoni Badge!

Duffy the Disney Bear new friend Gelatoni

Look who arrived from Japan!

Duffy the Disney Bear new friend Gelatoni

Hey Little Joe! We all have to share Gelatoni!

This size Gelatoni is called a ‘Badge’ in Tokyo DisneySea. That’s because he also has a pin behind his head and you can clip him to your clothes or backpack like a badge!

Happy Birthday Donald Duck

“Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy! Oh, Boy!” “Happy Birthday Donald Duck!” Yeppers, Donald Duck is 80 years OLD today! Yet, Donald’s feathers don’t look a day over ….. Well, I don’t know…… …..age is more of a thing with humans than it is with stuffies. Aaaaannnnnybear….. Little Joe was ecstatic! You … click for more!


Little Joe is really excited! Mommy brought home Olaf from Disney. Only….. Well….. I have to tell Little Joe that mommy adopted Olaf for our Auntie Melissa. It’s going to break his little heart. What am I going to do?!!!!! Little Joe and Olaf haven’t been separated for a single … click for more!

Duffy the Disney Bear says…..Be Afraid!…….Be beary Afraid!

…Ahhhhhhhh……!!! ……Run for your lives!!!!!! ………Head for the shore!!!!!!!!  (Turn up your volume!) LOL ! Little Joe & me like making each other laugh! Muhahahaha! I guess this is kinda one of those ‘inside jokes’. I’ll do my best to fill you in……… Little Joe’s got our Auntie Melissa very beary … click for more!

Duffy the Disney Bear Family Orientation

Yep, we did it again! We adopted another Duffy the Disney Bear! I shared all about that in my last post, ‘Duffy the Disney Bear Safari Outfit Adoption!’. We just call Safari Outfit Duffy, ‘Safari Outfit Duffy’,…… ……at least for now. He hasn’t shared what he wants to be called … click for more!

Duffy the Disney Bear and his New Best Friend

Me & my new best friend Little Joe

This is my new best friend. I call him Little Joe. Little Joe is a Duffy the Disney Bear just like me. Mommy and I went the Disney’s Character Warehouse store in Orlando with Auntie Cee. As soon as we entered the store, I headed right over to get myself … click for more!