My Selfie!

Now we’re talking! Or shall I say picture snapping! This is my very beary firstest selfie! Who said Teddy Bears arms are too short to take our own selfies? Whoever that was ….. …well… ………..well… They gotsta give me a dollar, ’cause I just snapped my very beary own selfie! … click for more!

Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle Pie!

Duffy the Disney Bear shows how to make his Yummy! Carmel Drizzle Pie.

Bananas Are Yummy!… but a Banana Cream Carmel Drizzle Pie…. Well…it’s Super Yummers!  Mommy and I had a long Christmas day. We got really super up early in morning to make the last pie while everyone was still sleeping. We made a Banana Cream Pie with Carmel Drizzle. Mommy let me help a lot! Mommy … click for more!