Happy Chinese New Year!

Duffy the Disney Bear and Chinese New Years Duffy

Roar!  I’m a Tiger! I’m a Tiger in the Chinese Horoscope! I just learned about the Chinese New Year and my Chinese Horoscope. This year the Chinese are celebrating the year of the Horse. So anyone born in China during this year will be a horse in the Chinese horoscope! … click for more!

Father’s Day Celebration

Duffy the Disney Bear reads the dessert menu at Grills on the River

Today is Father’s Day! I don’t live with my father, Mickey Mouse, anymore, …..but I do live with my Grandfather. I call my grandfather, granddaddy. ….Why do I call him granddaddy? I don’t know why I call him granddaddy, I guess, it’s just because I do. Human’s do life right! … click for more!

My First Valentine’s Day… It Was a Close Call…………

I'm a Video! Click 'there's more!..' to PLAY ME!

Whew!!!! I just made it before midnight! I got my girlfriend ShellieMay her flowers and candies for Valentine’s Day.   I hopes she shares the candies with me. 🙂 I like Hershey’s Kisses!    Video Translation Hey Duffy, Like my new dress?????? Yea, ShellieMay. Looks really good.  Whatcha got it on … click for more!

Christmas Presents!

Christmas!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!!  Christmas is about a lot of things….. and one really neat things about Christmas is all the presents! This year I got a super huge-a-mongus special surprise! I got an iPhone! I was like…  iPhone! Hi iPhone!!! …. oh… oh…. and… and… and… Whoa-Atasmic!. It’s an iPhone 4S! … click for more!

Super Bestest Christmas Present Ever!

Whooo Hoooo! Check out My iPhone!

Whoooppppeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the most Awesome-A-Tasmic Christmas present! My Aunties gave me an iPhone 4S!!!!!!!!!! It’s the super bestest Christmas present ever! My Auntie said that now I can “Blog on the Fly….???” HUH? Blog on the fly? My WYSIWYG brain isn’t going to think about today. I’m going to play with my new Christmas … click for more!

Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle Pie!

Duffy the Disney Bear shows how to make his Yummy! Carmel Drizzle Pie.

Bananas Are Yummy!… but a Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle Pie…. Well…it’s Super Yummers!  Mommy and I had a long Christmas day. We got really super up early in morning to make the last pie while everyone was still sleeping. We made a Banana Cream Pie with Carmel Drizzle. Mommy let me help a lot! Mommy … click for more!