So What it’s Cold Outside, Let’s go to McDonalds!

It’s super cold outside! The red pointer round thingy with the numbers on it got below 40 degrees! I bets some of yous guys might thinks I’m a silly bear! Yet, anything below 60 degrees in Florida is like freezing anywhere else! So I got all bundled up in my … click for more!

Five Things to Love about National Popcorn Day!

Calling all bears! Calling all bears! Stuffies and Plushies! It’s National Popcorn Day!  Whooo Hooooo!! ……National Popcorn Day is another reason to LOVE life! Who’da thunk it?…. …..- that popcorn would have it’s very beary own National Popcorn Day Holiday Celebration! I gots to thinking about it, and there are lots … click for more!

Father’s Day Celebration

Duffy the Disney Bear reads the dessert menu at Grills on the River

Today is Father’s Day! I don’t live with my father, Mickey Mouse, anymore, …..but I do live with my Grandfather. I call my grandfather, granddaddy. ….Why do I call him granddaddy? I don’t know why I call him granddaddy, I guess, it’s just because I do. Human’s do life right! … click for more!

Broccoli – Who Knew?

I'm a Video! Click 'there's more!..' to PLAY ME!

Oh Boy! The Chinese Buffet! I like it when my Aunties come to visit because we always go out to eat. Today we went to Yong Wang’s Chinese Buffet. – It’s one of my favorites.   I picked out everything on my plate all by myself… – EXCEPT ….. ———– … click for more!

Edible Arrangement

An Edible Arrangement is one of my super favorite surprises! This one was gigantically king-sized, bigger than a 17” Duffy sized, Duffy the Disney Bear sized HUGE! … and YUMMY! My Auntie Sandra loves to surprise us. I was doing some computer surfing and I saw the Edible Arrangement truck across the street. Our … click for more!

I LOVE Lasagna!

I’m a Video! Click ‘there’s more!’... to PLAY ME!

Duffy the Disney Bear here ——> ———being Super Duper Silly because…… ……………..lasagna makes me Italiano Happy!   Mommy made her tummy yummy LASAGNA for me! Nope, I didn’t get any pictures of the super tummy yummy lasagna…. (sorry) 🙁 ‘cause I gobbled it all up way to fast to pose … click for more!