World Elephant Day

It’s World Elephant Day!   I learned about World Elephant Day from my twitter friends Ellie and Edmond. You can learn lots of stuff about elephants from Ellie and Edmond. You can also discover 96 different fun facts about elephants on   Learning 96 fun facts about elephants was…. well… fun! Yet, … click for more!

Magic Band Mishap!… I Miss Keys!

Hey Disney….. I know you likes these new Magic Band thingies and all….

Yet… for those of us with short arms….

and long snouts….

Well…. the gwarsh darn Magic Band is beary inconvenient!

Duffy the Disney Bear opens his Fort Wilderness Campground Cabin door with his Magic Band

This isn’t how I imagined how I would be entering my cabin!

Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet in EPCOT

…….I guess none of us were ready!

Nopers…… none of us were looking at the camera when the ‘click’ happened…..

It’s not often me, Little Joe and ShellieMay get to go to Walt Disney World Parks together. So we dashed over to visit Mickey Mouse at his Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet in EPCOT!

ShellieMay shocked me! She was the very beary firstest one of us to jump up into Mickey Mouse’s arms for a hug!

Duffy the Disney Bear Meet and Greet with Mickey Mouse EPCOT

I was doing my bestest not to wiggle. But my arm was stuck & I couldn’t push myself up straight.

Even though we may not have been looking at the camera…. we all gots the bestest hug from Mickey Mouse!

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in the New Fantasyland makes a great Birthday Gift!

Happy Birthday Mommy! Hehehehe! Am I the Bear? or Am I the Bear?!! Look what I got my mommy for her birthday!!! Yeppers! Today is my mommy’s birthday!!! (That means cake later! Yippppeeeeee!!!!) I got my mommy the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! It’s the newest roller coaster in the New Fantasyland at … click for more!

Disney’s Small World 50th Celebration!

Good morning everyone! Today the totally pawesome It’s a Small World ride is celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary!!! I did get to Disney yesterday to get my It’s a Small World pin for Unicef and to rid It’s a Small World. It was my grandmommy’s favorite ride! Sometimes she stayed in … click for more!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Ecstasy

I didn’t mean to…… HONEST!!! I just couldn’t help myself. 🙁 The chocolate peanut butter fudge from Big Top Souvenirs’ Big Top Treats in the Magic Kingdom was just … well… it was just…. NOT enough! Me and my chocolate peanut butter fudge were so happy together. The chocolate peanut … click for more!

Nemo’s lost… AGAIN!

I don’t swim very well.

Actually, I can’t swim…. At ALL!!!

Yet I’ll do anything to help to find Nemo… again.

Ya’d think by now Nemo would know where he lived and how to get home?  Oh well……

Duffy the Disney Bear at Finding Nemo Animal Kingdom

I’m back again in Disney’s Animal Kingom. And once again…I’m here to help find Nemo!

Yeah! We’re going to the Animal Kingdom Tomorrow!

I got really super excited!…… ………….Instead of putting my pajamas on tonight, I got ready to leave for Disney’s Animal Kingdom! ….. It’s gonna be hard to sleep tonight thinking about seeing the big animals and collecting all my Wilderness Explore Badges! Sweet Sugar Cookie Dreams, Duffy Bear A.K.A Duffy … click for more!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Duffy the Disney Bear and Chinese New Years Duffy

Roar!  I’m a Tiger! I’m a Tiger in the Chinese Horoscope! I just learned about the Chinese New Year and my Chinese Horoscope. This year the Chinese are celebrating the year of the Horse. So anyone born in China during this year will be a horse in the Chinese horoscope! … click for more!