Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

The Lucky Leprechaun – (that’s me!) Just scored a Cronut! I’m in EPCOT park today celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day! I was too excited this morning and forgot to eat breakfast before we left the house. …… well maybe I didn’t really forget to eat breakfast….. we don’t have Cronuts at home … click for more!

Land of the FREE!

Happy Independence Day! …..and like our great Star Spangled Banner says…. …this really is the “Land of the FREE” ! Yep, today I’m headed to Panera Bread to pick up my free sweet treat! Well,….. it was really mommy’s free birthday sweet treat from Paneras. But it’s been more than a whole month past … click for more!

Our Duffy the Disney Bear Family wishes you a Duffertastic July 4th Holiday!

I’m sure all yous guys can guess what one of my duffermost favorlish-EoSO parts of today will be…..!!! Fur duffercertain it’s the July 4th feast with all the trimmings! I best not delay. I can hear Fred, Charlie, ShellieMay & Little Joe’s tummies all growling for the feast to beargin … click for more!

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day USA!

I am grateful to have this day to remember all that serviced in the United States Armed Forces and gave their lives to defend America.
Thank you for giving us the freedom to celebrate you and this nation and give thanks today and everyday.
Your Bear,
Duffy Bear
P.S. Thank you Granddaddy for being one our nations heros!
Duffy the Disney Bear salutes the flag on Memorial Day

What a great day to honor our heros!

Duffy the Disney Bear salutes the flag on Memorial Day

A moment of silence and a salute to our nations flag to honor and give thanks.

Halloween Candy Dreams or an Iron Man Costume Nightmare!

Duffy the Disney Bear Iron Man Costume

…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….   I was in Halloween Candy Dreams heaven when I heard Little Joe shout… “Wake up Duffy! It’s time to trick or treat!”   I sprang up super fast! and shouted…. “Halloween Candy! … and Trick or Treat Fun!” But in a duffermillemoment I saw that Little Joe was … click for more!

Happy Independence Day!

Hello Furiends! Happy 4th of July to ev’bearyone! Even though my ethic background is Italweeian,………. I’m super proud to be an Americanized Duffy the Disney Bear! My family taught me that although celebearating a Happy Independence Day with parades & fireworks,…….. ………and one more happy holiday to give me an … click for more!

Happy Easter!

Oh Boy! Did I score today!

Look what the DufferBunny brought me!

Duffy the Disney Bear gets a visit from the Easter Bunny

Thank you DufferBunny!

Thanks DufferBunny for hopping my way and bringing me some of my favorite special treats!

Love YOU!


Happy Easter Evbearyone!

Duffy Bear

A.K.A. Duffy the Disney Bear

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

This is my cousin Duffy O’DufferNutter! Well……, not really, ……it’s just me, little Duffy Bear. I’m pretending to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll get hugged and kissed all day today when we go out. All the humans just seem to think that I’m a Leprechaun? I couldn’t figure … click for more!

Whoooo Hoooooo! Valentine’s Day is Cancelled!

Valentine’s Day’s been cancelled for today! Yeah!   Well………… At least until Tuesday, February 18, 2014. You see…   …………a sheriff in Georgia cancelled Valentine’s Day because of snowy weather. I say, if the sheriff in Georgia can postpone Valentine’s Day – then so can I! I mean,……. it wouldn’t … click for more!