Happy Chinese New Year!

Duffy the Disney Bear and Chinese New Years Duffy

Roar!  I’m a Tiger! I’m a Tiger in the Chinese Horoscope! I just learned about the Chinese New Year and my Chinese Horoscope. This year the Chinese are celebrating the year of the Horse. So anyone born in China during this year will be a horse in the Chinese horoscope! … click for more!

Five Things to Love about National Popcorn Day!

Calling all bears! Calling all bears! Stuffies and Plushies! It’s National Popcorn Day!  Whooo Hooooo!! ……National Popcorn Day is another reason to LOVE life! Who’da thunk it?…. …..- that popcorn would have it’s very beary own National Popcorn Day Holiday Celebration! I gots to thinking about it, and there are lots … click for more!