Duffy the Disney Bear Family Orientation

Yep, we did it again! We adopted another Duffy the Disney Bear! I shared all about that in my last post, ‘Duffy the Disney Bear Safari Outfit Adoption!’. We just call Safari Outfit Duffy, ‘Safari Outfit Duffy’,…… ……at least for now. He hasn’t shared what he wants to be called … click for more!

Woman’s Olympic Figure Skating Dreams

ShellieMay said that she’s going to enter the Teddy Olympics with Woman’s Figure Skating next year.

She wants to win a gold metal like me & Little Joe did in the 2013 Teddy Olympics.

Duffy the Disney Bear Figure Skating Olympics IMG_7006 Comic Life Focus

She’s just so bearUteeFul! I will skate like Adelina Sotnikova for the Teddy Olympics in 2014!

Whoooo Hoooooo! Valentine’s Day is Cancelled!

Valentine’s Day’s been cancelled for today! Yeah!   Well………… At least until Tuesday, February 18, 2014. You see…   …………a sheriff in Georgia cancelled Valentine’s Day because of snowy weather. I say, if the sheriff in Georgia can postpone Valentine’s Day – then so can I! I mean,……. it wouldn’t … click for more!

Yeah! We’re going to the Animal Kingdom Tomorrow!

I got really super excited!…… ………….Instead of putting my pajamas on tonight, I got ready to leave for Disney’s Animal Kingdom! ….. It’s gonna be hard to sleep tonight thinking about seeing the big animals and collecting all my Wilderness Explore Badges! Sweet Sugar Cookie Dreams, Duffy Bear A.K.A Duffy … click for more!

Super Bowl Day Priorities!

A yep! Gotta have priorities! Especially….. Super Bowl Day Priorities!   Lots and lots of people watch the Super Bowl for their super commercials….. Lots and lots of people watch the Super Bowl for the super game……. I watch the Super Bowl for the Dufferbestest reason of all……. …….for the … click for more!

Five Things to Love about National Popcorn Day!

Calling all bears! Calling all bears! Stuffies and Plushies! It’s National Popcorn Day!  Whooo Hooooo!! ……National Popcorn Day is another reason to LOVE life! Who’da thunk it?…. …..- that popcorn would have it’s very beary own National Popcorn Day Holiday Celebration! I gots to thinking about it, and there are lots … click for more!

Duffy Disney Bear Outfits for Early 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear reads the Disney Blog

OMB! OMB! OMB! …..-> Coming in early 2014! New Duffy Disney Bear outfits just announced today on the Disney Blog! …. and three new 12″ Duffy Disney Bears! I can hardly wait! ShellieMay is excited too! Only….. nothing fur her…. she’s still excited & happy for me and all the other … click for more!

Duffy the Disney Bear Pillow Pet – Part 2, Packing Day

Duffy the Disney Bear packs shipping box

“Hurry up Little Joe and help me get the packing tape! It’s time to pack up Pillow Pet Cousin Duffy the Disney Bear to ship to Canada!” When I shouted for his help, Little Joe was busy making plans to take Springtime May on their very first outing together. Little … click for more!

I Got a PostCard from Ohio!

Duffy the Disney Bear Bear got a post card from Ohio!

This is so cool! ……I got my very beary first postcard today! It was sent by my twitter friend @KerDunkedunk. He said he lives in O-hi-EYO! That’s not in Florida. So it’s really duffernutter crazy cool to get my postcard. I think my postcard is like a greeting card only … click for more!

Pizza!!! Papa John’s Pizza Surprise!

Duffy the Disney Bear and Little Joe inspect the Papa John's Pizza Box

It’s a bear-a-U-tee-ful day here in Florida!!! I turned off the air conditioner, opened up the windows and doors, and was just about to settle in to watch some college football with my granddaddy when the doorbell rang. It was a pizza delivery!!…..    ….. from the better pizza, better ingredient King of … click for more!