My First Valentine’s Day… It Was a Close Call…………

I'm a Video! Click 'there's more!..' to PLAY ME!

Whew!!!! I just made it before midnight! I got my girlfriend ShellieMay her flowers and candies for Valentine’s Day.   I hopes she shares the candies with me. 🙂 I like Hershey’s Kisses!    Video Translation Hey Duffy, Like my new dress?????? Yea, ShellieMay. Looks really good.  Whatcha got it on … click for more!

Super Bestest Christmas Present Ever!

Whooo Hoooo! Check out My iPhone!

Whoooppppeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the most Awesome-A-Tasmic Christmas present! My Aunties gave me an iPhone 4S!!!!!!!!!! It’s the super bestest Christmas present ever! My Auntie said that now I can “Blog on the Fly….???” HUH? Blog on the fly? My WYSIWYG brain isn’t going to think about today. I’m going to play with my new Christmas … click for more!

Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle Pie!

Duffy the Disney Bear shows how to make his Yummy! Carmel Drizzle Pie.

Bananas Are Yummy!… but a Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle Pie…. Well…it’s Super Yummers!  Mommy and I had a long Christmas day. We got really super up early in morning to make the last pie while everyone was still sleeping. We made a Banana Cream Pie with Carmel Drizzle. Mommy let me help a lot! Mommy … click for more!